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  1. Experienced admin/office worker looking for part time work in Semaphore / Port Adelaide / surrounds. Really keen to find office work, have many years of experience in the UK. If anyone knows of any vacancies, I’d be interested to hear, please. Many thanks ?
  2. Thanks for the info. The door is plain wood, not painted..... I have just found someone who is coming out to take a look in a couple of weeks .... hopefully he can fix it. It's not something I want to chance fixing on my own and then messing it up!
  3. Please help! Our new rescue dog has scratched at the inside of our wooden front door in our rental property and we need to get it fixed asap. I can see from images on google it is possible to do, is there anyone who has the know-how who can come and give us a quote to fix it please? We live in North Haven 5018. Many thanks.

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