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  1. Curly


    Hi and welcome. I'm not too sure about the nursing sector as such but I know that a lot of money has been spent and going to be spent in Adelaide in education for studying in the medical sector. North terrace which is part of the CBD has got 2 new university buildings one being the Uni SA. It has a lot of research facilities and also the new Royal Adelaide hospital. From my understanding working in construction there is also more planned for the future. Someone else on here may have a better idea of the uni quality but SA seems to have a great deal going on in that field at the moment
  2. Curly

    We just moved to Adelaide

    Hi for the broadband we went with Optus. We are not locked in to any contract and pay $60pm for unlimited broadband. There is a minimum amount of money you need to spend but it only works out around paying for 10 months.
  3. Yeah that could be a good option or the Warradale
  4. Hi we also live in Park Holme and from the North West. I'm 35 and wife is 42 we have a 9 year old girl and 2 older children would be happy to meet up
  5. Curly

    Hello everyone!

    Hi Marie You are welcome always happy to help if I can and glad it was helpful to you. I was unsure about the funding also and just seen it on a website somewhere that's why I'm happy to help because there are a lot of things you need to do that you don't realise. If Alastair speaks to skills SA they will set up an interview when you first arrive but they just want to see things like visas and OTSR just to check all eligibility. I also got my restricted licence sorted out on the same day as the offices are close to each other in the city. If you have any other questions or things I may be able to help with just let me know and I will try my best to help. Good luck with the visas and hopefully they won't take too long. Speak to you when you know more. Craig
  6. Curly

    Hello everyone!

    Hello Marie Thats good that you are coming over on a PR visa it will help with a lot of things and also good that your husband has already gained his OTSR. Tell your husband to go on the website Skills SA and explain the circumstances and skills as he should qualify like I did for funding on the work ready program. This will then cover all the college fees for getting his Aussie regs sorted. A couple of colleges to speak to would be PEER and the one I did mine with was Training prospects. This will take at least a couple of weeks in college and unfortunately there is no way around that. He will also need a white card to get on any building sites and work ready might pay for that also. I did mine on line but some sites don't like them not sure why. I know a couple of guys who work in the domestic installations and they are flat out at the moment and could always pass the number on when you arrive. Have you given any thoughts on where you are going to live? You will be busy when you first arrive getting all things done like Medicare and licences. Craig
  7. Curly

    Hello everyone!

    Hi Marie firstly I have a couple of questions for you. Are you coming over on your husbands skilled Visa? the reason I ask this is he would then be completing his Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). This is probably one of the most important things you will need? I will run you through the rest when I find out what situation you are coming over on. Dont worry about what people say there being no work out there because there is. It is harder having no licence but when you are on a restricted licence you are classed as a Trades Assistant. Is your husband a domestic, commercial or service electrician? when I first arrived I got a job with a servicing company but I work in construction so was looking for other work while I was there. I found a job as a Trades assistant and completed all my college work and now work for the same company as a spark. I found the company I work for by chance as a lot of the bigger companies don't advertise too much on Seek or other job sites. Over here it is more of who you know than what you know but I could help point you in the right direction when you arrive with a list of company names or even just before you arrive to put the feelers out. The company I work for now and some of the bigger companies go to employment agencies which are always advertising and what they class as a TA is probably not what me and your husband would. Some of them have no experience in the industry but still find jobs so your husband would be highly desirable in the agency's but would still be best to find a permanent job. Just as a rough idea a TA can earn $25-$30 per hour and then when he obtains his licence can earn $30-45 per hour depending on what area he works in. The college work is a pain and can be drawn out and will take at least 6 months to complete because he will need to log 6 months worth of Australian work. Like I said if you let me know your circumstances I will try my best to point you in the right direction because there was not much help when I got here just word of mouth and research but hopefully I can help you get through the process quicker because the faster you get things done the better and easier it becomes. Sorry for rambling on but there is a lot of things that need to be done that the migration agents don't tell you Look forward to hearing from you Craig
  8. Curly

    Hello everyone!

    The Visa process can be long but patience is the main thing. You can't rush the Aussies as you will find out when you get here haha. We wasn't sure what to expect at first when we arrived and does take time to settle in. It's very daunting at first and lots of things to sort out when you first arrive. I'm an electrician so I needed my temporary licence, sign up to Medicare and Centrelink ASAP, activate the Australian bank account. we hired a car for a few weeks and then bought a cheapish run around. Public transport is good also and reasonable price if you get a metro card. My wife struggled at first but now she loves it here. I got a job after a few weeks which helped and then made a few friends and things just sort of drop into place. Like scooterdan said you still have to carry on life as normal paying bills, food shopping etc but if you make the most of what you have around you I'm sure it will fall into place. Not many places in the world where they have public barbecue in parks. Just enjoy it as much as you can
  9. Curly

    Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Me and our family moved out to Adelaide November 2016 so still quite new ourselves. We are near your ages and would be happy to meet up when you arrive we have met a few people off this site. Its a shame that your husband will miss the Big Bash league as you will arrive not long after it finishes. My wife is not a cricket fan but she loves the big bash and good atmosphere. If you arrive early March you might get the end of the fringe festival which is amazing. Hope all is going well with the move so far and like snifter said it will soon come round. Keep in touch and we will meet up when you arrive. Curly
  10. Curly

    Remaining relative visa

    Thanks guys I think will be best to speak with a MARA agent. I appreciate the help though thanks
  11. Hi we have a son who is still over in the UK and would like to join us. He is 23 and not in education or anything that can help him come over on a child visa. We spoke to the emigration office today and it seems like the remaining relative visa is the best option. When we asked the immigration office how long it could take they said up to 56 years (that's not a typo that is exactly what they said) They said we could do the application if he came to Aus on another visa so thinking WHV and then could apply here and get a bridging visa until its granted. The website says that that it needs to be done over in the UK so not sure what to think. Has anybody been in a similar situation or been through the same process?
  12. Hi Del yeah a it is funny about the weather and when it's cold in the mornings. It's nice by 12 most days so tell the people I work with that at least it gets above the morning frost temperatures here. Sounds good just give us a shout when your settled and will definitely have a meet up. Glad to to hear that you didn't need any extra training and that you have had a smooth transition. Speak to you again soon
  13. Hi and welcome to Oz. Congratulations on the job front that is really good news and really good that you got the offers so quickly. Did you you need to do any update training to transfer your skills over? I have done my gap training now so just waiting for it all to be signed off and I can get my full licence. Apart from work how are you settling in? I can can imagine you would be slightly surprised by the cold mornings but wouldn't change a thing.
  14. Curly

    Fingers crossed!

    Hi and welcome. I had my skills test completed and when I lodged my EOI it was around 6 weeks before I got a response. I was on a 189 visa so did not need to wait for state sponsorship so not sure on that sorry. Hopefully it won't be too long now. What skill are you coming over on?
  15. From the time I sent my documents to completing the skills assessment it was around 4 weeks for me. I received results around 2 weeks later

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