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  1. Curly

    Where to rent

    Hi our visa took about 9 months from first Emigration interview to gaining the visa. Are you doing it yourself or going through a company? I have heard if you do it on your own it can take up to 18 months. It probably depends on what visa you are coming out on too
  2. Curly

    Hiya, new on here 🖐️🖐️

    Hi Not too sure about teaching jobs but there seem to be nurseries popping up everywhere at the moment. I think you would find a driving job pretty easy over here and would maybe go for a forklifting job so you could have more sociable hours to enjoy life more. If you want to be near the beaches You could go from grange all the way down to Aldinga. I think would depend more on where you will be working. We are currently about 10 minutes drive from Brighton beach but we are moving to Seaford area this year. My job is just north of the city but will still only be about 40 minutes drive which I don’t mind. I would definitely rent for a little while and just explore areas to see what feels best for you. We prefer the Southern suburbs rather than the North but it’s all personal preference.
  3. Curly

    Where to rent

    Hi Me and my family moved to Adelaide around 2 and a half years ago and we had never been here or knew anything about SA other than what we had read. We have a 21 year old and 10 year old daughter who live here with us and a 25 year old son who is currently in Sydney. I’m an Electrician so similar type of role that you are looking into. I have to say that jobs in the construction industry is booming at the moment whether you work in commercial or domestic. The jobs market is different over here where it’s better to get out there and introduce yourself to companies rather than doing it on line. You will have to get a license to work over here also but you will probably get to that when you are closer to the move. We haven’t really been anywhere else in Australia but we love it in Adelaide and we are looking at building our first home in Seaford this year which is not far from Aldinga. We have lived just about 15minutes from the city for the last couple of years and like it around here but a little bit too expensive. We prefer the south of the city rather than North. The beaches are really good and much quieter. The roads and connections are pretty decent and improving all the time. Adelaide is classed as a small city and it’s very easy to get around and public transport is very good. We never really struggle for things to do. Hopefully this helps in some way and I’m sure there will be other people with advice on different areas
  4. Curly

    Adelaide Oval

    It with be really easy mate. You will have a train station not far from you at Christie’s downs and the Adelaide train station is about a 5 minute walk from the oval pretty much across the river. The trains will run pretty often and you should be ok getting back also. You could check timetables on Adelaide Metro. Alternatively you could drive in park on South terrace or peakock street for free and get the tram at South terrace free of charge will will take you straight down by the Oval
  5. Curly


    If you can’t find anyone else running the course I would provisionally book yourself in. Yeah there are plenty of jobs out there in construction at the moment and Solar would be a good thing to get into. They are running incentives here at the moment for battery storage too so that side is pretty good and maybe you could install it for me when we get our house built haha. I know it’s a pain to start work and then have to do the college work but just log the work you are doing and it will still count towards your 6 months logging.
  6. Curly


    Hi Mate I wouldn’t look into the job sites too much until you’re a bit closer to moving out. It might give you an idea though of companies out there. Are you still looking at the servicing sector? Try a college called training Prospects. That’s who I used to do my gap training but not sure if they are still doing it. You could always try TAFE also but I think they were stopping running those courses. I’m quite surprised that PEER are not running any others until October. You could also try ATEC but they may just deal with apprenticeships. Did you get in touch with Skills SA. Bear in mind you will need to speak with them before you enroll on any course to be able to get the funding. Hope it helps
  7. Curly

    Best places to live near Edinburgh region

    Hi I think if you are willing to travel for up to an hour that would open up most of Adelaide to you. The network of roads are improving all the time so the commute isn’t too bad. I live just south of the city which is 15 minutes into the city and 5 minutes from the beach. We are looking to move further south again so we are close to McLaren Vale and only 5 minutes from Moana or Noarlunga beaches. Where we are now I attended college in Elizabeth and used to take me 45minutes each way. Depending on what you want from a lifestyle being the beach, the hills or the wide open space your options are open. Gawler is further North not close to the beaches but close to the Barrosa and Clare Valley. If the Hills are what you are after look around Tea Tree Gully area or close to beaches you could go to Semaphore, Grange Henley beach. It will also depend on your budget but might give you some ideas. You could always try and find a school you like and look around the catchment areas. Good luck with it all
  8. Curly

    2 weeks to go!!!!!

    Hi Tom congratulations on being so close to coming out here. When we first moved out here we managed to secure a rental before we came out. We gave a friend as a reference as they were trying to find out the sort of people they are taking in. I would maybe also get some statements from the UK to bring with you just to show you can keep up with regular payments. If you already have a job lined up then you should be fine as you will be able to show you will have a regular income. If you didn’t have a job they would probably need to see you have sufficient funds available to you to support your repayments. Most places here for rent require you to go and inspect the property first. These are generally done on weekends so you could get a list together and go and view as many as you can. When you go to the inspection they will then give you some information and tell you where to apply if you wanted. Have a look on realestate and maybe get the app and you can see what is currently available in the area you are in. Don’t worry if Grange doesn’t have much there are plenty around that area as Adelaide is not too difficult to get around. Some rentals are available as furnished but there are plenty of places to get some temporary furniture places like IKEA, Amart and Harvey Norman. Have a look on Gumtree to for some cheep cars to get you started or have a drive around when you get here there are plenty of second hand car dealerships. Good luck with the move and hope it all goes well for you
  9. Curly


    Yeah no worries mate. Good luck with it all and I would try and get it set up as soon as you come out. You can then enroll on a college course to get that out of the way. Look forward to that beer mate
  10. Curly


    Hi mate Yeah I’m sure skills SA are still around I think this is the site http://www.skills.sa.gov.au/ Thats great news that you have booked your flights and coming that time of year will give you time to settle before the summer. Let me know how you get on with that link and anything else you might need. Cheers
  11. Curly

    Advice please!?

    Hi I would recommend that you find an agent first and see what there advice is on which visa to go for. They will know and help you through the process as quickly as possible. We went to a company called the Emigration Group and were really good and fees were reasonable. If you know for definite that you want to come to Adelaide you could go on the 190 visa which means you have to stay in a state for at least 2 years or there is a 189 which you are free to live anywhere. Both of these are skilled permanent visas which will probably be the best way with you fella being on the skills list. My advice would be to get as much information as you can about your partners job as they will need to see documents about where he has worked and letters to back them up, qualifications and you may need to get a letter from the college he attended also. Hope this helps in some way. I’m an electrician and went through the skilled visa option. Good luck
  12. Curly


    Hi I'm an electrician in Adelaide who moved over from the UK. To be able to get any sort of license over here you need to get a thing called an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). This can only be gained if you are a qualified electrician and have a minimum of 5 years experience. To gain the OTSR you need to apply to Vettasses and fill out all the paperwork to prove you have completed an electrical qualification. You also have to give them reference letters from college and past employers. Once they are happy with all the paperwork they will invite you to do a Skills test. This consists of a day in college doing a theory test and practical exam. Neither are hard but they are just trying to make sure of a few things before they give you an OTSR. I believe this can be done in Australia also but you would not be able to get a restricted licence until you have it. When you have your restricted licence you will be able to work as a Trades assistant until you complete all your gap study over here to then get your full electrical licence. There may be other ways of doing this but that is the way I have done mine and all other sparkies I have spoken to had to go the same way.
  13. Curly


    Glad I could help and it's all not too bad just seems a lot but will all click into place when you get here. Yeah definitely don't do it over there if it's expensive especially as you will get help over here. They run the courses quite often too so you should get on one pretty quickly. Let me know if you need any more info and I look forward to a few beers in the sunshine
  14. Curly


    Hi James That is a good start having your OTSR because you can’t do the qualifications transfer without it. If you think you are not far away from getting your visas I would start to enquiring about the college courses available because they generally involve attending college for 1-3 weeks. The 2 main colleges are PEER and Training Prospects. I did mine with TP and I only needed to do 1 week but as me and another Pom were the first to carry it out there it was quite intense so they were looking at maybe making it 2 weeks instead. PEER required 3 weeks. Once you have that in place you will then need to document 6 months worth of work. It sounds more than it actually is just a pain that you need to go through it to get your licence. When you first apply you will get a restricted licence which you then transfer to an A class when you get your cert III. That’s the only issue with the service side of things here you have to fill out a Certificate of compliance (COC) with pretty much every job you do and these can only be filled out with a full licence. The construction industry doesn’t seem to have much of a lull here as even in the winter it doesn’t really restrict the work. Like I said though if you would like to stay in services keep applying and it may be that some of there work requires two men so you work along side them and still be able to fill in your work log. Have you looked into a company called Skills SA? They are a company that work with the government to help people migrating. I found them by chance when I was researching in the uk and got in contact with them. They paid all my fees for the college work that needed completing and will help fund with any other costs that will help get what you need. I set up an interview for when I first arrived and they just go through all your documentation to make sure for all eligibility. The place you get the licence from is next door so good to kill two birds with one stone. Hopefully this will help you with everything and point you in the right direction. When you get here you can give me a shout and meet up for a beer. I will give you a list of companies to try and it’s best to actually turn up at the offices and see if you can talk to someone directly because it’s easier to explain your circumstances. Have you researched any places where you are looking to live or set up a starting point? Cheers
  15. Curly


    Hi I'm an Electrician I have been here for nearly 2 years now. The construction market at the moment is booming so is quite a good time to arrive. I work for a construction and service company but I generally only work on commercial construction sites. I believe there are many jobs out there in the facilities and servicing industry but the problem you will find is they all want fully licensed electricians. When I arrived the construction industry was in a bit of a lull but managed to find a job for a service company but whilst I was there I continued looking for work. By a chance meeting on a train I got a list of companies and dropped in with my CV to them all and got a job out of it. I got my qualifications transferred across and got my full license and jobs are a lot easier to come by now. I think the best option for you would be to start as a TA for a company but I would still try the facilities companies if that's what you would like to get into. There are companies who would be prepared to take you on as a TA because they get electricians doing the work for cheaper labour. There are plenty of agencies out here too that are always advertising as some of the major sites use the agencies so they are not tied in to contracts. How far along with the process are you? Have you looked at doing the course to get your qualifications transferred across? What sort of visa are you coming on? Sorry for all the questions but there are other things I can tell you and point you in the right direction once I know. It is a pain doing all the transfer of qualifications but I would try and start it as quickly as you can and you will hopefully be able to get into the job that you are after. Cheers

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