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  1. Hello everyone!

    The Visa process can be long but patience is the main thing. You can't rush the Aussies as you will find out when you get here haha. We wasn't sure what to expect at first when we arrived and does take time to settle in. It's very daunting at first and lots of things to sort out when you first arrive. I'm an electrician so I needed my temporary licence, sign up to Medicare and Centrelink ASAP, activate the Australian bank account. we hired a car for a few weeks and then bought a cheapish run around. Public transport is good also and reasonable price if you get a metro card. My wife struggled at first but now she loves it here. I got a job after a few weeks which helped and then made a few friends and things just sort of drop into place. Like scooterdan said you still have to carry on life as normal paying bills, food shopping etc but if you make the most of what you have around you I'm sure it will fall into place. Not many places in the world where they have public barbecue in parks. Just enjoy it as much as you can
  2. Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Me and our family moved out to Adelaide November 2016 so still quite new ourselves. We are near your ages and would be happy to meet up when you arrive we have met a few people off this site. Its a shame that your husband will miss the Big Bash league as you will arrive not long after it finishes. My wife is not a cricket fan but she loves the big bash and good atmosphere. If you arrive early March you might get the end of the fringe festival which is amazing. Hope all is going well with the move so far and like snifter said it will soon come round. Keep in touch and we will meet up when you arrive. Curly
  3. Remaining relative visa

    Thanks guys I think will be best to speak with a MARA agent. I appreciate the help though thanks
  4. Hi we have a son who is still over in the UK and would like to join us. He is 23 and not in education or anything that can help him come over on a child visa. We spoke to the emigration office today and it seems like the remaining relative visa is the best option. When we asked the immigration office how long it could take they said up to 56 years (that's not a typo that is exactly what they said) 🤔 They said we could do the application if he came to Aus on another visa so thinking WHV and then could apply here and get a bridging visa until its granted. The website says that that it needs to be done over in the UK so not sure what to think. Has anybody been in a similar situation or been through the same process?
  5. Hi Del yeah a it is funny about the weather and when it's cold in the mornings. It's nice by 12 most days so tell the people I work with that at least it gets above the morning frost temperatures here. Sounds good just give us a shout when your settled and will definitely have a meet up. Glad to to hear that you didn't need any extra training and that you have had a smooth transition. Speak to you again soon
  6. Hi and welcome to Oz. Congratulations on the job front that is really good news and really good that you got the offers so quickly. Did you you need to do any update training to transfer your skills over? I have done my gap training now so just waiting for it all to be signed off and I can get my full licence. Apart from work how are you settling in? I can can imagine you would be slightly surprised by the cold mornings but wouldn't change a thing.
  7. Fingers crossed!

    Hi and welcome. I had my skills test completed and when I lodged my EOI it was around 6 weeks before I got a response. I was on a 189 visa so did not need to wait for state sponsorship so not sure on that sorry. Hopefully it won't be too long now. What skill are you coming over on?
  8. From the time I sent my documents to completing the skills assessment it was around 4 weeks for me. I received results around 2 weeks later
  9. Sending tools by air

    Hi I had a lot of tools to bring over when we came so I sent the majority in the shipping container with our other items and kept the basics back for use in UK and Aus. I managed to narrow it down to around 12kg so had 18kg for luggage with emirates. Put them in the lightest lockable box I could on the plane also.
  10. Hi I'm 34 at the moment but will be turning 35 in June. I was a goalkeeper in my local team in the uk since the age of 12. I have seen a few adverts for over 35 players and would love to get into a team. I just need to wait until June 3rd
  11. Picking a shipping company

    We used Brittania and were pretty good. We had a shared container and arrived 3 months after we got it all packed up. Just be aware though that when they give you an arrival date you need to allow for another 2 weeks for it to clear quarantine
  12. Glad I could help out and good luck with it all. Let me know how you get on with it all and when you arrive and get settled in let me know and could meet up. 7 weeks will fly by now so have a good trip over.
  13. Glad all the information helped. When you come over you get put on a restricted licence and you get taken on as a Trades assisstant until you can get the qualifications changed over the TA wage is generally about $28 ph and then when you get the licence you can get a minimum of $38 ph. If you get a job in the servicing sector the average is about $28 ph but they offer bonuses in a lot of companies for production. If if you have a degree you might be ok finding a managerial job but just check that the degree can be transferred over to Oz. I came over on a 189 visa so similar to yours. I did my skills assessment with Vetassess over in the UK but when you get here need to do a Recognition of prior learning or RPL. That's when training prospects said I would then be able to do the course in a shorter time. As for the tools I was in the same situation as you. I had a big battery hammer drill that I put on the ship and then just kept my hand tools back so screwdrivers, snips, testers, hammer, etc. I had some bigger heavier tools that I put on the ship like lump hammers and chisels. I used my toolbox as part of my luggage allowance on the flight so tried to keep the weight down as good as I could. Managed to get it to 12kg. I would start to have a look on SEEK while you are still in the UK maybe get the app on your phone. That will give you a feel for the market. If you set up your profile and put in your resume that you have the visa in place as lots of companies want permenanent residents. Just apply for a couple and see what response you get. Don't be disheartened if you don't hear back as most of the time they don't ackowledge it. I hope it all falls into place just don't give up because it is definitely worth it. If there is anything I can help with just let me know
  14. Hi I am an electrician who moved over in November and I found work after 3 weeks of arriving but I have been working as a A/C tech instead just to help them get through the summer months. like the other post has said they are often looking for local people or in my case fully licenced electricians. Coming over from the UK you only get the restricted licence which means working under supervision. My advice would be to find out what you need to do to transfer your skills over. Try and find a provider that will do the update training for your skills. You can do that from the uk and they are quite quick to respond. Get in contact with skills SA who help with funding to carry out any gap training and they will tell you if you can get the help and set up a meeting for when you arrive. I would do this if you can in the first couple of days of arriving. My situation now is I will be starting with a construction company in mid April so doing what I know best although the job I have now has helped pay the bills and get settled in. I still need to carry out my gap training but this should be done soon and then as soon as I can prove I have done 6 months work here in Oz I can get my licence signed off. When looking for training companies to carry out the gap training I spoke to 2 main providers. PEER training are the bigger ones but wanted me to take 3 weeks out of work to do this. I can't do that as would have no wage coming in for myself then so I looked into a company called training prospects. I had a meeting with them last Friday and they believe I could probably get the training done in 3-4 days. That was music to my ears as they said they could spread it out over a few weeks. If you can find out which works best for you try and find out some start dates and I would get it done ASAP but if skills SA will give you funding you need to have a meeting with them and get them to send all the info to that training provider before you enroll otherwise you will end up paying yourself. If by the sounds of it you are from a servicing background there are plenty of jobs out there but they all want A class sparks as they are mainly man and van type companies. This is the same as where I currently work but as I had some A/C background they employed me for that instead. I think to become a manager you may still have to do this to prove that you can. You could get fortunate though and get a job based on your management experience from the UK. I was a site foreman in the UK but will just have to work my way back up to that level over here. I am looking forward to getting my new role in construction and it is a good company that I will be working for. My wife has just secured work so that will help with our income and the kids are all settled here now. Try not to look at the bad posts too much as you just have to persist and keep grinding out the CV's and you will find something. It's not easy but it can be done. Once you settle in and see the wonderful things that SA has to offer I think it makes it all worth while.
  15. Short term and long term rentals

    Hi we moved over in November last year and we managed to secure a rental on a 6 month lease from the UK. We assumed that finding a rental property would be the easy part but lots of real estate agents want you to view properties before you can find a lease. We kept applying on real estate and eventually we managed to find a place in Richmond 2 weeks before we moved. The agent wanted proof of any income we had as I didn't have a job when we first moved. They also wanted ID and a reference from someone in the UK maybe if you have rented or maybe a letter from the bank if you pay a mortgage. On a suburb point of view it all depends on budget and where you want to be. We had a budget and was applying for places near the city as we had a lot of licensing and appointments in the city when we first arrived. Richmond is only 10mins from the city and 15 mins from the beach so a good location. We are looking at moving a little further south as it's abit cheaper but we don't want to be more than 30 mins from the city so no further than Hallett Cove, Hope this helps a little but if you want to secure a property from the UK I would just keep applying or if not get a holiday home and see what you find on arrival.