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  1. Hi Russki, Congratulations. Happy that you got it eventually. Best wishes for your future endeavours. Regards, Deftown
  2. Hi anudeep, Thanks for your concern. The bill doesnt affect me as I got my PR last year September. I was very much concerned about our prospective PR applicants. Luckily it doesn't affect any of our friends 887 applicants. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  3. Hey bish, There is no Waiting time applicable for 887 visa? Even though the rule has changed Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  4. Yes, we will stop discussing this. Did you get your PR?
  5. See Centrelink officers differs each other. One person say we can, other one say we cannot. I'm not sure to whom you have consulted, but when i asked them by person and over the phone, they said you cannot, i should have PR before the baby born. Also please check new law from 1st Jan 2019, there is a waiting time for 2 years period. For "Peach_at_heart" user, he needs to wait for 2 years. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/newly-arrived-residents-waiting-period
  6. Hi Applied 10/01, Please check the below link. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/parental-leave-pay/eligibility/who-can-get-it
  7. What do you mean by paid maternity leave? If you mean, pay by your employer, that depends on your employer totally. If it is paid by your employer then there is no dependency on your visa irrespective of what visa are you in. If you mean paid maternity leave from centerlink then you should be a PR holder when you deliver a baby. Centrelink payments are changed from 1st of January 2019. I think you need to wait for 1 year if the PR is granted after 1st of January 2019 for the paid maternity leave from centrelink. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks mate. Awaiting for the citizenship certificate. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Russki, Hope you remember me... The baby was born and applied for evidence of citizenship 2 days ago and today it is finalised. Below is the notification in the immi account. I haven't received any email . As per the below statement , Is the application successful or Do i need to wait for the registered post to be received? The application has been finalised. Unless you have been advised that your application was unsuccessful, the requested evidence of citizenship has been sent by registered post. Delivery times within Australia are generally between 3 to 5 days.
  10. Hi Tpsk, https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/contact/provide-feedback/compliments-complaints-suggestions Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  11. My visa expired on March 2018 and I got my PR on September 25 2018. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  12. No need freddy. You are on bridging visa. Just relax. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  13. Guys, I have done some research on this. This new law is applicable for the new applicants (Be clear with this). As far as i know this law will not be applicable for any of the PR visas (189 and 887) who have applied or yet to apply.. 190 and 489 are sponsored visas, so they should reside on regional areas already. What the government is planning is... Cut down the number of PR visas (189,887, etc) per year quota and create a new type of visa as like 489 regional area and put a condition like 5 years staying outside major cities.... Be aware that this will affect the number of PR grants per year quota if government does not increase the number of PR quotas.. Regards, Deftown.
  14. Don't worry, the law will not come. It is still in debate mode in the Parliament. December 4th 2018 is the due date to be discussed in the Parliament Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
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