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  1. We searched Immigration site and its all there and the book has sample questions and the same questions came for me. Not sure about others. They will send the approval letter within 5 working days after the test, provided you pass the test.
  2. Hi guys another update. We have received the invitation letter for the ceremony mid April so less than 2 months!!! However, my eldest daughter will be attending a ceremony in another suburb cos she wants to go to Uni and Immigration organised an earlier date for her. Happy waiting for those of you who have done the test and are waiting for a ceremony.
  3. I just finished my test. I got 100% Yaaaaaaaayyy Seriously the questions were really easy. By the time they verified the documents I had finished the test - took me 3 or 4 minutes. Now waiting for a ceremony.
  4. Just an update.... We have received the email with a date for the test. 3 weeks from the date we submitted the application. My husband submitted his a day before me and he will do the test also a day before me! Not sure if this is how it is always done. Or may be just a coincidence. More later. Cheers
  5. Just an update: We have submitted our applications online last night and received an automatic email to attach the supporting documents. We uploaded the documents this morning. Countdown starts now!
  6. Thanks!! 3 to 6 months!!!!! Wow sounds like waiting for another visa!!!!
  7. Hi We have been here for almost 4yrs and it's time for us to get ready for our citizenship test. Hopefully will submit the application on 2nd Jan 2015. As I understand once we submit the application they will send us the booklet and a time for the exam. Once we are through then we get invited to one of centres for the ceremony. Any suggestions appreciated. Wish you all happy holidays!
  8. sunnyside

    Growing veg and fruits - any suggestion?

    Is it possible to grow avocado here? Is the temperature too cold for it? I have been told that growing is no issue but you don't get fruits. Any advise? I like how people grow avocado plants from seeds and would be an experience to watch the process! I will buy couple or fruit trees from Bunnings and some citrus. Many thanks
  9. sunnyside

    Buying or Renting long term?

    Many have suggested that we get an independent Engineer to look at the house even before we think of buying the house! Which one did you use? What do they look for? How much can it cost?
  10. sunnyside

    Growing veg and fruits - any suggestion?

    Thank you, Blossom. I bought all my plants from Bunnings but some say they are v old and fruit trees are best bought from certain nurseries. Any particular one you recommend?
  11. I started gardening in pots last year and did very well. I planted variety of herbs, tomatoes, egg plants, chillies and a grafted passion fruit vine. I just saw fruits on the vine and am very excited!! Now I want to plant more fruits! Is it too late for this year? Would you recommend buying the plants or growing from seeds? Where do you buy your fruit and veg trees? Many thanks
  12. sunnyside

    How long does the Citizenship process take?

    any update for me please??
  13. sunnyside

    Buying or Renting long term?

    thanks for the feedback. How many of you have fallen in love with house you rented out?! What did you do? Our landlord wanted to sell the house before we occupied it but was not successful. Now I am thinking its now a bad idea to buy this house! LOL! We like the area and happy with the house. Any advice appreciated. Many thanks
  14. Hi, A friend of mine (who will be completing 4 years here in a couple of weeks time) asked me the above question. I have no clue but I am sure one of you will know! Many thanks in advance Mari
  15. sunnyside

    Buying or Renting long term?

    Hi, I have had many people telling me that buying a house is better than renting if looking at longer. Please share your experiences. What are the Dos and Don'ts? Any other helpful hint much appreciated. Many thanks Mari

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