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  1. Lavers

    Adelaide-UK flight times

    Hey Benji You should be able to fly from Manchester via Qatar with it being just over 20 Hrs.
  2. Lavers

    Single Parents

    Hiya royjon I moved to Adelaide in June with my wife and 2 girls but on a PR visa and loving it. Different position to you but only you can decide the answer to your question. In the current climate anything could happen, the rules could change in your favour or put you further away.
  3. Lavers

    UK Flights in May.

    Hi Sue Someone has posted on the other site that they moved there dates no problem. They also said that if you leave it until the last minute then you could lose your money. Better just asking emirates.
  4. Lavers

    Household bills

    Ill just be looking at public I think, I think because private are more common in Aus it makes you question how good the public schools are. From what ive read majority of private schools are only the same as public anyway. Its not like we move around in the UK looking for the best schools, you tend to just send your kids to the local school and that's it. Ratings wise there seem to be a lot of good primary schools around the south but no high schools.
  5. I was wondering what is it like going for walks regarding wildlife etc. I dont have a dog but I have 2 young girls who may as well be dogs. Is there any sort of rules which you need to follow, or is it pretty much safe to walk anywhere.
  6. Lavers

    Household bills

    Hi Curly I've just been looking at school ratings and most high schools (government) seem to have a low rating. Does your daughter start high school next year, or is she there now. Have you used public schools?
  7. Lavers

    Household bills

    That's good to know and like you say it wouldn't even make the news or local papers here. I live in a valley outside of Manchester but crime in the area is big at the minute. People from manchester coming and taking the cars of the drives, so not the best. I'll have a good look when we arrive, the houses look decent around your area and a nice price.
  8. Lavers

    Household bills

    That's not to bad at all, I live around 30min drive to Manchester so very similar. How is it with crime etc ive read that a few places around that area aren't the best.
  9. Lavers

    Household bills

    How is it in Seaford heights being that distance to the CBD? I have been looking around Hallett Cove and Sheidow park area, although I will look everywhere when we arrive.
  10. Lavers

    Household bills

    All sounds really promising then...had you done project management in the UK? You've hit the nail on head regarding weekends, it's usually a last minute decision here as to what you can do. I'll be happy with a little rain (I think) do t think I'd want it red hot all year round, so a little cooler in winter will be welcomed. Thanks again
  11. Lavers

    Household bills

    Im more than happy to be back on the tools as im fed up with the hassle of supervising haha Exactly im not expecting Aus to be the holy grail, like you say you still have to get up for work, pay the bills and deal with stroppy kids but come weekend the weather will be better and we can get out and about. Will it be forever who knows but at this present time it feels like the right thing to do. What is it that you do for a job?
  12. Lavers

    Household bills

    Cheers Curly that's brilliant. Car rego I wasnt sure on, does it depend on what car you have? Is it only council tax that you dont pay when renting? Everything else seems pretty close to what I thought so all good. I'm a boilermaker by trade, currently supervising in the UK but happy to drop back on the tools in Aus. That's what I thought with the weather...enjoy the UK summer then have a few months in Aus before there summer . How long have you been out there for?
  13. Lavers

    Household bills

    Hi all I am due to fly out around September time and just after a little feedback regarding bills. I know it is a bit off how long is a piece of string but I am just after a ball park figure. There will be me, wife and 2 kids 10 & 5 so at least a 3 bed house. So what would council rates, gas, electricity & water rates be if I was around the Sheidow Park/ Hallett Cove area. Again I am only after a rough figure just so I have some sort of idea. Cheers Mark
  14. Lavers

    Best suburb for familys?

    That was my worry regarding the 40% thing, you would struggle to find something decent.
  15. Lavers

    Best suburb for familys?

    Thanks snifter......I thought I read somewhere that the rental fee could only be 40% of your income.

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