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  1. Pronunciation.....

    They are Scone(stone) iffn ya posh!Scone(gone) iffn ya rough n ready!!Lol!!
  2. 1999 Ford Falcon Sedan FOR SALE

    Hiya,have you still got this car? Would be interested if so.
  3. Are we too old

    Hi Sazzy, you are not too old to move to Australia, I was 49 and husband 51 when we emigrated 6 years ago. I am a nurse and husband retrained as disability support worker. We have become citizens and have a good life here. If you do not try it you will always wonder if you missed out. Good luck with whatever you decide to do
  4. Speeding I have to pay?

    My son got a speeding fine here in Australia when he was still registered as living in the UK.He had come out to Australia on a WHV for a year.We were amazed back in the UK,at the relentless pursuit for payment of the fine by the Australian Police.Constantly bombarded with demand,and increase in fine for late payment.He paid the fine,just as well as he now lives here in Oz.
  5. Aussie Passport

    Update on passport dilemma... My son got an appointment at Adelaide passport office on Monday morning, paid $350 , was told it might not be ready in time as office closes today at 4pm. He picked his passport up from Currie Street this afternoon. Fantastic service. He is off to Bali in a few days and I can relax knowing that he can get back into this country.
  6. Turkey for Xmas

    Looks like we can't resist the Turkey.....keep the British tradition going, hope everyone enjoys Christmas how ever you celebrate it. We are all very blessed to be able to spend Christmas in this wonderful country that we all now call HOME. X
  7. Aussie Passport

    Update...appointment made at passport office for Monday. If passport not ready in time they will deliver it to embassy in Bali so he can pick it up before he gets to airport on his way home ....phew that was a close call, hope this is a warning to all other new citizens !
  8. Turkey for Xmas

    Not even off work on christmas day, not sure when it will get cooked !
  9. Turkey for Xmas

    Woollies are selling all Turkey s for half price....just bought a huge one this morning, determined to carry on the British tradition of Dry Overcooked Oversized Turkey, and not to forget the sprouts , no Christmas Barbie for us
  10. Aussie Passport

    He is off to Bali ...we hope to get passport from Currie Street next week ....he said he is going anyway...I told him he will be in next seasons Nothing To Declare....
  11. Aussie Passport

    Anyone tried returning on UK passport....maybe taking Australian Citizenship certificate for proof of duel nationality ?
  12. Aussie Passport

    He is not at all stressed by this situation, he only told me a few hours ago that he had booked this holiday. He thinks he will just go anyway using UK passport. Bloody kids, even when they are grown up they cause stress. Thanks for taking time to answer....I know he needs a passport, was just hoping there was another option
  13. Aussie Passport

    We are trying to get an appointment for passport office in Adelaide only a few days to sort this out can't believe he has not got his passport ....advice to all new citizens....get your passport as soon as possible.
  14. Aussie Passport

    Anyone know the fastest way to get a passport son is going on holiday 27 December .He is a citizen but only has UK passport .He did not realise that he needs an Australian passport to travel ....even though I have told him get his passport sorted ages ago...anyway now in panic mode. Can he get a residence return visa and still use UK passport? Grateful for any advice.
  15. Top 10

    Yes,i agree with the previous posts.I find the quality of goods for the prices charged here is generally appalling!I am often flabbergasted by this,and the 'Sale now on' patter is just plain deceitful,often when i have bothered to check these claims out,i've found it to be no more than a ploy to get you in the Shop.Basically,i would advise anyone coming here to bring as much Quality Goods as they can afford,as comparable quality here is very expensive.Best of luck to you all.