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  1. Hi All I am going to be sponsored by my employer to migrate but wondering what the landscape looks like for primary teaching in Adelaide. My wife is a year 5/6 experienced teacher and interested to know how the job market is and if it will be easy for her to find work. TIA
  2. Hi All Happy new year! New member here. I visited Adelaide between 2017-18 and loved it and my wife and I are now thinking of making the move. Pandemic put original plans on hold and we now have two little ones! My company would sponsor me to move to any city if my interview is successful with the local team. One factor which seems to have changed is the travel from UK, as I previously came out from Newcastle and was able to change in Dubai for a relatively quick journey. Now it looks like this flight no longer exists and flight times are 30+hrs. This is really off putting for my wife especially who is more apprehensive and was hoping to travel back regularly. We are starting to look at Perth as another option for this reason and salary levels seem to be a bit better. Does anyone know of any news around air travel to Adelaide recovering post pandemic? Cheers
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