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  1. Barry1986

    painting and decorating

    What's are you struggling with mate?
  2. Hi, My wife and I moved over in July last year and are looking to meet new people around the South suburbs, which is something we have struggled with mainly because we have been busy. My wife is 41 and I 32, moved from East Yorkshire. Drinks or coffee would be cool. Maybe we could get a good group together. Kind regards Barry
  3. Hi just wondering if any roofers where heading to SA. I am a Roofer been here for 8 months looking to help with work for anyone coming over.
  4. Barry1986

    Vetassess - Hairdressing

    You may have better luck on pomsinoz. Good luck tho hope it goes well.
  5. Barry1986

    State sponsorship waiting time

    Hay yesterday I received an invite on a 190. I applied for state sponsorship on the 1st of December. With the waiting time been 6 week and with Christmas inbetween it was a great surprise. So the waiting list can't be to bad. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY
  6. Barry1986

    State sponsorship waiting time

    I did ours on the 1st. How many points and what occupation are you? It would be great to say in touch and compare timelines. Am thinking maybe mid January. When are you hoping to get out there?
  7. Just wondering if anyone has recently applied for state sponsorship or recently had an invite with state sponsorship. Just wanting to know how long I maybe waiting for a decision. Applied 2 weeks ago. Roofer with 60 points. Any advice welcome
  8. Barry1986

    190 EOI SA Invitations for Sept 2016

    hay last week I applied for ss and submitted my EOI did any of you guys get an invite and if so how long did you wait? I am a roof tiler with 60 points
  9. the state is not relevant when applying for citizenship. Ask an agent but I am almost 100% sure it will not be an issue.
  10. There is no legal obligation to stay in south Australia it's only a moral one. If things aren't working out in Adelaide and you think that it will be better to go to Melbourne do it. They can't stop you. Just be honest and let them know why and where you are going.
  11. i don't know what you mean about a second application?where are you? Also what skill is it for? I basically printed of the application filed it out and submitted all my evidence such as references from employers wage slips qualifications
  12. Hay I have just completed my TRA is there anything I can help with.
  13. Barry1986

    Would you still emigrate?

    Old Ken need to chill out then. Hope I get a medal one day.
  14. Barry1986

    Would you still emigrate?

    Just asking the question mate no need to be funny. If I had rose tinted glasses on I wouldn't be asking the question would I !
  15. Barry1986

    Would you still emigrate?

    Is it really that bad?? Looking to move next year. What is the construction industry like? Are they building in Adelaide? Iam a roofer

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