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  1. cheryh79

    Moving to other state

    I am having visa 489. That is I am wondering since I have fulfilled my stay condition, I should be able to move out after 2 years whether or not I submit my 887. the 887 thread is 1300 pages, so it very difficult to go through one by one to see if there is such question asked.
  2. cheryh79

    Moving to other state

    Hi, I have submitted my 887 application on 17-Oct. I have already fulfilled my living in SA for 2 years. Can I move to other state already or I have to wait till the PR to be approved then I can move to other state?
  3. cheryh79

    Leaving Australia with bridging A

    my 489 expires feb 2018. I will be back in Feb 17. So the 489 visa still effective when I am back.
  4. Hi, I applied for visa 887 on Oct and bridging A was granted. Do I need to apply for bridging B in order for me to enter Australia if I have already booked the flight to fly back on Jan.?
  5. cheryh79

    600 Visitor Visa

    Hi, My Mom is having a 600 visitor visa (12 months) which going to expire next month. Is she required to stay oversea for at least 6 months before she flies back to Adelaide? If she come back about 1.5 mths, will we be able to apply for the 600 visa again?
  6. cheryh79

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, I am holding 489 visa and I have a few questions to ask. 1. My occupation is System Admin but I am working as a chef now. Will the CO recognise my job since I am not working at them scope of occupation? 2. I am living in my friend's room now. How do I proof my living in Ade since I do not have a rental agreement and utility bill? will telco bill consider?
  7. cheryh79

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi, I believe we need to prove our residential in SA for 2 years period. I am living with my friend for the time being. Is room lease considered? Am I supposed to get a room lease agreement from my friend? Can we just get a room leasing template from the internet or we need to go thru property agent?
  8. cheryh79

    Release from 489 VISA

    Hi, just curious does anyone heard of release from 489 or 190 obligation? Can someone share their case?
  9. cheryh79

    Job Market

    ok i think i better start calling them. Yes I am in Ade now.
  10. cheryh79

    Job Market

    IT line. using seek to find and most of the job are posting by agencies. I have applied. does it meant registered? do I need to call them to register?
  11. cheryh79

    Job Market

    Hi, I reached 2 weeks ago and have been sending resume all over and there is no response. Is it normal for a person just reached? how long will one takes to land on a job normally? Now i am like sitting at home and idle.
  12. cheryh79

    Extending Visitor Visa to 1 year

    don quite understand. is there a parent visa department in every state? what is the visa number?
  13. cheryh79

    Extending Visitor Visa to 1 year

    they will be applying from overseas.
  14. Hi, I wish to apply 1 year visitor visa for my parents. Can anyone advise how can I do that? thanks.
  15. hi so can i say that even my visa spinor by SA i need not stay in Adelaide and i can move to Melbourne regional area like Melton?

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