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  1. chrisda

    SA driving licence in UK...

    I still have my UK license and I changed the address to a relatives address before I left. Dont car companies have different rates for residents and non residents?
  2. chrisda

    Good news for first time home buyers?

    Stamp duty should be abolished. The grant was a real big help. Put it back in place or take away the tax to make the purchase more affordable.
  3. chrisda

    good news story

    Have been really happy with our health services. Hope you are feeling ok now John.
  4. chrisda

    Some good sub news at last!

    Dont understand why contracts are going overseas when theres a gap between ships and layoffs. Buy local and create jobs.
  5. chrisda

    Snake tries to eat Mother in Law

    If its still hungry i have another mother in law thats available? A bit on the tough side, bitter, sour a real mouthful at times!
  6. chrisda

    Looks like we might be getting an Aldi soon

    You may be getting a Costco sooner than you realised. The word is out that masters has pulled the plug on the new store in Noarlunga and Costco are going to be the new tenants. Dont know if a petrol station is part of the plan though.
  7. chrisda

    Hi all

    Hello Gaza! That sure was quick. You will be fine after the jetlag is over. Take your time and pick the right area. If you pick a dodgy suburb it will affect the next year so drive those miles and have a good look.
  8. chrisda

    Snake under fridge in Moana

    Have seen loads of snakes. They are hiding everywhere. They run off when they see you, well not really a run but you know what i mean.
  9. chrisda

    Kangaroo Island

    Had a brilliant time there. It really is a crown in south australias tourist crown. I hope that the airlink upgrade doesnt spoil it.
  10. chrisda

    Mood of the Moment: Share a great music track today:

    I think that this one is better
  11. chrisda

    Rental question for newbie

    There are some shocking properties for rent and ones that have been on the market for a while are always negotaible. If you dont mind living next door to paroled offenders you can score a few dollars off the rent too.
  12. Take me with you mate! You will have a brill time.
  13. chrisda

    Little Athletics

    That's great you must be feeling really pleased. Bet he's really chuffed with himself.
  14. chrisda

    Is anyone considering leaving SA?

    It certainly is Mini Me It certainly is.

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