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  1. John Browning

    Am I paying too much for kids Dental?

    Steve if you can't get the School Dental Service option to work for you, there is a another way of getting a decent discount: Instead of paying upfront for Dental Extras on your Private Cover...have you considered registering with Smile.com, and using one of their dentists?
  2. John Browning

    Am I paying too much for kids Dental?

    yes Ashleigh....but even if you don't pay at the consultation.... how much does it cost you.
  3. John Browning

    State Aged Pension from the UK

    -does anyone have any recent experience claiming their British Old Age Pension? -what has been your experience? In theory, DSS in the UK owe me a small pension for the years I worked there. -But in practice, I'm not keen taking on the task while there is any doubt about my assets test for the OZ pension. Any first hand experience?? John B
  4. John Browning

    Cheaper Flights?

    -Yes, Philly, just can't understand why anyone making the trip to / from UK wouldn't chose a break somewhere on route....a couple of days in places such as Malaysia (-or most places for that matter) usually turns out to be really cheap when you add everything up. And it's so much better for your health to intentionally keep the flights down to 12 hours (-I know two really quite fit people who have developed DVT's on longer flights) JB
  5. John Browning

    Amazon coming to Australia!

    well Amazon is available in Australia of course, so this might be all a bit misleading. If you are fed up with high shipping costs try bundling services like MyUS for the States. Aldi and Kogan and Woolworths and Big W and Bunnings etc etc already do grocery/ delivery type services. For smaller electronic and hardware / tools etc etc I use Bang Good, which can be a tad slow but has dirt cheap shipping costs. And of course most of the big Furniture , Hardware retailers will loan you a trailer Really, -considering the distance between cities in Oz...I don't think we do that badly My only real gripe is that anything delivered by Aust Post seems to need a signature, but they are happy to set up a mail box for you. John B
  6. John Browning

    Here comes the heat

    yes Tamara...lucky most people in Adelaide don't live in the bush, isn't it ? Time to clean the filters on the AirCon and wipe off the blades of the ceiling fans (-I use a weak solution of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil
  7. John Browning

    Supermoon on Monday

    I think the photo above is, in fact a red moon event. As Curnow says the whole thing isn't that big a deal given that the moon looks even bigger every night when it rises (and the image is magnified by the earth's atmosphere). On the other hand SA is a wonderful place to observe the sky you just need to pick a spot away from city lights. JB
  8. in the approx Norwood area.... look at Klemzig and adjacent suburbs -that will give you access to super fast OBahn links
  9. Sadly the Metro Transport people no longer do their big map, just a multitude of small ones. Curiously,whatever the form of transport, I've always found the Bike SA Cycling Maps of Adelaide the best for route planning, and house hunting, + they are also free Word to the wise:; be extra careful about Adelaide suburb names: (QV)
  10. John Browning

    Nuclear Waste in South Australia?

    Well, I guess the argument is ......we've been producing Yellow Cake (as a bi product of Copper Mining ) for generations now, then shipping the stuff all over the world. + We have a few of the world's most secure sites for the Geological Disposal of the waste. So... A) we can't deny our responsibility B) we have a better means of dealing with the problem we've helped to create, than most others C) which would you prefer -a few state of the art facilities in places like Canada and Finland and Australia, or a thousand dumps in places like Bangladesh and Africa? JB
  11. John Browning

    North Adelaide

    Pub wise...try The British (? Finnis St, North Adelaide); or hop on the tram to the Wheatsheaf, George St, Thebarton (-huge range of beers, live music, family friendly, darts and pool, and no Pokies) JB
  12. one of the most physically demanding jobs I've ever analysed -basically they are looking for super fit younger people, ideally with a history in the home removal trade JB
  13. John Browning

    Olympics 2016

    ADS?? -why bother...just record anything that looks like it might be interesting on a PVR and flick through to the stuff you want to watch indispensable for watching movies JB
  14. John Browning

    Specified Work in Adelaide

    you might do better trying your hand at vineyard work. especially if you have an aptitude for pruning and trellising the Barossa, Eden Valley,Virginia, Adelaide Hills, Southern Vales, Limestone Coast and Langhorne Creek are worth a go John B
  15. John Browning

    staying balmy

    yes I use gas for my main space heating in the evening ....but don't forget to ask the land lord (-the college-) for an annual check...a blocked flu can ramp up the carbon monoxide levels without you being aware of anything. JB

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