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  1. Hi my partners Father is desperately ill in the uk and has had to apply for a resident return visa. Does anyone know if there is a department we can contact to see if we can get it processed quicker as he could pass away any day and the guidelines are saying 7 to 30 days? many thanks
  2. Growler

    Man with a van recommendations

    I live in Ascot park moving to hove x
  3. Growler

    RIP Wizzywozza. Sharon passed away 16th May 2006

    I remember many times seeing this screen name helping people and I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you remember the good times and send you all our best wishes. RIP Sharon x
  4. Growler

    Man with a van recommendations

    Hi thanks sally its more the lifting of the washing machine and the fridge im going to struggle with
  5. Growler

    Man with a van recommendations

    Thats very helpful of you john. I only asked for recommendations for a man with a van.... Easy access all on ground floor from ascot park to hove.And no, theres no piano.
  6. Growler

    Man with a van recommendations

    Hi everyone I'm looking to move 4 items 10 minutes down the road with someone who won't damage my belongings being quoted $180 so far has anyone got any recommendations?
  7. Growler

    SA driving licence in UK...

    Hi everyone, So im heading back to the Uk in a 7 weeks, however when i am there I am hiring a car but just realised my SA driving licence expires in august (I will be back in oz by then) just scared that it will cause a problem when i go to hire a car in the UK with the expiry date being so close...anyone got any light to shed on this? If i renew my licence how long does it take to come through? TIA
  8. Hi All, My partner has help a south australian licence for less than a year but a UK one for over 20 years. He is currently doing his two day HC Tile course and they are saying you have to have a South Australian Licence for 2 years to get a learners permit. However, we have researched this and have found it stipulates a Class C for 2 years and doesnt mention south australian (they are now saying he may get issued with one or may not depends on what they check at services SA!). I know the UK class C licence is deemed to be the equivalent as a south australian C class. He is due to apply for his learners permit tommorow and now were stressing! I know there have been previous threads on this before anyone says but its slightly different as he is just on a class C. Can anyone shed some light please on this? Here is one of the sites I have researched from.... https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/transport-travel-and-motoring/motoring/drivers-and-licences/driver-s-licence-classes Thanks
  9. Growler

    Struggling to find a job....

    Hi everyone thanks so much for your replies. I am having my Resume rewritten and yes I have contacted Temping agencies who are telling me they are having 200-300 people going for each job some have a degree..... Ive also applied to coles, woolworths etc and have been turned down. So i will persevere...... Thanks again x
  10. Hi all, I'm currently working as a hairdresser and after being treated like S**t by employers have decided to try and get back into office work. I have UK experience and no matter how hard I try or how many times I apply I get nothing......Seriously feeling down right now. I have even thought about volunteering on my day off to try and get something Australian on my CV. I have years of experience and I am so capable and fantastic with people I just feel sending a CV and a cover letter is getting me no where. Seriously hate my job so much i cant bare it. I know im lucky to have a job but desperate to have a job where I dont feel sick about going to work..... Any advice would be welcome.......
  11. Hi I'm fully qualified with over 12 years experience and urgently need a model for tommorow for an interview in North Adelaide. Please anyone..... ive worked in top salons !!! please pm me if interested Thanks!!!
  12. Hi everyone, finally got a house and working now looking into getting foxtel tv perhaps (any advice would be appreciated) and a home broadband. Basically i would like to know which companies should be avoided and which would come with recommendations. I havnt got alot to spare so not looking for the top packages but i want to watch eastenders etc (sad i know). Thanks for your help ....
  13. Growler

    short term stay on arrival

    Hi i know of a great couple who are on airbnb who we are good friends with after staying with them for 2 years on the trot and then another lady. Great location and everything else. Please pm me if you want their contact details and ill send it to you x
  14. Hi we have just moved into our first home and the security is terrible. Our neighbour has advised us of the breakinns so im quite anxious abut it. If you know of any window or locksmith please let me know asap as i need someone to come and give us quotes. Thanks x
  15. Growler

    Cheap furniture/charity shops etc

    Hi everyone yes please i will take everything and anything as we have nothing. Even if we just borrow thankyou so much i will pm you when im back to the laptop xxxxx

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