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  1. This is Sharon's, Husband Rick. I am devastated to bring you the sad news that my beautiful, wonderful wife Sharon ( Wizzywozza ) Passed peacefully away in the early hours of Monday 16th of May. I was with her until the end. Sharon's Funeral will be held at Simplicity Funerals, on the corner of Beach Road and Main South Road, at 2.00 on Friday 27th of May, all are welcome. Rick xx
  2. Thank you all for your kind words and generosity, Sharon is Stable and comfortable, however no change in her condition.
  3. On the 7th of march, my wife Sharon collapsed and was taken to hospital. it was found she had an aneurysm which has burst, since then they have found 2 more aneurysms, she has also had 2 strokes, and a brain bleed caused by pressure on the brain. She now lays in a vegetative state, and we do not know if she will ever recover. I am, and her family are heartbroken beyond words. All we ask is you send your healing thoughts and prayers. https://www.gofundme.com/assistsharon
  4. wizzywozza

    Been here a couple of years

    I've been here for just over 25 years and STILL miss West Sussex, but my hubby who has been here for just over 9 years doesn't miss it at all! Every time I've been back I've felt torn between here and there, but it's not so bad since my Mum moved over to East Sussex as last time I stayed with her was in her new bungalow in Peacehave and not my old childhood home in Lower Salvington with all its lovely memories.
  5. wizzywozza

    moving boxes needed please

    I have 10 fairly good boxes at work in the recycling. I'll bring them home tomorrow for you. We are in Reynella. Sharon
  6. wizzywozza

    Rental question for newbie

    Re the above statement ...... I've rented many properties here with absolutely no problems in coming from a private renter background. I've never read such a load of complete twaddle in my life. If you have a rental history (and most renters do) you will have no problems getting another lease as landlords like to have stable and reliable tenants with a good LONG history of renting. I have also had indoor pets in all but one of the houses I have rented, and that was because I did not have any pets at that time. In fact the house we rent now, and our previous rental (owned by a real estate agent/property manager) we were positively encouraged to have indoor pets. Also never had any problem with a single income when I was single. That's quite a bizarre statement coming from someone who is supposedly a landlord. I have to say to the OP though, that I've never even thought about trying to negotiate the price of a rental. Usually there are so many people after a property that the advertised rent is easily achieved. Incidentally for security reasons a lot of property managers now like you to register your interest in an advertised rental and hold the open inspection ONLY to those registered, and do not advertise the time and date of the open online or in the paper.
  7. wizzywozza

    Dog Boarding

    If you are prepared to try down south we've used Ackys Dog Lodge at Onkaparinga Hills and they were lovely. They may have space .... worth a try. https://web.facebook.com/Ackys-Dog-lodge-201521626558901/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  8. wizzywozza


    The ginger creams don't last long in our house
  9. wizzywozza

    Moving boxes needed

    Have sent you a PM ............... Sharon
  10. wizzywozza

    Dog Kennels/Pet sitters

    We've just use Acky's Dog Lodge on Piggot Range Road, Onkaparinga Hills. They were lovely and had very reasonable fees. https://www.facebook.com/Ackys-Dog-lodge-201521626558901/
  11. wizzywozza

    Anyone going on a cruise?

    Rather poke my eyes out with cocktail sticks than go on a floating block of flats with several hundred/or thousands of people I don't know ........ now a REAL cruise is a houseboat on the Murray ...... HEAVEN!!
  12. wizzywozza

    Woodcroft 3 Bedroom Available.

    I'm in Hartog Street!
  13. wizzywozza

    Woodcroft 3 Bedroom Available.

    I wish I'd known sooner ..... we're also in Woodcroft, opposite a park and right near the Plaza and have been looking for a new rental in the same area as ours is up for sale but couldn't find one in this area ...... so we're moving to Reynella next week!
  14. wizzywozza

    Crochet clubs?

    Blimey I thought my hubby had posted on here for a mo ....... Kingpin is the name of his band
  15. wizzywozza

    Crochet clubs?

    You could try the knitters guild ..... a work colleague of mine goes to their meetings at Marion somewhere and she mainly does crochet not knitting, so they must be open to other forms of yarn work other than just knitting.

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