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  1. Hi Laura, I am 27, we moved from England 3 years ago and have a 5 year old daughter - pm me if you would like to meet up x
  2. Ashleigh

    Wooden table free for collection

    Hi, Is this still available?
  3. Ashleigh

    2 and a half years in......

    So, we're 2.5 years into our Australian adventure. There's me, (28) my husband (35) and our 5 year old daughter. So overall really enjoyed the last 2 and a half years and really like Adelaide. Our daughter has settled really well, initially went to childcare (which i find so expensive! We paid $250 a week after the rebate that everyone is entitled too) Then we enrolled her into Kindy 5 days a fortnight along side childcare which she loves and is ready to start school in January. She is so happy here, has really adapted to Australia and has a full Australian accent! I know the job front is hard but i managed to get a temporary job after 3 weeks of being here in admin, which turned permanent and i left there 13 months ago for the admin job i am in now which is great and really enjoying it. Husband had his own business for the first 12 months, went ok but was too hard with clients not paying on time, so eventually jacked that in and is now full time perm with another company which has worked out a lot better for us and a lot less stress! I love how sociable everyone is here, feel like there is always something to do come wind, rain or shine and i love finishing work in the summer and being able to go to the beach for a couple of hours in the sun shine! We have met some really great people both Australian and English and feel glad we put ourselves out there so to speak, we would never of done that in the UK. So things i miss, i recently went back to England for 3 weeks for my sisters wedding, it was so hard leaving and i questioned if i was doing the right thing coming back, felt so down for about a week but i feel ok now and just thankful for Skype, Facetime and Facebook. I do have days every now and again where i feel like i just want to go 'home' but then i look how happy our daughter is and the lifestyle she has (and that we have too) to know we made the right decision. I just wish it wasn't so far away! Missing family will always be hard where ever you are i think. I miss Europe, and miss being able to go on holiday to another country and it not costing an arm and a leg...butttt on a positive note we have seen so many beautiful things here in SA and other parts of Australia. Christmas....just not the same in the sun, not as big a build up i find...so one day hoping for us all to go back to the UK for Christmas. Anyway, just a bit of an update, not all rosy but overall we are really happy here and will definitely be going for our citizenship in 18 months x
  4. http://www.alpinewintervillage.com.au/ This looks brilliant! I am from Manchester and loved the Manchester Christmas Markets so i think this is definitely something to go to!
  5. Ashleigh

    Christmas in July 2016!

    It feels like Christmas more than it does in December - that is why i love it.
  6. Ashleigh

    Christmas in July 2016!

    Thanks all, we have booked the package at Hotel Grand Chancellor!
  7. Ashleigh

    190 visa granted!!!!

    Can't believe it has been over 2 years since we had our 190 granted!
  8. Ashleigh

    Hip dysplasia

    omg this seems like a life time ago! FYI medical was absolutely fine, no issues at all!
  9. Ashleigh

    Hoping to move

    Good luck, this site was a god send when we did our visa! Been here 2 years now and i still come on every now and again!
  10. Ashleigh

    Woodcroft Library

    I took my near on 5 year old to Woodcroft Library today and it was brilliant for kids. Lots of activities going on, reading corners, a little soft play area, toys out to play with, toys to 'lend' and take home as well as books, Wii console, computers to use with kids programs, Lego competition, Minecraft, DVD's and CD's to take home. I have heard most Onkaparinga Libraries have all of this going on, so great for a couple of hours :-)
  11. Ashleigh

    GPs in Sheidow Park - bulk billing

    Reynella Family Care also bulk bill near on everything :-)
  12. Ashleigh

    Christmas in July 2016!

    Rydges seem pretty good! http://www.rydges.com/accommodation/adelaide-sa/adelaide-cbd/meeting-and-events/events/christmas-in-july/
  13. Ashleigh

    Mobile Crash Repair

    It's ok i have found someone now and repair is lower than what the excess would be! :-) If anyone is looking for a mobile repairer Express Paint and Detail have given me a really good price.
  14. Can anyone recommend a mobile crash repairer?
  15. It's nearly that time again! Any suggestions aside from Mount Lofty and Glen Ewin as been there so want to try something different! :-)

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