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  1. Zeebeth

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015

    Glad this thread has been bumped up, we are moving in 10 days! Both excited and terrified. The removerlists are coming on Wednesday, so we have spent the weekend cleaning and sorting through everything ready for Wednesday. I finish work on Tuesday, we then have 2 days at home before heading down to Devon for a wedding and a family meal over the weekend. Everything is going to go so quickly now, I'm worried something will get forgotten.
  2. Zeebeth

    Clapping people

    It's not just an Aussie thing, they have started to do it here in the UK too. I tihnk Lazy Cow is right, clapping before someone speaks is to welcome them. Personally I find it annoying..."well done you managed to walk on to the stage... Yay!!" Perhaps that is just me being moody
  3. Zeebeth

    visa evidence number

    I had a similar problem with the VEVO system, have you tried the TRN instead? Perhaps logging into the immi account you used to get the Visa would give you some more numbers to try?
  4. Zeebeth

    Crochet clubs?

    Wow thanks guys - Google can be rather frustrating trying to find these local things (especially if your not sure where to look!)
  5. Zeebeth

    Crochet clubs?

    Does anyone know of any crochet clubs that run in the evenings/weekends, ideally around Port Noarlunga? I found two in the area but both are run on weekday afternoons which doesn't help as I'll be at work.
  6. Zeebeth

    Our first week in adelaide....

    Hi Kerrie, Hubby and I are moving over in 4 weeks. He's 30 and I'm 23. It's really good your husband found a job in a week! We've kind of had the wind taken out of our sails following a call from the recruitment agency we've been using. They told us that the bottom has dropped out of the finance market (we both work in accoutnacy) and we'd struggle to even secure temp posistions at the moment . We are going to give it 4-6 weeks and if after that time there are no jobs on the horizen we'll probably head to Brisbane. BUT if we do manage to get work in Adelaide we will be moving to the south of the city, Port Noarlunga, Seaford. It sounds like it was easy for you to secure a rental, did your husband have his job by then or did they just accept you on basis of work prospects/savings? We visited Adelaide for a reccy in March and loved the feel of the city, it feels very small and close knit. Everyone seemed so friendly, helpful and relaxed, it didn't feel like a major city. We did laugh as when we went to the bank and the teller was moaning it was cold - it was 19c outside, in England there would be some moaning it's too hot!! I'm sure you will end up to love the little city If we end up staying in Adelaide we'd be happy to meet up for a few drinks/coffees etc Zee xx
  7. Zeebeth

    Arriving Sept

    Hi Kathleen, Hubby and I are emigrating on 2nd Sept (landing on 4th). Which area are you thinking of living on? We are planning to be down south by Port Noarlunga. Do you have a job lined up?
  8. Zeebeth

    Port Noarlunga, Seaford, Christies Beach etc

    We visited the area in March and thought it was beautiful. We have also been doing online research in regards to house prices, amenities and transport, everything seems good to us. The purpose of the thread was to get some views from people who have lived in the areas as sometimes although things can look good on paper and the area seem nice after a visit this isn't always the case, we have had this happen to is before
  9. Zeebeth

    Port Noarlunga, Seaford, Christies Beach etc

    Thanks for the tips guys. And Tamara thanks for the very detailed reply
  10. We are heading over to Adelaide in 7 weeks (land on 2nd September). We have decided that the area around Port Noarlunga, Seaford and Christies Beach. I'm hoping for some views and thoughts on the best areas around here to rent and any to avoid! We are (well hubby is) really fussy when it comes to houses. We'd be looking for a detached house, in a nice neighbourhood (hubby said he doesn't want to be near social or integrated housing) ideally close to either Noarlunga or Seaford train station as we'll most like both end up working in the CBD and easy to get to the beach. The good thing is we don't need to be near schools as we don't have kids and aren't planning any for a long time. So what are the best areas and the worst?
  11. I could use some help/advice on how best to re-inform the inlaws that we are moving to Adelaide in 10 and a half weeks. That sounds really bad - so let me explain a bit more. Hubby and I started the visa process in November 2013 but decided to keep everything quiet until the visa was granted as we knew it would upset his parents. They aren't the most adventurous people (his dad's family all lived in the same street for gernations and generations!) and don't like change, there was huge drama when hubby's older sister moved to a town 20 miles from where the parents live (to be fair though she does have a little son); however there wasn't too much upset when hubby and I moved 80 miles from Exeter to Bristol. The visa was granted to us in early December and we weren't going to see his family until Christmas so we decided to tell them on boxing day that we were planning on moving to Oz this September. We also said that our honeymoon in March was also going to be used to decide the city we wanted to live in - at that stage we thought we'd end up in Melbourne as there are a lot more jobs. Hubby's parents were really upset, lots of tears, shouting and of course the "I'm not happy with you". We were fully expecting that. So we went on honeymoon/recci in March had a great time, didn't like Melbourne as a city to live in, and instead settled on beautiful Adelaide. When we got back from the honeymoon we told the in-laws all about it and were totally honest saying we didn't like Melbourne but found Adelaide beautiful and imagine it would be a great city to live in. Nothing more is said about the move for a few months. We then booked our flights in mid-May, meaning we knew for definate when we are moving (2nd of Sep). The in-laws were going on a cruise for 2 weeks at the end of May and hubby was unsure if it would be better to tell them before or after the holiday, so he spoke to his siblings and they all agreed that it would be best to tell them when they got back, which is what we are planning on doing this weekend. However, hubby's sister has said that the parents have told themselves we aren't going ahead with the move as we didn't like Melbourne! We did think things had been a bit too calm, but just presumed they were getting to grips with it, not going into denilal!! Hubby and I are absolutley dreading this weekend now, it is going to be hideous. We expect shouting, crying and almost full temper tantrums! I imagine they will say "but you said you aren't going" and "why are you only telling us 10 weeks before you go" "we'll never see you again!"(we are going back in Oct 2016 for brother-in-laws wedding and have deicded to come back for Christmas 2017) etc etc etc. Does any one have any ideas on how we can break the news gently to them? Anythnig that may soften the blow? We have already bought father-in-law a place on a fear of flying course (he has never been on a plane and thinks it is an unnatural way to travel). I know there is never going to be an easy way to break the news but any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the essay Thanks zee
  12. Hubby and I are moving to Adelaide in September and we have done lots of research. It is apparent that the job market in Adelaide is no where near as strong as the job market in either Melbourne or Sydney, however there are still plenty of new jobs appearing each week. We were originally considering moving to Melbourne but when we visited in March we decided we didn't like the feel of Melbourne, it was too busy, the traffic was manic and the suburbs weren't what we were looking for. However when we visited Adelaide it was the lifestyle we were looking for, a much smaller city, slower paced, less traffic and the suburbs are the sort we want. We decided in the end we would rather have a bit more trouble getting a job and have the lifestyle we want than walk straight into a job and end up hating where we live. In regards to the job front I would say you need to do your research properly, you need to look at the market compare the wages and talk to different agencies. We have already contacted a number of recruitment agencies and have been as productive as we can. The agencies are confident we should get jobs within the first month and are likely to even have interviews within a few days of landing but it is likely to be a temp job that could turn perm. We are also planning to look on Seek once a week from the end of June in case something pops up that is a perfect suit. My impression is that if you are proactive, put the effort in every day and are perhaps willing to compromise initially you will get a job. It is the same in the UK if you say you are looking for a job but just look once a month at recruitment sites and don't go "knocking on doors" you won't get a job but if you put your all into it you will. It is good to get realistic reviews from people however it is also worth remembering a lot of people won't comment on things unless they want to complain!
  13. Zeebeth

    Where to buy furniture?

    This is a great thread! We're moving to Adelaide in the first week of September (leave the UK on the 2nd and land in Adelaide on the 4th) and have been browsing online for furniture but had no idea where to start, so this is perfect. Going to enjoy spending the next 15 weeks looking at furniture for our new home down under

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