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  1. Hello all, I was doing our citizenship application online, My wife's passport had expired at the end of last year and I was wondering if you require a current passport to apply for Australian citizenship? cheers Etch
  2. etch123

    3 Years in and loving Adelaide

    Fantastic! I was at the Richmond game last week too! how good was it to get some revenge!
  3. etch123

    3 Years in and loving Adelaide

    Hello All! Just wanted to say Hi and send a quick update on our Journey so far, Firstly thanks to everyone on here for all your support during our migration and transition, this forum was instrumental in so many ways. 3 years in this weekend and we still love Adelaide, in my previous update from a year ago I mentioned that we were building a home up in mount barker, well we took possession of our completed home in November and are loving life up in the Adelaide Hills (yet to face a winter up there though) but nothing ducted heating cant handle. I also wanted to encourage new arrivals and those of you hoping to make the move to Adelaide that my experience is that Adelaide is a fantastic place to migrate to and start life a new. Sure nailing my first job took 11 months, but once I got my foot in, its been really stable and have been made job offers from other companies as well (which I haven't taken) its all about getting you first Aussie job and then when you show that you have Australian experience on your resume, finding other positions is not much of a challenge. In the past 3 years I have been asked the question why are you staying in Adelaide hundreds of times. Firstly I love the pace of life, its not rushed its perfect for my family. And Where else can you build a new home with 4-5 bedrooms on a 600 Sq meter plot for under $500K with a commute of under 40 mins in peak traffic to the heart of a capital city? Not Melbourne or Sydney that's for sure! If your new to Adelaide hang in there! or if you are looking to migrate to Adelaide and are being put off by the negative comments on employment etc, let me put it to you that not many people who find jobs and are employed come back (as I have) to say that everything is fine! And if you want to know which Footy team to barrack for* it has to be the Crows! #weflyasone Cheers Etch! *barrack for. To give support or encouragement to (a person, team, etc.), usually by shouting names, slogans or exhortations. Some claim barrack comes fromAustralian pidgin to poke borak at 'to deride', but its origin is probably from Northern Irish barrack 'to brag; to be boastful'.
  4. etch123

    2 Years in - Thank you

    Hello all, Its been a very long time since I posted on here, this forum was instrumental to me making decisions when we decided to migrate. We will be celebrating 2 years since we arrived in Adelaide in a couple of days and I thought I should share my experience so far. We love Australia and Adelaide... don't get me wrong the first few months were quite difficult, missing family and home and then trying to find work was very very difficult, in fact it took me 11 months to find work, I was lucky enough to find work in my own field but at a very junior level to what I was back home, but I'm very grateful. Ive been 1 year at my job and love working in the city, its such a quick commute even from Port Noarlunga. We arrived as a family of 4 and now are 5! had a new baby who is now 7 months old, we would have never had another child if we didn't come to Australia, and she beat us to citizenship as well with her own Ausi passport in tow. I am also happy to say that we have started the process to build our own home as well, up in Mount Barker, yes I know, its a sea change to a tree change :-) but we love that area too and found that we could get the size of home and land we need to build on, within our budget, as unfortunately we cant afford to buy or build the same size of home in Port Noarlunga (4 bedrooms etc). We are getting our loan through home start, which is a government loan that gives us single income households a fair go. I cant believe how much I have grown to love footy, I am lucky that through my work I get to meet a lot of AFL stars, in fact I find myself watching it over cricket! unbelievable! our 2 elder kids have integrated well into primary school and are doing extremely well. We did go back home over Christmas and found ourselves referring to Australia as home when we were there, which really reinforced the fact that this was indeed the best decision we have made. I Would like to thank all of you on here for all the support you have shown us through these 2 years! Heres to a the rest of our lives in Straya! Etch
  5. Hi All, Been a while since I posted last, A lot has happened! We had a new baby! So She's an Australian (I've registered her and already got her birth certificate etc) But need to know how to go about applying for her Ausi passport, cant do it online as they ask if the person lodging the application is a citizen.... I cant, as I'm just a lowly permanent resident My question is.... Has anyone else done this? and if so, how is it done? I may just walk to the the passport office in Currie street (please save me the walk as I work in the other end of the city) Cheers!
  6. etch123

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    Hi Tamara, Thanks. We love Port Noarlunga the kids have integrated well at school and my son played cricket for the Port Noarlunga cricket team this last season and has even started footy this week. Please say Hi, drop by anytime you pass by.
  7. etch123

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    Thanks Snifter, We decided to stay in Adelaide after all, we wanted to fulfil our moral obligation on the 190 visa and wanted give Adelaide every chance.... I applied for all types of Account management, Sales jobs etc but did not get one interview in Adelaide, not even a phone interview. But last month I finally got called into an interview at a sales job (the same industry I was in back in Sri Lanka- Broadcast Media) Initially it will be a 3 month contract, Its not what I was hoping for, but I just want to get my foot in to the industry. I think I am blessed to get back into same industry, but I'd like to reiterate that I was not picky at all in applying for all other jobs or industries.... I start on Monday :-)
  8. etch123

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    11 Months thats how long it took me.... longer than I thought.....
  9. etch123

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    6.5 months and counting, still looking.... but still optimistic. Thinking of it and treating it as a long holiday. :-)
  10. Hi all, Thought Id film the flight I was on from Melbourne to Adelaide this morning as I had window seat, I've sped it up and cut out the middle :-) It shows the flight taking off from Melbourne and Landing in Adelaide, it was quite cloudy over my house in Port Noarlunga and I couldn't see it clearly as we flew right over it. glimpses of the southern expressway and the colonnades (barely) at 2:04 and then over the coast. enjoy!
  11. Does anyone know where I could hire a wheel chair for my dad who is with us for 2 weeks? alternatively does anyone have one lying around that I could borrow? Thanks in advance
  12. etch123

    4 months in.....

    @samandcraig as you know we arrived only a 2 weeks after you guys, similar story for us. I think having a positive attitude will help us all during the first few months of our transition. Im gradually making contacts, which hopefully will lead to employment soon. Hang in there!
  13. etch123

    Region codes for DVD players?

    Yes I did all mine with a simple google search Unfortunately none of the codes seem to be working for me
  14. etch123

    Region codes for DVD players?

    Has anyone had any luck changing the region codes of any DVD/Blu Ray players brought from abroad to play Ausi DVD's?
  15. etch123

    Free Moving Boxes

    Hi I've got around 10 moving boxes, that I'm about to dump at the recycling depot tomorrow. So if anyone needs them please PM me asap. I'm in Port Noarlunga.

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