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  1. samandcraig

    Am I paying too much for kids Dental?

    My Son has had his brace on for over 12 months now, we paid over $6000, went with a company called onia, who operate throughout Adelaide
  2. samandcraig

    Hoping to move

    Welcome Bryan and good luck xx
  3. samandcraig

    Moving to Adelaide in September

    Welcome...good luck with your move
  4. samandcraig

    Just arrived...eeek

    You will get there....good luck x
  5. samandcraig

    Count Down

    Good luck with your move! I'm from Cumbria so definitely understand on the rain front ! Lol....hope everything goes smoothly. X
  6. samandcraig

    Just arrived...eeek

    Hi, thanks for the advice, I am actually looking into volunteering. I'm prepared to do it for as long as needed. I had an interview yesterday so waiting to hear from that. I have 9 years retail experience, working for a homeware store.
  7. samandcraig

    Just arrived...eeek

    Hi there, we arrived twelve months ago and it is only now that we are starting to feel settled. It's such a big move and I must say that for us the first year has been an emotional roller coaster! It is hard...but we do feel it's all worth it. The kids settled faster than us, we underestimated them so much! Alls good...apart from the fact that I still don't have work! But Craig does and has done since the second week we arrived, so not all bad! if you need any advice ect, or just want a chat, please don't hesitate to message me. welcome to Adelaide Sam
  8. Hi there, just wondering if anyone could offer any advice. I was thinking about studying to work at a school as a teaching assistant, but can't seem to locate a tafe near to me (seaford) that is offering this course (education assistant)...any advice would be apreciated. Many thanks
  9. samandcraig

    Mortgages - Borrowing power calculator

    Hi andrew, was just wondering if you could tell me if it's possible to get a mortgage on a 489 visa? Thanks
  10. samandcraig

    Ambulance cover

    We got our ambulance cover from the post office $155 for the family
  11. samandcraig

    Packers here Monday...starting to feel the pressure

    Ha ha ha....definetly! Exciting times ahead xx
  12. samandcraig

    Packers here Monday...starting to feel the pressure

    Wow....exciting times ahead. Try to keep focused on that, I know it's easier said than done mind. I must admit when our container left it felt like a huge weight was lifted! It was dealt with! Sorted!! Also I thought oh **** we are actually doing this!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! Good luck on Monday
  13. samandcraig

    Any new arrivals - end March/ April

    Hi there, good luck with your move. We arrived this time last year, if you have any questions just ask xx
  14. samandcraig

    Exeter Hotel - free kids' entertainment!

    Where is this please? X
  15. samandcraig

    Learning to drive

    I would say get it in the uk, it just seems straight forward in the uk. Here as already stated you have to do the whole p plates ect

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