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    Brighton * Postcode - 5048 City of Holdfast Bay * The suburb of Brighton is on the coast of Adelaide between Glenelg and Seacliff and located about 13km from the CBD. Suburbs around Brighton include Seacliff Park, Hove, Glenelg and Somerton Park. * Brighton shops are more spread out along the main roads within the suburb rather than being found mostly under one roof. There is a Foodland supermarket on Brighton Road in a small shopping centre. Other shops found there inlcude a bakers, butchers, fruit and veg shop, pharmacy, newsagent, local takeaways and more. There is also Jetty Road with cafes, a bookshop and boutiques. Plus along Brighton road itself are a number of motor parts and repairs sites, DIY/hardware stores and more. * Brighton Jetty extends from the beach, a lovely place for a summer evening wander, meal out or a gelato. * More shopping options can be found a few kilometres away at Westfield Marion, a mall with over 300 stores, cinema complex, 10 pin bowling and also a Bunnings Warehouse and the SA Aquatic Centre close by. Property To buy - View a listing of property to buy in Brighton. To rent - View a listing of property to rent in Brighton. * [/color]http://www.realestate.com.au/neighbourhoods/brighton-5048-sa"]Median property prices for Brighton. ​If you click on the Lifestyle icon on this page it has some images and information on the suburb. Schools Brighton Primary School http://www.brightonps.sa.edu.au Paringa Park Primary School http://www.paringpkps.sa.edu.au Brighton Secondary School http://www.brightonss.sa.edu.au A number of faith based and private schools can be found in and around Brighton. These include St Teresa's Catholic Primary http://www.stteresa.catholic.edu.au Marymount Collge http://www.mc.catholic.edu.au Sacred Heart College Middle School http://www.shcms.sa.edu.au Sacred Heart College Senior School http://www.shcs.sa.edu.au * Please see this post in the For The Kids forum for info on schools, Naplan, zoning, after school care and more. Kindys/Childcare/Nursery Dover Kindergarten http://www.doverkgn.sa.edu.au Goodstart Early Learning http://www.goodstart.org.au/centres/brighton-brighton-road/overview Playgroups Wriggle n Rhyme at Brighton Library. This is a fun 30 minute session involving rhymes, action songs and music, suitable for babies and toddlers 0-2 years (but any age is welcome). No bookings necessary. Wriggle `n` Rhyme @ Brighton Library Thursdays & Fridays | 10 am Brighton Library 20 Jetty Road, Brighton SA 5048 Cost: This is a free event! Holdfast Playgroup & Baby Playgroup 0-5 years, Monday's and Thursday's 9:30-11am Baby playgroup 0-12 months Monday's and Thursday's 11:15-12:30pm Transport Buses - Run by Adelaide Metro. A number of services cover Brighton to the CBD and other areas including Glenelg and Marion. 720H Brighton to CBD http://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/timetables/view/720H/0/1/0 Train - Use the Seaford Line https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/routes/SEAFRD takes around 27mins to the CBD. * Cycling between Brighton and Glenelg and other local areas is also an option. You can download cycling maps from this website: http://www.sa.gov.au/topics/transport-travel-and-motoring/cycling/cycling-maps . There is a drop down menu you can select a suburb from. Brighton is map 10 on the list. Out and about There are quite a number of play parks and reserves in and around Brighton. Including * Bindarra Reserve . Situated on the Esplanade overlooking the ocean. It has a great park area for all ages along with a large grass area ideal for ball games. There are BBQ's and picnic tables should you wish to make a day of it. Toilet area. * Brighton Skate Park - http://www.skateboard.com.au/skateparks/australia/brighton-skate-park/ A list of parks and reserves in the Holdfast bay area can be found here http://www.holdfast.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1454#e2174 Sports Brighton caters for many sports and interests. * Brighton Oval Sporting Complex is a major metropolitan sporting facility and has strong links to the sports fields of Brighton Primary School (immediately opposite the complex) along with smaller sport facilities within the precinct. Brighton Oval is also the home ground to a number of sport and recreation groups including Brighton Rugby Club, Brighton Sport and Social Club, Brighton Football Club, Brighton Cricket Club, Brighton Lacrosse Club, Brighton Croquet Club, Holdfast Bay Dog Owners Association and the South Australia Racing Pigeon Association. * Swimming at Minda http://www.saswimschools.com/brighton * Brighton Croquet Club - http://www.croquetsa.com.au/?page_id=170 * Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club - http://http://www.brightonsurfclub.com/
  3. Ktee

    Photo of your day

    This is me at the moment, after leaving my phone on the chemist counter and my handbag in the cafe
  4. Ktee

    Photo of your day

    I thought I would start a thread where you post a photo of your day, it doesn't have to be of Adelaide it could be a meme, just as long as it's kept clean and not nasty. My first few posts are the scenery on the drive to Townsville.
  5. Ktee

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015

    How is the build coming along?
  6. Ktee

    Private Health Cover for 489 Visa

    Have a look at IMAN http://www.austhealth.com or Bupa
  7. Ktee

    Not long now......

    Safe journey for tomorrow and I hope your flight goes smooth. Have the butterflies started yet?
  8. Ktee

    Know any good Australianisms?

    The new in word with the youth today seems to be "legit"
  9. Ktee

    Guide on dental costs

    Our son currently has braces. We have silver extras with BUPA and they pay a maximum of $600 I think it was. The braces are $7,500 but ring around as we had prices up to $12,000. With ours we had to pay $1,800 up front and then pay $260 per visit to pay it off. One thing I would advise you to do is when you decide to start the process begin it near the end of December as the new medical year will start in January so you should be able to claim two years straight away.
  10. Ktee


    Due to medical issues myself and Cerberus will be away from the forum until further notice. During this time I am leaving you in the very trustworthy and capable hands of Blossom and Snifter. We will try and log on as and when we can (I still have a few more threads to upload) but our pm system will be unattended so please take any urgent matters up with @snifter and @Blossom. Thank you all:notworthy:
  11. Ktee

    Guide to Buying a Car in Adelaide

    Christian @ Iron Lady is brilliant isn't he.
  12. Ktee

    Guide to Buying a Car in Adelaide

    When buying a car the first thing you want to know is how much is it really worth. In the UK I'm sure many of you used the Glass's Guide, well over here we have a similar one called the Red Book http://www.redbook.com.au Now if you are buying a car this is an excellent guide and if you are selling private it's a good resource. However, if you decide to sell to a dealer they tend to have their own valuators on site and they don't seem to give anything close to these figures, but then that's car dealers for you. If you are buying private and know nothing about cars then I would recommend getting the car inspected. The RAA offer this service for around $250 it may seem a lot especially if the car is a lemon but it's better to spend $250 than lose a few thousand. http://www.raa.com.au/motoring-and-road-safety/vehicle-inspections If going for an older car I would also recommend the RAA breakdown we go with the top one and have had to use them twice in the outback. The last one we rolled the 4x4 and it took 2 1/2 hours to get the emergency services to us. We were in Queensland so it was the RACQ paid for us accommdation, a hire car and then travel back home. So we definitely got our monies worth, although I don't recommend rolling your car to see what a great service you get:frown: http://www.raa.com.au/road-service/buy-road-service
  13. Ktee

    Guide to Buying a Car in Adelaide

    New protections for used car buyers New laws commenced on 29 November 2010 to improve protections for South Australian consumers buying a vehicle from second-hand vehicle dealers. The Second-hand Vehicle Dealers (Cooling-off Rights) Amendment Act 2009 amends the Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Act 1995. A key feature of the legislation is a two day cooling off period during which consumers can consider the purchase. Cooling off rights The changes introduce a cooling off period of two clear business days, including Saturdays. The cooling off provision applies to second-hand vehicles, including demonstration vehicles. Cooling off periods will not apply to the purchase of new vehicles, auction sales or purchases by companies or dealers. A purchaser may rescind the sales contract by giving the dealer written notice before the expiry of the two day cooling off period. A dealer will be entitled to seek a deposit of up to a maximum of 10% of the contract price. If the purchaser decides to rescind the contract, the dealer will be required to refund the money paid by the purchaser by the end of the next clear business day after receiving the cooling off notice. The dealer may keep an amount equal to 2% of the contract price or $100 (whichever is the lesser). It will be an offence for a dealer to demand that a purchaser make a payment other than the deposit before the expiry of the cooling off period. Waiving cooling off rights The purchaser is entitled to waive their right to cool off by signing a waiver form. The right to waive will accommodate purchasers who want or need to take a vehicle immediately and who are happy to forego their cooling off rights. The waiver form must be witnessed by a person other than the dealer or a salesperson who is involved in any way in the sale of the vehicle. It is an offence for a dealer to induce a purchaser to waive their cooling off rights. Other key provisions Rebuttable presumption that a person is a dealer if he or she sells more than 4 vehicles during a 12 month period expanded to include buying vehicles New rebuttable presumption introduced that a person and his or her close associate are both dealers if they buy or sell more than 6 vehicles in a 12 month period Introduction of a negative licensing scheme for salespersons Removal of airbags from list of accessories that dealers do not have a statutory duty to repair Increases in expiation fees and penalties Changes commenced on 29 November 2010 A video is available which outlines the new rights of South Australian consumers. [video=youtube_share;YVKTM2Bql7U]
  14. Ktee

    Guide to Buying a Car in Adelaide

    [h=1]Buying at auction[/h]Buying a car at auction may be cheaper than buying through a dealer or even buying privately, but it also presents the most risk. For example, many auction houses won’t let you test drive the car before auction day, so it’s difficult to get a ‘feel’ for the vehicle and to listen for any unusual sounds while driving. So, it’s important to inspect the vehicle as much as possible without driving it, including starting the engine, because under the Second-hand Vehicle Dealers (Cooling off Rights) Amendment Act there is no cooling off period if you buy at auction. When a licensed second-hand vehicle dealer sells a vehicle through an auction they must meet the same statutory warranty requirements as if the vehicle were sold from a car yard. When a vehicle is sold at auction on behalf of a person or business that is not a dealer, warranty requirements under the Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Act do not apply. In either case, any vehicle for sale at an auction house should have a notice displayed in the window giving details such as: the auctioneer’s name the name and address of the previous owner (which, if not written on the form, must be supplied to you if you request it) the total distance the vehicle has travelled (odometer reading) and a statement about the accuracy of the odometer reading whether the vehicle is covered by statutory warranty. For motor vehicles, this information will be on either a Form 7 (a dealer or auctioneer sale) or a Form 11 (a non-dealer sale). For motorcycles, it is a Form 8 (dealer) or Form 12 (non-dealer). If you decide to buy the vehicle, you must be given a copy of this notice and of the appropriate sale notice. Now the car auctions, I'm not sure of the best ones in Adelaide hopefully one of the locals can advise but one that seems popular nationwide is Pickles Pickles Car Auctions Adelaide others are: Manheim Car Auctions Carnet Auctions
  15. Ktee

    Guide to Buying a Car in Adelaide

    Buying from a private seller In the case of a private vehicle sale, where you buy a used car from someone who is not a dealer, you are not protected by the Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Act and statutory warranty will not apply. Basically, once you have driven away in the vehicle, you are on your own. If you choose to buy privately, ensure that you ask plenty of questions and obtain written proof of the vehicle’s history (including servicing) to be sure that it is a genuine ‘private’ sale. Be wary of vehicles being sold by a third party who may not be the owner. Also be wary of cars with modifications as there may be insurance and legal implications. At the time of purchase, make sure that both you and the seller complete and sign the Application for Transfer of Registration and the Disposal Notice, which can be found on the reverse side of the current Certificate of Registration for the vehicle. As the purchaser, it is your responsibility to lodge the Application for Transfer with the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure within 14 days from the date of purchase. Failure to do so may result in an additional fee. It is the seller’s responsibility to lodge the Disposal Notice. Personal Property Securities Register When you’re buying a car privately, it’s important to determine if the vehicle has any outstanding payments owed to a finance company, or any other encumbrances that you should be aware of before buying. You can check the status of the vehicle online using the Personal Property Securities Register or call 1300 007 777. You must provide the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or chassis number in order to do this. If you buy a vehicle without first checking the register, you run the risk of a bank or credit provider repossessing the vehicle or chasing you for any unpaid money.

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