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  1. keldaz

    Would you still emigrate?

    If your not looking at coming over till next year, then the current situation is irrelevant, times change so to speak. It is common place for trades who are looking to work on large scale construction projects to go interstate, this is nothing new, we've been here just over 4 1/2 years and this was happening then as well. Adelaide is just too small to have constant large scale construction requiring hundreds of trades. This is where the old saying that Australia is 'too big' rings true, if there's no work for you in Adelaide big big problem, as you can't just jump in the car and commute for work as you would in Europe. So really your moving to a far smaller world, with less choice, this was a thinking/planning error we made. As to your situation, if your saying your a house roofer, then there's always been plenty of urban gap filling going on here. Plenty of new build houses going up both on vacant/reused after demo plots. A house needs a roof, it don't get there through the power of prayer, the trick is to find out who and get in. There in, as the bard said lies the romp.
  2. keldaz

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    Can't directly recommend anyone as, but as mentioned in my post PIA member Jessica Berry (above) appears to be a careers adviser offering resume advice etc. I'd start off by sending her an enquiry by PM (private message) and take it from there. In my view someone who is a migrant themselves, will understand your situation better than a local.
  3. keldaz

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    At the moment it's fair to say the Adelaide job market, in certain sectors at least is a bit dodge. Obviously if there are no jobs in your industry it's self explanatory, you can't apply for a job that doesn't exist. If however there are jobs being advertised in your industry or your applying for what you believe to be a parallel job roll in a different industry, and your still getting no where, my suspicion would fall on your resume. Your resume is essentially a key, it may fit the lock, but if it don't turn that door won't open. This must be a very frustrating position to be in, worse in many respects to no jobs at all. If I were in such a position I would be seeking advice and guidance from someone like Jessica Berry above. It could be that your resume reads well, but something's lost in translation, maybe parallels are clear to you, but missed by those in receipt. I'd also take along some examples of cover letters you've sent, so an eye can be cast. I totally get it may be a slightly bitter pill for intelligent and qualified people to swallow, almost akin to getting mummy to help you across the road, but sometimes you just can't see for looking. TBH, I can't imagine you'd have to sell your car to pay for this service, it means your being even more proactive, which in turn breeds positivity, confidence and empowers you. At least if your resumes spot on it's not that. Right I'm off for meditation and a chant, as it appears I've gone new age, translated that means a bacon sarnie and a cuppa, do you see. Ps Just to point out I am not JB's sales guru, she could be a bald guy with a beard, living in India for all I know. Good luck all.
  4. keldaz

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    If you have great interest in what you do for a living, more power to you. I've read all your posts on the current job market, and would have given you more likes, but that would just make me appear like a misery vampire, sitting alone in a darkened room with bloodshot red eyes and snarling teeth 'I need bad news and misery to feed off, where is it?'. When in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
  5. keldaz

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    Do people still invite you to parties JB? Just kidding, knowledge is power!!
  6. keldaz

    Would you still emigrate?

    Mrs keldaz and I have discussed this thread in a little more detail over this long weekend. It started off when I told her l had posted our living standard was the same. She agreed that on the surface in terms of house size, quality of food etc, but said she felt she had lost her true self to the move in terms of career (would be at least a deputy head by now), more surplus money for the things that completed her, shopping, shows and social scene. Next we had a broader chat and we concluded that migration if not a refugee is an investment, and when you invest in something your looking for a return on the amount of investment you put in, based on this we compared ourself to 2 friends who are very happy here. Friend 1, married an Aussie, visa grant time we think 2 months, got job quickly due to other family already here. But if he hadn't found work would not have right to complain, as visa based on marriage. Friend 2. PR visa based on skill set, process time 6 months, left UK with no job, but finds his skills in demand and lands job in 2 weeks $110k per annum (claimed anyway), still there. He was given a 'fair go'. Team keldaz, PR visa based on skill set, 2 year process time, due to Aussies freezing all similar visa. Life in UK totally put on hold, not knowing which way to turn. Arrive in Aus couple of days to acclimatise, then hit the pathway to my trade licence, the response from the people and the system, dunno mate, dunno mate, not our problem. After eventually completing pathway in good grace, there were no jobs anyway. What we didn't know in the UK of course, is that SA has ambitious population expansion plans, the thinking is with more population it can match the economies of the more prosperous states. How they get them, it would appear doesn't matter.
  7. keldaz

    Would you still emigrate?

    Yeah, but it's a great place to nick a bike hey.
  8. keldaz

    Would you still emigrate?

    A very good question JB, despite both our occupations being on the Sol list at the time, like blossum above it's been a career and finance killer. Our standard of living is the same, although we only have one car here instead of one each. The best we could come up with between us was, Ooo arrh um, well, don't know, well yes, probably maybe. Thanks for stumping us and giving us a good laugh.
  9. keldaz

    Interstate Removals - SA to QLD

    As it goes we do, decided we were moving to gold coast, shopped for quotes, averages $7-8k. Looked at truck hire, avis would do it one way at a cost of $2800. Decided to self load, the winners were Pods, website below. I had a search in the office and found paperwork, container size 27m3. Total cost of move $3277.96. Hope that helps. http://www.portableondemandstorage.com.au Ps don't do the truck thing, you can only drive 3 ton on car licence, and they get very unstable if windy.
  10. keldaz

    Statistics - time it takes to find a job

    Congratulations etch, you certainly earned that.
  11. keldaz

    Motorcycle Insurance and MoT

    The V5 doc is called a registration certificate here. Your Uk licience is valid here, as with car. As stated above no mot is required here. Also insurance for property damage not required by law. When you purchase the bike you'll receive the reg cert from seller, the reg will need to be current to start using it on the road. When a vehicle has registration it is automaticly covered by ctp, compulsary third party that covers personal injury. If your only planning on visitingthis is what I'd do. Buy bike, register it to family members name and address, don't bother with extra insurance, unless the bikes super expensive or your not a good rider. If your naughty and cop a speeding ticket from a camera etc, your rellie just passes on your details for the smacked bottom. Nice and easy.
  12. keldaz

    is this financially possible??

    If you want an idea of living costs in Aus compared to Uk, then as guide multiply by 2.2. If your current gross household income is £47k you'll need $103k to match it. If your weekly shop is £100, it'll be $220 here. I also note the amount of questions you've asked in your threads, l'm thinking your applying your methodical coppers brain to solve the mystery, unfortunately migration is not that clinical, any which way your heading for D-day, with related risks.
  13. keldaz

    No words to describe adelaide

    Hi Nelly, sorry to hear of your experiences, especially the dinged car, total pain this early on. All that matters is you find your place and stuff the rest. As to your comment about laughing or crying, easy laugh and fight, laugh and fight till you get it right!
  14. keldaz

    30+ more gone

    I'm not sure introducing drink and drugs to the job market is such a good idea KennyKen
  15. keldaz

    PR with Autistic Son

    Hey shant, the best place to start is Autism SA. All information is available on their website, including a brochure to download. You could start the ball rolling now via email, so your aware of the processes. They are basicly the centre of the web for all help and funding for care, support and home. All the best.

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