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  1. MOGGY

    Shipping Adelaide to UK

    Hi Try this web site. https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/overview Because the bike was brought outside the EU I think you will have to pay VAT and you must report the Import within 14 days of landing on UK soil (NOVA).
  2. MOGGY

    Motorcycle Insurance and MoT

    Hi I hold a full UK Motorcycle Licence. I have none motorcycling family in Adelaide. I want to buy a motorcycle in SA, keep it at my family's home and ride it for a month or two each year. I've contacted several Australian motorcycle insurers and await reply's. Can I get Insurance for a motorcycle in SA on a UK driving licence? Do you have an MoT equivalent in SA? Whats the equivalent to a UK V5? Can a UK citizen hold an Australian V5? Can I put my familys address on the V5 and my name as the owner?

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