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  1. Hi Carley - feel free to join our FB Group - here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/225501984134368/?fref=nf

  2. Hi Diane I'm knew to Adelaide, me. Hubster and Daughter aged 8, she's just started GG primary and Gav is at work now so i'm left looking for a job and trying to meet new people, have met Jo off here (Marc & Jo) and also Angela, just trying to get a feel for things x


    Lisa x

  3. Thanks so much for your advice about our work website at the weekend - I passed it on to the techy guy and it meant he was able to get the site back up and working much quicker than he'd have managed otherwise. Great help, you came up trumps for me once again!

  4. Hi, I was just wondering if i could post my new business on the forum. I am a photographer with over 25 years experience in the newspaper industry. I arrived in Adelaide at the beginning of December, last year (I have taken time out to settle my boys into schools and soccer clubs) and have recently started my own photography business. Over the years I have photographed everything, births, weddings, funerals, most sport events, royalty, government ministers, etc. My website address is http://www.elliemayphotography.com

  5. Hi Diane,

    Is this not all 'advertising by proxy'?

    I suggest you use Telstra's international plan, I pay $5 a month and get calls for 4c a minute. Or am I secretly advertising for Telstra..........


  6. Hi Testit, if you have a look at this thread: http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/renting-real-estate/13621-business-ads-signatures.html it more or less explains the rules and reasoning behind them.


  7. Hi, id like to advertise my services using my signiture, nothing major, just 1 line!

    Is this OK?


  8. Shall we try the chat room?

  9. Hi Diane, can we chat

  10. Hi Diane afraid I've got gall stones problems and been put on a special diet puree vet and fruit, losing loads of weight, but will not be able to enjoy a day out and enjoy the delights of Barossa valley hopefully have an opp soon to sort it all out.


    Have a great time all