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  1. Diane

    Up market areas

    Come and have a look at Highbury - we are next to Linear Park and it's beautiful here. We belong to the local community garden and have got to know lots of neighbours through that. Stonyfell is nice too. If you drop me a message when you arrive, I'd be happy to meet for a coffee with you on a day I'm not working maybe when you are checking areas out.
  2. That's the one I will be going to - mulled wine - mmmmmmm....... sounds much more fun for adults!
  3. Diane

    Food prices

    Central Market is definitely the way to go - especially if you go about an hour before closing on Saturday - not sure what time but think it closes around 3ish - and you can get some real bargains. Making use of the freezer and also things like preserving (I got a second hand preserver and jars from Gumtree) are a great way to make the dollar stretch a little further too. Also independent green grocers tend to be a little cheaper than the supermarkets.
  4. God, I would really struggle with that - I hate sharing my food with anyone! Really hate it in a restaurant when you order a dish and someone else says "yes, that sounds nice, I'll share yours" and have to fight against growling at them "if you want some, order your own!" But back to the OP's question - there is a Medicare/Centrelink office in Modbury, so I would make that one of your first points of call when you arrive and ask then what you can claim. Be advised the claim forms require a PhD in form filling to complete though....
  5. I'll go through my 18-yr old son's drawers this weekend - we've benefitted in the past from other people passing stuff on, so happy to pass on anything that's in good condition. Likewise, don't want anything for it, just glad to see stuff go to a good home. I'll PM you once I've had a sort out.
  6. Diane

    Christmas in July 2016!

    Got a text today from Sferas to say they are doing one - the link given was http://www.shop.sferas.com
  7. Diane


    Try searching for Calisthenics - I think that's what they call it here! Or see if any of these fits the bill https://www.activeactivities.com.au/directory/category/sports/gymnastics/gymnastics-clubs/location/sa/adelaide-region/north-and-north-east-suburbs/mawson-lakes/
  8. My daughter is moving out of her house share in Prospect in the next couple of weeks - depends on what you're looking for but it's a nice house and great for public transport into the city, plus Prospect High Street has supermarkets and stuff nearby. I think she's putting it on flatmates soon but happy to pass on the details to you direct if that's the sort of thing you are looking for.
  9. Diane

    Following the news and other events

    If you have a podcast app, the BBC's "From Our Own Correspondent" is excellent - it's on twice a week (Thursdays and Saturdays) and is a great way to get a quick overview of what's happening in the world as a whole. The News Quiz and The Now Show are a good way to keep up with what the general populace is discussing in terms of politicians and events in the UK too. I bought the International Express here for quite a few years after arriving - not any more though. Oh, and during the Australian election campaign at the moment Something Wonky is an excellent podcast too! They'er doing daily ten minute updates at the moment
  10. Diane

    How cold is cold?!

    We arrived in August and didn't bring many winter-type clothes with us in our luggage - just a word of warning though, by that time all the shops here are stocking summer stuff for the season ahead, so it was quite hard to find warm jumpers to buy. My recommendation is to head for the Op Shops (Charity Shops) as they still had nice warm clothes on the rails! Initially you'll feel fairly warm, and look at the locals kitted up in coats and hats and scarves and gloves, as you wonder around in shorts and t-shirts on a 16 degree day.... but gradually your blood will thin and you'll feel the need of a warm winter fleece and a scarf yourself. I very very rarely wear any of the winter coats I have in my wardrobe, even now....
  11. Diane

    Some good sub news at last!

    Also a very interesting article here https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2016/04/30/bribery-allegations-against-australias-50-billion-submarine-contract-winner/
  12. Diane

    Some good sub news at last!

    But on the other hand, the contract has the first two subs being built in France, not here - smoke and mirrors as usual, trying to protect Tosser Pyne's seat in SA...
  13. Oh Rick, what awful news - Sharon has been one of the most helpful and sensible people on the forum for so many years. Sending you and her my best wishes for strength and support through this difficult time. I'm sure she's fighting as hard as she can, and if anyone has the strength of character to beat this, she does.
  14. Diane

    is this financially possible??

    You can't tar all of Salisbury with the same brush - there are some extremely upmarket areas in Salisbury (Salisbury Heights for example) as well as some at the opposite extreme. There is also Salisbury park, Salisbury North, Salisbury Downs, Salisbury Plain, Salisbury South and Salisbury East.
  15. Diane

    Learning to drive

    It's a signature - you too can set one up if you wish (it's from the Settings option at the top of the page in case you want to) - not a 'sly reference' to anyone in particular or any particular post! And while we're on the topic of reading questions, what's your understanding of the word 'few' because it obviously differs from mine! I'm the mother of one recently qualified driver here in Australia and another on Ls, so I do actually know what I'm talking about on this subject... do you? I know what it's like as a parent when a newly qualified driver takes the car out on their own for the first time, and I know full well that a week and a few extra lessons does not a good driver make. Maybe that makes me an over-protective parent, but ensuring my offspring know how to drive properly protects other drivers on the roads as well as themselves. Over and above my daughter's 75 hours driving experience (and most learners have maybe a dozen paid lessons and the rest is with a family member, so again, a few lessons over here doesn't even begin to match what is considered the required amount of driving experience) I also paid for her to go on a Defensive Driving Course which is something I would recommend to anyone. Car safety has changed a lot since most of us parents learnt to drive, and what we were taught - and would pass on - is not necessarily the right thing to do these days. Putting someone behind the wheel of a car is effectively putting them in charge of a lethal weapon. Not something that should be rushed by any means.

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