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  1. Fair enough. Any opinions on doing airbnb in the first three months?
  2. Thanks a ton NicF and John Browning! I'll be using public transport at least until I'm pretty much cornered into buying a car, and that would depend on the location of the temp / full time job I land, whenever that happens. Both places are exactly equidistant from the CBD, but I'm most probably gonna go with the Fitzroy one. Just one more thing: I've been trying through flatmates and gumtree for a while, but the best deals I got were frankly at Airbnb. If I'm not mistaken Airbnb doesn't count towards rental history right? So in case I go through them will I have substantial problems while looking for a long term rental later on? Should I just stick to Flatmates? (Not a lot of responses for short term rental there, understandably.)
  3. Hi everyone! Finally got my 190! I'm moving to Adelaide at the end of June, and in the process of finalizing my shared accommodation for the first three months. Just wanted an opinion, in terms of quicker access to the CBD, which is a better option: Fitzroy near North Adelaide, or Frewville just off Glen Osmond Road. (Getting a similar deal at both places.) Cheers.
  4. Hi guys, I have received an EOI from South Australia and am about to apply for a PR visa (190). I am a financial investment adviser and my wife is a Buying Manager with an apparel retailer. I wanted to understand the reality of the job situation for our respective fields in Adelaide. I've been reading everywhere of course that NSW has all the relevant jobs, but their skilled migrant list doesn't include our job profiles so we can't think of going there for at least a couple of years. Any information / help would be welcome.

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