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    Hi Kent we moved in to long term rent after 4 weeks initially staying at one of Tamaras properties to give us time to search for something. We had no UK rental history and although we used a local friend as a reference, they actually never contacted her! We rent through Harcourts and we just wrote a supporting statement regarding us and our finances. Seemed to do the trick!
  2. Becks22

    Positive Adelaide Thread

    We haven't been here long but every day we see the ocean, and every day it takes our breath away for different reasons. We are surrounded by wildlife. Lots of people have been super nice and accommodating. The other day, my hubby was fortunate enough to win a free ticket to his first ever crows game (they lost but hey!) which meant he could get on the train for half an hour in to the city for free and back again at the end of the evening. This would never happen in England!! When we want to go shopping, to the beach, to anywhere really, parking is free. 37 years in the UK but feel more settled here in two months than most of those 37 years. Rose tinted glasses are a dangerous thing and there is plenty that is not good as well as England. The other good thing is we have found some real bargains on things, it pays to shop around herery much, plus thanks to a promo, we found ourselves the proud owner of 48 bottles of good wine for free cant be bad!!
  3. Becks22

    how to secure a rental

    We don't arrive until July, but our plan is to go round the agents offices in the areas we like, as I think they must get lots of time wasters emailing, but actually going in and meeting them and discussing your requirements might open more doors. We could be terribly wrong in our approach but face to face is usually best from past experiences of estate agents!
  4. Hi all, the packers are coming on Wednesday to pack our life up and take it away to ship next week! The anxiety levels are pretty high, still chucking the jeyes fluid around etc!! Then we live out of a suitcase for four and a bit weeks before flying out on 2nd July. So assuming it takes a few weeks until we get settled in to a permanent rental, and have sorted out everything we need for our new lives.....does it all settle down after that?! Up until 2 weeks ago I was all chilled and in control, now I struggle to process any thoughts at all! I'm thinking/ hoping that maybe 2 months after arrival life might be a bit calmer? I know it will all be worth it, but I wish I was rich and could have a planner to sort our lives out would love to hear from anyone who is still settling! Although you have been there for a year and not yet settled, don't comment!
  5. Becks22

    'Boomerang Poms' flee Australia's traffic and TV

    I used to live in London. I lived about 3 miles (if that) from my work but the drive would take up to an hour in rush hour traffic. I now live in Norfolk, and have no local buses, trains or tubes! What are these people on about?! We were amazed when we were on our reccie in Adelaide that you could travel on the tram for free in certain locations and the system was really easy to navigate for both buses and trams. We were also amazed by how many dual carriage ways there were on so many roads. Any one who wants to emigrate to sit in a pub after work deserves to go home!!
  6. Becks22

    Rental question

    Thanks Tamara! I could have just emailed you in hindsight!
  7. Becks22

    The Lake

    Wow! That is beautiful!
  8. Becks22

    Rental question

    Hi we are coming over for good in July and plan to rent initially. However, we have sold our UK house (complete next week) so will have funds for when the time is right to buy a property. I've noticed a lot of people post their lease breaks. Is that because it is silly expensive to break a lease over there? I know it can cost here in the Uk but I dont think its huge sums of money, I could be wrong having not rented for over 12 years! Just trying to think about what to do with our money and whether getting a 12 month rental is signing our life away when it is possible after 6-8months we will be ready for our own home? Thanks in advance for any rental advice!
  9. Becks22

    Hello everyone.

    I expect its like most recessions. Some people will really struggle and notice it, others either don't notice it or will even benefit from it in some way (our uk mortgage dropped by 4% overnight which was a huge help). The best thing to do is to plan for the possibility that you wont have work for the first few months, and then if you do you will have some extra savings for other things. We are coming over in July. I don't yet have work, but I'm a nurse so we have got savings to cover us for a while if need be, but people always need care so bound to find something at some point if I still don't have a job lined up when we arrive. We personally didn't find the uk recession had much impact on us, but I did see the effect it had on so many others.
  10. Becks22

    How cold is cold?!

    We have plenty of winter things to bring, thanks to a very chilly spring so far!! Good news is we got our visa grant this morning so now we definitely know what to pack. I wouldn't fancy clothes shopping on arrival. I can think of a million other things to do especially when we have so much to sort out! Plus we have had the winter sales here so all jumpered up on the cheap!
  11. Becks22

    How cold is cold?!

    Hi all, we are hoping to arrive early July, but we are packing up our house at the end of May and living out of suitcases at my parents for June. As a result, we will have to make sure we have summer and winter clothes in the optomistic hope that June in England is warm. How cold is July/ August in Adelaide? Are we talking jumpers and a jacket or full on English winter coats needed? I've looked at the average temperatures from previous years but, for example, its apparently only 15 degrees here today but its quite muggy and I'm rather warm! Not shorts warm but still, wouldn't want much more than a thin jacket, but if the wind was icy, I would! Any advice would help with our packing. We should have a 40kg limit each (4 of us) but I imagine that when you emigrate, this seems like no where near enough compared to a holiday so want to pack as wise as possible! thanks
  12. Becks22

    Count Down

    Good luck with it all! I'm hoping thats us in a couple of months. I'd like to say minus the rain but it is the UK!
  13. There are quite a few steps to take for a 189. Have you had a positive skills assessment, or is that what the ADC do? I'm a nurse and I had to apply to have my skills assessed by AHPRA in order to be eligible for registration, and another assessment by ANMAC in order to have a positive skills assessment solely for the visa. How many points do you estimate you would have for the 189? Waiting for our visa now so have done most of the steps already, but its a mine field! Are you emigrating alone or with partner/ children etc? You may get more answers from poms in oz site as I think I have seen a few dentists on there who would have been through it all.
  14. 189 isn't a sponsorship visa, its a skilled independent visa, so you do it based on your skills etc. You could turn up in Oz on a 189 and do nothing for the rest of your life (if you were super rich!). Is there a reason you want sponsorship or can you go as an independent visa case and just get a job nearer the time?
  15. Becks22

    Paddle Around the Reef.

    I can't wait for our visa to be granted for exactly these sorts of things! Looks great!

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