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  1. masha

    house prices in adelaide

    Hi guys, We are thinking about Burnisde, Linden park or any other suburb which is in the catchment of Glenunga high school. We are aware of current prices however does anyone know if they are still increasing or have they plateaued out?
  2. masha

    mortgage broker

    Dear all, We came to Adelaide a year and a half ago on a 457 skilled migrant visa. We are now looking to buy a house. Would anyone be able to recommend a good mortgage broker? many thanks Masha
  3. masha

    house prices in adelaide

    Hi all, We have recently moved to Adelaide and we are now thinking of buying a house in the eastern suburbs. Does anyone know what is happening with the house prices in the eastern suburbs? Are they going up and what is the forecast for 2018? many thanks masha
  4. Dear all, We came to Adelaide a year and a half ago on a 457 skilled migrant visa. We are now looking to buy a house. Would anyone be able to recommend a good agent who could talk us through the process? And can anyone recommend a good conveyancer? Also did anyone have any experience of getting an exemption certificate for an established dwelling? many thanks Masha
  5. Hi, Do you remember if you applied for an approval for a specific property or did you get an exemption certificate which would last for 6 months. many thanks masha
  6. Dr Hinkley at Golden Way Medical Centre (IPN centre close to Golden Grove village) is very very good. He is well trained UK GP, experienced (but not too old), always listens, I like him a lot, he also has good reviews on google. I hope it helps. masha
  7. masha


    thank you very much for all replies.
  8. masha


    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good brand of hoover which is good for carpets and for cleaning laminate flooring as well? Maria
  9. Hi all We are looking at houses in the Wynn Vale and Golden Grove areas of the city. Does anyone have any experience with these primary schools, they appear to be very similar on paper but anyone's personal experience of these schools would be greatly appreciated. Also are there any playgroups/toddlers groups that anyone can recommend in either of these two areas. Many thanks Maria
  10. masha

    booster seat for 6 years old

    thank you very much for all of the replies we eventually got one from Big W
  11. masha

    how to secure a rental

    Hi all, We have recently arrived in Adelaide and we are trying to get a long term rental in the Golden Grove or Wynn vale areas. We sent a few on-line requests to agents to view the properties but received very few replies. We liked one particular property and we were trying to arrange a viewing however the agent did not reply to our phone messages or emails and before a date was set for the opening the property was taken off the market. Are we missing a trick here? Is there a way of securing a property without going through the formal process? Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Maria
  12. masha

    government charges when buying a new car

    hi All, many thanks for your replies, it's very helpful, would you also be able to recommend any particular insurer or a broker? thank you.
  13. Hi all, we are relocating to Adelaide in 2 days time and will be staying in North Adelaide to start with. We are planning to buy a car but would you be able to recommend a place, ideally not far from CBD or North Adelaide where we could get a booster seat for our 6 years old. thank you
  14. Hi all, We are relocating to Adelaide next week and we want to purchase a new car. On the website we saw a reasonably priced demo car but the cost is described as excluding governmental charges. Does anyone know what these charges actually are, is it stamp duty/VAT? and how much they will be? many thanks Maria

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