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  1. We used Harrow removals and were very happy with them. It was 3 years ago now though and I can’t remember how much they charged.
  2. Jacaranda season

    This made me smile. My mother in law is always complaining about the mess the Jacarandas make and she doesn't really have any around her house. Apparently they used to have one in their garden when my OH was growing up and I don't think she's ever got over having to clean up the mess from it.
  3. Driving

    My OH does this (he's from Adelaide) and it used to drive me nuts in the UK. I think it's because if a road goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane generally it's the left hand lane that ends and you have to merge to the right and given how rubbish drivers are at letting you in people tend to stick in the right hand lane.
  4. Pension and UK Banks

    It doesn't matter whether you keep your money in the UK or move it here, the tax treatment is the same. If you are a permanent resident you have to declare your world wide income and will be taxed on it accordingly. I believe if you are a temporary resident you don't get taxed on world wide income, but I'm not sure if that applies to all temporary visas and if provisional visas count as temporary or not. Worth getting advice if you fall in to the non permanent visa category. The only other potential tax implications are on any foreign exchange gains you may make if you leave the money in the UK for a period of time then bring it over. Unless you have a rather large amount of money say in the UK this is not likely to be a factor. If you already have a UK bank account before moving you can keep it when you move to Australia. If you are looking at opening an account in the UK from Australia I believe this is almost impossible now. Might be worth having a look on our sister site Poms in Oz as I'm sure the same question has been asked on there before (probably several times as well).
  5. I'm totally fair dinkum now

    Congratulations. I keep thinking I should really get my Australian citizenship but just never seem to get round to it. My OH was in the UK 12 years before he got UK citizenship. We've been here 5.5 years so I've got a way to go before he can start giving me a hard time about not having got it yet. Given that there will probably be changes introduce to citizenship eligibility next July I should probably get round to it sooner rather than later.
  6. Haven't used any of those - they were significantly more expensive than the local only outfits when I did the online estimate thing that most of them seemed to have. It's been over 3 years since we moved but we used Harrow removals who were excellent.
  7. Expired Passport

    Yes. All citizenship applications from April 20th were put on hold while some legislation to change the requirements went through parliament. This legislation was defeated just a short while ago and at that point DBIP started processing applications again. Given that there would be around 6 months worth of applications submitted and not processed the waiting times have blown out significantly.
  8. Stirling market

    I'm sold. Just got to sort the logistics now.
  9. Stirling market

    Might have to try and find a way to go to this. Me and the kids are heading over to the UK for a couple of weeks in December and I want to take a few gifts with me for family. The market sounds like an excellent place to find something.
  10. Jacaranda season

    I love Jacaranders. They don't seem quite so full on or something this year though. Still stunning, I just wish the blooms lasted for longer.
  11. Expired Passport

    The new rules have been defeated and applications are being processed under the existing rules, which require you to have lived here for 4 years with one year as PR.. Assuming you have not left the country for more than 12 months in that 7 years you have been here you should be eligible for citizenship now.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I've moved your post because it's not really a rental available, but if you look through that section you may find a suitable short term let. Alternatively have a look at air BnB or or just google self catering holiday accomodation. For a longer term let have a look on Most long term lets require you to go and view in person before you can rent them so you are best to take a holiday let somewhere for a couple of weeks while you find somewhere longer term. Use google maps to check where areas are in relation to the city. You can also use it to find public transport options.
  13. Where to live?

    North Adelaide or Norwood would be ideal. Glenelg is a little further, and certainly not walking distance, but I would imagine would be pretty quick on the tram. Have a look on the Adelaide metro site for actual timetables to get a sense of just how long it would take. To get an idea of properties have a look on the site for rentals. As always I would recommend getting a holiday let for the first two or three weeks and having a look round the different areas for yourself. There is no substitute for visiting an area in person and seeing what it is like for yourself.
  14. Norwood Morialta High School

    I have one son currently at the middle campus and will be heading to the senior campus next year and another son due to start at the middle campus next year. The youngest will be walking to school and the eldest will be catching a bus. Lots of kids here catch the bus to school, especially when they get to the senior years (unless they have a car in which case they might drive themselves to school). The campuses are fairly close, but not really walking distance from each other. Probably less than 5 minutes in the car without traffic. Both campuses are on various bus routes and one bus goes past both campuses. Have a look at the locations of the school on Google Maps. As Snifter says the school is zoned but they do take students out of zone if they have places. They also have a number of programs for entry in year 8 that are by selection and are open to students living out of the school zone. When does your 12 year old turn 13? This will determine whether he will be in year 7 or year 8. If he turns 13 before May then he would be in year 8, after that then year 7. There is some flexibility with ages though and you could work with the schools to work out which year level would be best for your son. If your youngest did end up in primary school the closest primary schools to Norwood Morialta High School are probably Stradbroke Primary and Magill Primary. Stradbroke is zoned and I think Magill is too, but out of zone entry to year 7 would probably depend on if they had space in the year 7 classes.
  15. School advice - Melbourne

    Welcome to the forum. Given that this is a Poms in Adelaide site most of us on here are in Adelaide, or looking to move to Adelaide, so are probably not going to be much help finding schools in Melbourne. You might want to try posting the same question over on our Poms in Oz site.