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  1. While teachers posts are hard to come by I know of several schools that have struggled or are currently struggling to find decent head teachers. I think most are high schools but I know of a primary school that is also having issues. I don't know where your wife would stand with getting one of these jobs though.
  2. Central Business Distrcit. It's basically the city centre, which in Adelaide is about 1 km (or mile - can't remember which) square surrounded by parklands so a very clearly defined area.
  3. Hi Ali Have a chat with @Andrew from Vista Financial. He posts on here a fair bit and is all over the new pension rules. He may see this post and respond but if not try giving him a call. I haven't used him for pension stuff but did get our mortgage through Vista and was happy with the service.
  4. I have heard good things about ING over on Poms in Oz. I believe you can use either all or some ATMs free of charge. As they are an online bank you don't get branches but you can go and do various banking transactions at the post office. I've considered them myself and probably would go with them if we ever moved our mortgage anywhere that didn't have an offset account.
  5. Any of the big 4 banks will allow you to open an account from the UK - Westpac, NAB, Commonwealth and ANZ. You can use any ATM you like but you will be charged if you use one that doesn't belong to your bank or isn't partnered with your bank. I don't find this an issue but if you were a bit remote you might want to pick a bank with ATMs near you. Remember though that you can always switch banks once here and I would recommend at least looking in to some of the other options once here. We started out with ANZ but switched when they started charging us a monthly fee on our account. We moved to the Commonwealth because we have our mortgage with them.
  6. Your post is way too long to read fully but my advice would be to contact a MARA registered agent. I didn't use an agent but I believe Go Matilda are good or there are a few that post over on our sister site Poms In Oz that are all good.
  7. @flossybeth our front garden is South facing but due to the slope doesn't get any shade from the house so is in the sun pretty much all day. I have roses, agapanthus's, a dwarf lemon tree, a dwarf orange tree, rosemary and chillies that all thrive in it. I've also got a box hedge at the front but this does get a little shade from the tree on the footpath. We do have an in ground watering system that is on for an hour a week in summer (in 20 minute bursts over 3 days but used to be all on one day), but other than that I don't really do any additional watering. We were away one year over summer when there was 5 days over 40C and the front garden was looking nearly as good when we got back as when we left.
  8. The eastern suburbs don't have a train line because the furthest suburbs are just 20 minutes drive to the city (less when it's quiet). It's a bit longer on the bus with the stops but not that much. I live at the eastern end of Rostrevor (check it on google maps) and usually get to work on Currie Street in the CBD in about half an hour driving half way and catching the bus the rest of the way, leaving at about 7am. Any of the suburbs closer to the city than us would mean getting there even quicker. If you were to live in one of the suburbs surrounding the CBD you could potentially walk to work. As mentioned above the North Eastern suburbs are served by the O-Bahn which is basically a bus on rails but the bus keeps going at the end. My OH is a business analyst and has only been out of work for a total of about 3 months since we moved here 4 and a half years ago. He was working on fixed term contracts for a while but now has a permenant job working for a company that is actually based in Melbourne. There isn't a massive IT scene here, and a lot of what is here is within government departments, but there is work. Be aware though that not all IT work is in the CBD. My OH's first job was out at Mawson Lakes, he turned down a job in North Adelaide and nearly got one at the airport. I'm pretty sure the RAA have an IT department out at Mile End or somewhere around there and there are quite a few places on the outskirts of the city.
  9. I would forget the idea of trying to identify a suburb to line from the UK without visiting. While you might think a suburb is perfect on paper you might find that it just doesn't feel right when you get here. I had been on holiday several times before moving, staying near the beach most times and I never felt like I could live here until we stayed in North Adelaide (the suburb). For some reason the beach side suburbs just don't feel like home to me but the more eastern suburbs do. Until you have visited a suburb you can't be sure if you will actually feel right there or not. I would arrange to rent some holiday accommodation near the city and have a good look around to see which places feel most right to you. Obviously it's possible to create a short list of potential suburbs, or rule some out on the basis of cost or commute, but I don't think you can really be certain of where to settle until you have been there. As for ruling places out you could start by looking at what you could get to rent for your budget by looking at Also look at house prices though as you don't want to settle somewhere you love only to find you can't afford to buy anything you would want to live in when the time comes. Check out commute times, both by car and by public transport, on Google maps. All the bus and train times are accurate and the commute times are pretty close if you select the time of day you want to travel. Note that the time of day or the day you travel can make a massive difference. We recently drove from our house to the airport on a public holiday in 20 minutes. This is a trip that requires us to go straight through the city centre. On a normal work day, that trip during rush hour would probably take over an hour. I can't comment on childcare as my kids were a fair bit older when we moved. You can look at possible schools by looking at There are other sites but this is the official government one. This site is good because it gives you an idea of things like the size of the school, the socioeconomic status of the children at the school and how the Naplan results compare with other schools with similar socioeconomic statuses. It also gives a link to the zone for the school, if there is one. If a school has a zone you have to live in it to guarantee getting a place at the school.
  10. Depends on the layout of the house. We have a long thin house where the rear is north facing but we have an opening louvre pergola on the back so we can block the sun in summer when it's hot and let it in in winter. The west facing part of our house is more of a problem but we have our laundry and bathrooms on that side and no windows in the family room or living room on the west to avoid letting the hot afternoon sun in to the main rooms.
  11. If you have chronic conditions then yes it's worth getting your records from your current GP. Although it is possible to visit any GP you want to lots of people do just keep going back to the same practise all the time. At the place I go a new patient has to have a longer (and more expensive) appointment so the Drs can get a full history before dealing with the issue you have gone about. Being able to visit any practise means that if you don't like the first place you go to you can try somewhere different. Or, in my OHs case, if you go to Melbourne for work and forget to take your tablets with you you can go to the nearest GP and get some more.
  12. It's interesting that this doesn't seem to have been picked up by any of the news articles. One of the arguments for the change is that having to pay fees up front puts people off accessing University, but I would imagine paying full fees and coming out with a large loan would be just as off putting to many people. Just as a side note @erobertson I would be surprised if you could not get a place on a course as a full fee paying student. Once things have settled down a bit and the University's have had a chance to work out what the changes mean you should contact the Uni to see if you would still be eligible for a place. Assuming you still want to go with the increase in fees you would have to pay.
  13. Hi Nic, just read your thread re motivation for going over to OZ. Had to drop you a message to say im also flying out in july with my hubbie and 2 children. We currently live in sheffield but my hubbie is from Rotherham!! What a coincidence x