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  1. For cycling I'd actually recommend somewhere along the Torrens. That would bring you right to the back of Adelaide Uni. Not sure why you want a train station near by - if you are going to be 30 minutes by bike then a bus route would be quick enough. I'd only be considering train stations if I lived further out than a 30 minute bike ride (unless you ride super quick). If you go North East along the Torrens you could make use of the O-Bahn, which is basically a bus on rails. As I always suggest, I would get a short term rental somewhere central and have a drive round a few places to get a feel for them. What seems to tick all the boxes on paper doesn't always feel right when you get there.
  2. I agree North Adelaide is lovely and would happily live there myself given enough money. My advice would be to arrange a short term rental for 2 to 3 weeks for when you first arrive and have a good look round at different areas.
  3. Sheffield isn't that small. Personally I find navigating around Adelaide centre much easier than Sheffield city centre, but that could just be because I've spent far more time in Adelaide CBD than the centre of Sheffield (I'm from Rotherham and would choose to shop at Meadowhall rather than Sheffield but have done a few trips to the city centre over the years). To get an idea of house prices have a look at New builds in Glenelg or Brighton are likely to be subdivisions rather than large new estates but the trend here is to knock older houses down and rebuild so there are likely to be some new builds around.
  4. For advice on visas you should talk to a MARA registered migration agent. Immigration are well known for giving out incorrect migration advise.
  5. It doesn't really matter who you go with as it all depends on who turns up to do your packing on the day. Not all companies have employees that do this - some use contractors - and even those that have employees will have a fair few and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a fairly high staff turnover industry.
  6. My eldest son does one at Lochiel Park. He runs it in just over 21 minutes so we go for a walk along the river while he's doing it rather than make him wait the additional 20 minutes plus it would take one of us to do it. It's a great event and the abilities range from super fast and fit (there are a couple of guys that go and run it again after they have finished), to those that pretty much just walk the 5km. There are usually a few babies or toddlers in pushchairs, a few kids running with parents and a fair few people running with dogs. Certainly worth having a go at. My son did the City-Bay last year and the Bay-City earlier this year. He intends to do the City-Bay again and this has just reminded me we need to get him registered.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid I can't really help with your query because I don't know enough about how things work in schools here, but good luck with it all. Have you already got your visas applied for?
  8. While teachers posts are hard to come by I know of several schools that have struggled or are currently struggling to find decent head teachers. I think most are high schools but I know of a primary school that is also having issues. I don't know where your wife would stand with getting one of these jobs though.
  9. Central Business Distrcit. It's basically the city centre, which in Adelaide is about 1 km (or mile - can't remember which) square surrounded by parklands so a very clearly defined area.
  10. Hi Ali Have a chat with @Andrew from Vista Financial. He posts on here a fair bit and is all over the new pension rules. He may see this post and respond but if not try giving him a call. I haven't used him for pension stuff but did get our mortgage through Vista and was happy with the service.
  11. I have heard good things about ING over on Poms in Oz. I believe you can use either all or some ATMs free of charge. As they are an online bank you don't get branches but you can go and do various banking transactions at the post office. I've considered them myself and probably would go with them if we ever moved our mortgage anywhere that didn't have an offset account.
  12. Any of the big 4 banks will allow you to open an account from the UK - Westpac, NAB, Commonwealth and ANZ. You can use any ATM you like but you will be charged if you use one that doesn't belong to your bank or isn't partnered with your bank. I don't find this an issue but if you were a bit remote you might want to pick a bank with ATMs near you. Remember though that you can always switch banks once here and I would recommend at least looking in to some of the other options once here. We started out with ANZ but switched when they started charging us a monthly fee on our account. We moved to the Commonwealth because we have our mortgage with them.
  13. Your post is way too long to read fully but my advice would be to contact a MARA registered agent. I didn't use an agent but I believe Go Matilda are good or there are a few that post over on our sister site Poms In Oz that are all good.
  14. @flossybeth our front garden is South facing but due to the slope doesn't get any shade from the house so is in the sun pretty much all day. I have roses, agapanthus's, a dwarf lemon tree, a dwarf orange tree, rosemary and chillies that all thrive in it. I've also got a box hedge at the front but this does get a little shade from the tree on the footpath. We do have an in ground watering system that is on for an hour a week in summer (in 20 minute bursts over 3 days but used to be all on one day), but other than that I don't really do any additional watering. We were away one year over summer when there was 5 days over 40C and the front garden was looking nearly as good when we got back as when we left.
  15. The eastern suburbs don't have a train line because the furthest suburbs are just 20 minutes drive to the city (less when it's quiet). It's a bit longer on the bus with the stops but not that much. I live at the eastern end of Rostrevor (check it on google maps) and usually get to work on Currie Street in the CBD in about half an hour driving half way and catching the bus the rest of the way, leaving at about 7am. Any of the suburbs closer to the city than us would mean getting there even quicker. If you were to live in one of the suburbs surrounding the CBD you could potentially walk to work. As mentioned above the North Eastern suburbs are served by the O-Bahn which is basically a bus on rails but the bus keeps going at the end. My OH is a business analyst and has only been out of work for a total of about 3 months since we moved here 4 and a half years ago. He was working on fixed term contracts for a while but now has a permenant job working for a company that is actually based in Melbourne. There isn't a massive IT scene here, and a lot of what is here is within government departments, but there is work. Be aware though that not all IT work is in the CBD. My OH's first job was out at Mawson Lakes, he turned down a job in North Adelaide and nearly got one at the airport. I'm pretty sure the RAA have an IT department out at Mile End or somewhere around there and there are quite a few places on the outskirts of the city.