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  1. Welcome to the forum. I've moved your post because it's not really a rental available, but if you look through that section you may find a suitable short term let. Alternatively have a look at air BnB or or just google self catering holiday accomodation. For a longer term let have a look on Most long term lets require you to go and view in person before you can rent them so you are best to take a holiday let somewhere for a couple of weeks while you find somewhere longer term. Use google maps to check where areas are in relation to the city. You can also use it to find public transport options.
  2. Where to live?

    North Adelaide or Norwood would be ideal. Glenelg is a little further, and certainly not walking distance, but I would imagine would be pretty quick on the tram. Have a look on the Adelaide metro site for actual timetables to get a sense of just how long it would take. To get an idea of properties have a look on the site for rentals. As always I would recommend getting a holiday let for the first two or three weeks and having a look round the different areas for yourself. There is no substitute for visiting an area in person and seeing what it is like for yourself.
  3. Norwood Morialta High School

    I have one son currently at the middle campus and will be heading to the senior campus next year and another son due to start at the middle campus next year. The youngest will be walking to school and the eldest will be catching a bus. Lots of kids here catch the bus to school, especially when they get to the senior years (unless they have a car in which case they might drive themselves to school). The campuses are fairly close, but not really walking distance from each other. Probably less than 5 minutes in the car without traffic. Both campuses are on various bus routes and one bus goes past both campuses. Have a look at the locations of the school on Google Maps. As Snifter says the school is zoned but they do take students out of zone if they have places. They also have a number of programs for entry in year 8 that are by selection and are open to students living out of the school zone. When does your 12 year old turn 13? This will determine whether he will be in year 7 or year 8. If he turns 13 before May then he would be in year 8, after that then year 7. There is some flexibility with ages though and you could work with the schools to work out which year level would be best for your son. If your youngest did end up in primary school the closest primary schools to Norwood Morialta High School are probably Stradbroke Primary and Magill Primary. Stradbroke is zoned and I think Magill is too, but out of zone entry to year 7 would probably depend on if they had space in the year 7 classes.
  4. School advice - Melbourne

    Welcome to the forum. Given that this is a Poms in Adelaide site most of us on here are in Adelaide, or looking to move to Adelaide, so are probably not going to be much help finding schools in Melbourne. You might want to try posting the same question over on our Poms in Oz site.
  5. Adelaide Hills

    Adelaide Hills kind of covers rather a large area and there are lots of potential places to live in them, some more isolated than others. Most of the Hills areas I'm familiar with are the tiny little places that are not much more than a couple of houses, so probably not much help. We dream about moving to somewhere like Teringie because it is just a small collection of houses not too far from the city and suburbs and relatively close to where we are at the moment. I also quite like Norton Summit, but that's a bit further out. Some places to consider are places like Aldgate or Stirling and surrounding areas. I don't think there are any areas of the Hills to avoid, but some areas will be more to your tastes than others. You will be limited to an extent by whether you can find anywhere to rent in the areas you are thinking of. Do you have children and do you need to consider schools? There are school buses for some areas of the hills close to the suburbs that bring the kids down to the schools. Other areas have there own schools of various sizes. The best thing to do is rent somewhere when you first get here and have a drive around and see which areas you like and feel right.
  6. Places to Stay

    I wouldn't write airbnb off completely. We stayed in a lovely house through airbnb, just outside the CBD. Not cheap (insurance company were paying) but very well set up for a holiday stay. We also stayed in an apartment actually in the CBD just off Rundle Street, also through airbnb. We've also used it for accommodation in the UK, elsewhere in SA and Port Douglas. is another website worth having a look at. I prefer airbnb these days though as you have the reviews section and if a place is not suitable you can call them and they will find you an alternative place to stay. Alternatively have a look at the accommodation section on here. @Tamara (Homes Down Under) has several places for rent and may have something suitable for your dates. I believe her places are around the Port Noarlunga area, so not really central for exploring all of the different areas around Adelaide, but a lovely area to be in.
  7. Where to rent - North, South, East, West?

    For cycling I'd actually recommend somewhere along the Torrens. That would bring you right to the back of Adelaide Uni. Not sure why you want a train station near by - if you are going to be 30 minutes by bike then a bus route would be quick enough. I'd only be considering train stations if I lived further out than a 30 minute bike ride (unless you ride super quick). If you go North East along the Torrens you could make use of the O-Bahn, which is basically a bus on rails. As I always suggest, I would get a short term rental somewhere central and have a drive round a few places to get a feel for them. What seems to tick all the boxes on paper doesn't always feel right when you get there.
  8. North Adelaide, Croydon or somewhere else?

    I agree North Adelaide is lovely and would happily live there myself given enough money. My advice would be to arrange a short term rental for 2 to 3 weeks for when you first arrive and have a good look round at different areas.
  9. Adelaide or Melbourne

    Sheffield isn't that small. Personally I find navigating around Adelaide centre much easier than Sheffield city centre, but that could just be because I've spent far more time in Adelaide CBD than the centre of Sheffield (I'm from Rotherham and would choose to shop at Meadowhall rather than Sheffield but have done a few trips to the city centre over the years). To get an idea of house prices have a look at New builds in Glenelg or Brighton are likely to be subdivisions rather than large new estates but the trend here is to knock older houses down and rebuild so there are likely to be some new builds around.
  10. Remaining relative visa

    For advice on visas you should talk to a MARA registered migration agent. Immigration are well known for giving out incorrect migration advise.
  11. It doesn't really matter who you go with as it all depends on who turns up to do your packing on the day. Not all companies have employees that do this - some use contractors - and even those that have employees will have a fair few and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a fairly high staff turnover industry.
  12. Parkrun

    My eldest son does one at Lochiel Park. He runs it in just over 21 minutes so we go for a walk along the river while he's doing it rather than make him wait the additional 20 minutes plus it would take one of us to do it. It's a great event and the abilities range from super fast and fit (there are a couple of guys that go and run it again after they have finished), to those that pretty much just walk the 5km. There are usually a few babies or toddlers in pushchairs, a few kids running with parents and a fair few people running with dogs. Certainly worth having a go at. My son did the City-Bay last year and the Bay-City earlier this year. He intends to do the City-Bay again and this has just reminded me we need to get him registered.
  13. Safeguarding jobs in Schools?

    Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid I can't really help with your query because I don't know enough about how things work in schools here, but good luck with it all. Have you already got your visas applied for?
  14. Feeling overwhelmed!

    While teachers posts are hard to come by I know of several schools that have struggled or are currently struggling to find decent head teachers. I think most are high schools but I know of a primary school that is also having issues. I don't know where your wife would stand with getting one of these jobs though.
  15. Feeling overwhelmed!

    Central Business Distrcit. It's basically the city centre, which in Adelaide is about 1 km (or mile - can't remember which) square surrounded by parklands so a very clearly defined area.