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  1. Tax on money transfer

    Yes @NicF makes sense. Thank you
  2. Tax on money transfer

    Thank you @Andrew from Vista Financial
  3. Tax on money transfer

    @Heisenberg thank you for the feedback, appreciate it. Congrats on your move to Adelaide and all the best to you. I would like to catch up with you with some more queries as you would be the best person to advise since you recently moved to Oz and were in UAE too. What made you choose Commonwaealth Bank? On which visa did you migrate? How did you arrange for an accommodation? I hope things are shaping up the way you want them to. To be honest I will develop cold feet when the time comes.
  4. Tax on money transfer

  5. How do I go about it?

    Thank you @snifter and yes our thoughts are alike on the type of suburb we would like which is exactly described by you below, so could you please suggest a few suburbs that would tick these boxes?
  6. Hello, If all goes well, then my family and I are planning to move to Adelaide in the month of Aug - Sept 2018 and have a few concerns / questions on money transfers. can one open a bank account from overseas, i.e. before arriving in Adelaide? If so then how do we go about it? (Money transfer from UAE, Qatar) any recommendations on banks? Some with low service charges etc? is the transferred money taxed? If so then what % Appreciate any other additional info that you may think is useful. Thank you. KPG
  7. How do I go about it?

    Hi Guys, Well by God's grace things seem to be progressing well and hopefully if we clear our Health Check then we seem to inch closer in acquiring a 489 Visa and considering it would take 5 to 6 months i.e. May - June we should have our visa in our hand. If things go as per plan then we intend doing our landing in Sept - Oct 2018 but I have many queries on how to go about it? We are a family of 4 (2 children aged 9 and 4) which suburb in Adelaide do we decide to live in and what should be the criteria while choosing a suburb ? (close proximity to the city, schools, public transport etc) considering that there wont be any income when we reach, what is the monthly outgoing should we expect? We plan to rent 2 bedroom apartment / house. can my children get admissions in a government school? ( i know it wont be free as I am on a 489 visa) and what would the fee structure be like? (Grade 6 and Grade 1) what is the best way to scout for jobs? appreciate if anyone can share a template of CV's that are normally followed. are rental properties normally furnished or unfurnished? can we get a short term rental where we can be flexible to move out once we decide on the suburb we want to live in? I would also appreciate any additional info that you think can be useful, like from your own experiences, lessons learnt, do's and don'ts etc. Thank you. KPG