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  1. Hi Gary, $500 per week Pictures are at the following http://www.onthehouse.com.au/10215293/2a_don_ave_seacliff_park_sa_5049 Cheers
  2. Breaking lease to as we have just purchaced a new house House will be available 9th Feb 2018 - unfurnished Great modern 3 bedroom house - it has been a great base for us here in Seacliff - Double electric garage - small rear courtyard and low maintenance (landlord maintains) very clean and modern house 3 decent size bedrooms - excellent ensuite and walking WR for main bedroom - Loads of storage in house Walking distance to Seacliff Primary - close to shops (Woodland/Bakery/Chemist/ Bottlo) - 10 min walk to Seacliff beach / Hotel Seacliff Surfy & Sailing club and great parks Feel free to contact me if you require further info and pictures rgds Gary
  3. Hi All, Any recommends and rough costs for removal company for move from rental 3 bedroom house in Seacliff park to kingston park (not too far) So far we have had quotes of around $90 per hour for 2 blokes and tail lift truck which seemed pretty reasonable to me but wondered if there are some companies her in adelaide that you can recommend? Much appreciated

    Good news if transferring money

    AUD $2 to the £1 at present...going great guns... FYI.. getting better rate on HIFX than other FX companies

    Help / Advice - 2 month to go before we emigrate

    FYI.. we have booked with Singapore (for arrival in Sept) and they came out cheapest direct....but... they have stopped doing the migrant 40Kg allowance.. eventhough I rang and showed them PRV status etc.. they said that the 40kg offer no longer existed I was told by our shipping agent (Anglo Pacific) that they could arrange flights with quantas which would be cheaper and have more baggage allowance...but I had already booked ages ago with SA.. tbh.. when we came out on the recce last Nov with the 30kg each.. it was a struggle to cart this amount about.. especially with a 5yr (at the time) who had no interest in wheeling her trunki about.. Cant fault Singapore airlines.. fly with them quite often with work..another tip which might be useful if you are selecting seats is to use seatguru.com..handy tool of you are unsure of the seatplan layout and also lets you know which seats to avoid..i.e right next to toilets... large entertainmnet system blocking your leg room.. etc..etc
  6. Hi, Looking for short term accomodation for the above availabilty dates - should be arriving around the 25th Sept and would require approx a month stay to search for long term rental - ideal areas are from seacliff all the way up as far as Semephore - We stayed in West beach during our recce and def love these areas - but for the short term accom we just require somewhere suitable distance from these areas for a base Looked on Stayz etc but look very pricey much appreciated Gary
  7. Thanks Flossybeth will certainly look into these... We are based in west beach but don't mind the trek if it's a good spot rgds Gary
  8. Hi All, Can anyone suggest a good place for a BBQ with some friends this weekend that has BBQ facilities - I would prefer a beach location but anyone got any fave parks / locations? cheers Gary

    Getting there!

    Hi Berries, I also had to get 8's in the IELTs (what a pain that was).. there is alot of help on the internet and even people on the Youtube with instructional videos - the hardest I thought was the writing! - I had to write loads of practice essays and letters before going in for the second time -I also googled IELTs practice papers on the net and found plenty of useful sites which had dummy papers... My 1st attempt i scored 2 x 9s (1 in speaking and 1 Reading) - 8.5 in listening (typical bloke no listening skills let e down there!!! lol) ... but only 7.5 in the writing!! doh!.. so consequently had to sign up for another attempt... But thankfully the second attempt I scored 2 x 9s 1 x 8.5 and the 8 for writing!!... most chuffed I really would practice loads and even the listening and reading tests - i found the 'true / false / not given' part of the test sometimes quite tricky... again keep going over practice papers I even bought one of these biros that you could rub out - and was very glad I did as there were a couple of sentences which i didnt like and simply rubbed them out rather that the untidy crossing out - really watch the time too...I did the essay 1st and stopped when the 40mins was up then went on to the letter - this has to be completed in 20mins - also try and make sure you have a good read through the letters and essays.. they really go to town for grammar.. Again.. loads of useful info on the net... but dont fall into the trap that because its our native language.. its easy.. many of the foreign students probably do better in the essays and letter as they prob have studied the grammar....its been over 30 yrs since I was last at school...so it really was a shake up for those cobwebs in my brain!! Hope this helps Gary

    E cigarettes

    Agree with V Bird..laods of cr*p ones on 'tinternet - if you have people working abroad maybe they can get you the nicotine refills Paris CDG even has a shop selling nothing but them - and as for saving you money..... I reckon it will save you a hell of alot more (your health) and def your wallet (i know in the UK they are getting over £8.50 for pack of 20!!).....if eventually you can kick the habit using these... I know it has helped me and many of my mates no longer partake in puffing on tabs cheers Gary

    E cigarettes

    Hi Nobby, I am also a great advocate of them too.... I work in an enivornment where most of the guys used to smoke and when some of the guys from the US arrived to work 6 months ago they brought their e cig / electronic shisha ' esq devices with them Within a month pretty much all the smokers who went onto these type of electronic cigs -gave up the real ones!! - the ones we had, came with glycerine top up bottles with a multitude of flavours (apple my fave) and also a multitude of nicotine levels -so we started on the higher levels and gradually reduced the nicotine strength. The good thing about these shisha type cigs, is that you still get that hit in your lungs! (yes I know still bad for you) but not nearly as bad as the tar / salt peter / arsnic, wood shavings , tree bark and all the other cr*p that are in real cigs - and the proof was certainly in the pudding, as after 6 months after 1st getting those electronic devices - all the guys have given up... most have even stopped using the device.... all good if you ask me.. and your clothes dont stink like an ash tray!! Governments will of course try to put the mockers on these as they will be loosing heaps of tax revenue of cigarettes and baccy - but I am sure they will gain this (IMO) from decrease in smoking related diseases in the health system. The one I had was a shisha type pen looking cig and you could adjust the voltage on the battery unit to give you more vapour (hit)...again I am not sure if you are able to get these and with the nicotine top up bottles in Oz- but there are plenty on line Cheers Gary

    10 must things to do / see in Adelaide this November

    Hi Sarah, We have found a nice looking place in West beach..looks like a good enough spot to mount the reccie from Think thats the difficulty,, getting around to do all of those important jobs and try and rush around to attempt to see as many 'burbs / schools as possible.. and not make it too boring for the 'dustbin lids' and as AN states above, we should try and not be the 'tourist' and do the things that you would be doing everyday once you are here for good.. but will be hard as we will still be like kids in a candy store..trying to soak as much as poss. Central market sounds great... (really like my grub!!) and Cleland park sounds great to entertain our little girl Cant wait!!

    What have you done today to get yourself to Aus?

    Thanks Snifter, (apologies for the late reply.. busy at work.. earning the coin to pay for all of this!!) Anyway found a great looking place on West beach (well I hope it is!!.. LOl.. booked with STAYZ.. ) we will have the hire car and really looking forward to checking out Adelaide and the surrounding 'burbs and city Just the checking out the car rental options now..(booking this in Melbourne.. as we will be doing the drive to and from Mel to Adelaide)

    migration agent recommendation

    Hi We used the Australia Migration company - Lee Bromfield (based in Manchaester) just google them (cant put the details on here otherwise the moderators will remove) - or pm me if you have diffuculties finding it They were really good and never had any bother (we are living in Aberdeen and never once had to see them) everything done by e mail and the post - my mate used them (hence us using them) and he is now living in Briz and we have just recently been approved for SS 190 in July - off on our reccie in Nov Lee used to be a case officer when they they had a Australian Consulate in Manchester but this office closed in 2000 I would thoroughly recomend Lee and his staff at AMCo Hope this helps Best of luck Gary
  15. Hi Doc We are currently in Kingswells and heading off for a month Recce in Nov and to activate the visas..(should be in Adelaide from 10th to 25th) we got SS 190 PR visa When are you looking at heading over fulltime? good luck Gary

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