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  1. Citizenship Applied

    Hello Friends Good Morning to All.. Just a question, Can we travel Overseas after apply for citizenship? I applied mine almost 3 months ago and until now no Test date even. Now I have to travel overseas later this year in Oct-Nov and I don't no whether by that time I will get my Citizenship or not? Travel is a requirement which I can't postponed but as still almost 8 months left and Status of my application is 'Received' what would you say? I need advice from people having a similar experience if they could please share with me. Thanks Krazzy10
  2. Hello Guys. Recently i got my passport renewed and now i was wondering how to update about new passport details to DIBP so that there shouldn't be any issue when i travel again in future? And if anyone knows how it works, would be great to brief please? I read somewhere we can do it online through IMMi Account. Yes i do have that as when i filed my PR visa i registered that time. But if i update there online with the option" Update Us" in my already finalised application of PR, then will they send me another Updated Visa having new passport number mention on it or how? P;ease brief if some one has experience in similar case? Thanks
  3. Expired Passport

    Also what to write in this question: Does the applicant have a current passport? Yes or No as my passport is expired so no or yes? Thanks
  4. Expired Passport

    Not allowing me to submit my citizenship application may be bcz my passport is expired already.. any idea what to do? Thanks
  5. Expired Passport

    Hey Folks.. just a question if someone could please answer. My citizenship is due soon as i am.on PR visa for more than 1 year and here in Aistralia since last 4 years so i am eligible now but my passport has expired already. Does anyone knows if its mandatory to renew passport first which if yes. Just a waste of money.?? Not sure as search a lot but so far no proper information. So.please of someone could brief on it.? Thanks Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  6. Passport Size Photo

    Any idea how much it cost me?? Bcz Office work do 4 photos for $15 so if others are expensive bettdr to go at OW..isn't it? Thanks
  7. Passport Size Photo

    Hey Guys. Just a question if anyonw can help me.out pls? Where in Adalaide i can go for cheap passport size photos? I have photos which are almost 4 years old and i don't think so those are acceptable anymore for Passport or citizenship purpose. I have to file my citizenship soon and photo is requirement. Any idea where i can go for it? Thanks Krazzy
  8. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Already there is a rule that the migrants who arrived on PR Visa, must have to wait for 4 years before they can apply Citizenship like 189, 190 etc. so these changes might affect people who are on 887 visa no matter when they got PR.Seems they are going to apply these rules from 1st June onward, so whoever are waiting to apply for citizenship before that, believe to be safe. UK and US already toughen their Immigration rules and that's why no more Immigration for them as they believe in their Values. Similarly, Australia is following them and why not being a member of commonwealth and very close to UK and US, must have to happy them to show Australia values their friends and is a great follower. I wish everybody best of luck and must say that whatever changes may take place in coming days, shouldn't affect the already migrants here especially those whoa are/were on TR visa's as those people already waited 2-3 years to become PR.
  9. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Being very close to my citizenship( due earlier on 9th Sep 2017), i was very happy that in next 6-8 months time, i will be Australian citizen and then will be eligible to apply some of Australian govt. Jobs who basically required Citizen to apply, but sudden changes in Citizenship policy, might affect this and now i have to wait until Jan 2020 as i got my PR only last year in January I believe govt. should exempt people who waited so long already for their PR and this policy should execute on New migrants who arrived in Australia recently or will arrive after today.. Although, this is my opinion but seems people here like me have to wait long now to become Citizen. English requirement in the form of IELTS is stupid Idea as every migrants here in Australia came after submitted there Valid IELTS or EPT. Then no way they want us to do again the same. we are working and employed and speaking English at work so what else they want ? Disappointed but support the govt. decision
  10. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Agree with master887, that waiting 3 more months like a pain in ass. Definitely, If you want you send all the necessary documents to CO. But what my mean was that during our time, the process was like 4-6 months and once Co asked for any document, we had 28 days to submit those but only the required one. But if consent form is important in your application, then you must send it.
  11. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi Mate If you have been only requested for Baby's passport and Birth certificate, then don't thing much about other documents which hasn't been asked by CO. Consent form is not mandate but yes if asked by CO, we need to submit. so wait for another mail from your CO.
  12. 887 Visa - What's the update?

    Many case officers do ask for New Born Medical but some don't. Its all depend from case officer to case officer. better to wait for case officer mail and request for baby medical, until the time don't do anything if not been asked.
  13. Visiting on Visa subclass 600

    Check the visa condition on their visa. I called my Mom 2 times in last 5 months as she spent 3 months first, went back and then came again after 2 months. From my knowledge, there is no such issue even though you call them back after just 1 week again when they left. Better if you check visa condition like 8203, 8204 which explain everything.Shouldn't be an Issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. No More 457 visas

    They wanted to abolish this visa long time ago but their decision only came yesterday. With the logo of " Australians First" in Jobs they have reached in that Outcome. This is clear indication that Australia immigration rules for PR are going to tough every day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Moving melbourne

    Hi Guys. I am in Adelaide and thinking to move in Melbourne soon. Although, i like Adelaide most but due to unable to find a skilled Job so far,i have decided to move in to Melbourne. I have in my family my Wife, 1 child and 1 Infant. I was wondering, If anybody could assist me in choosing the good suburb(s) in Melbourne to move in terms of affordable House/Units/Apartment, easily access of Public Transport, shopping centers and most Importantly good Primary/Secondary schools which are really good in studies. As I never been to Melbourne before so not familiar with those. Also, how good is that to move there and leave Adelaide which is really good in terms of living etc. Looking forward for responses soon. Thanks Krazzy10