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  1. traygo

    Get togethers

    Hi just arrived in Adelaide currently staying up in Hallett Cove. Looking to get together with people to help me settle in. Looking for any girlies between the ages of 19-22 yrs as I’m 21 for drinks and socialising. Get in contact through this forum. Thanks Alessandra
  2. Maybe because jobs are to far between here in SA and Adelaide ATM... Very tight job market..
  3. Hi all, does anyone know of a Joiner to hang 3 bedroom doors and also I need a tiler for my laundry room. Please PM me if anyone has any contacts. We live in the Hallett Cove area. Thanks Tracey
  4. traygo

    Which primary school to choose from?

    Try Magill Primary school
  5. traygo

    Living in Mount Barker

    Hi all, thanks for the feed back, after living here for a couple of years we have had the feel of the city life, now ready to explore the outside. mount Barker is a possibility for us as it is yet only 30 minutes to comute to the city...and 35 to Glenelg Beach...Good to hear possitive feedback, as speaking to those in the city there isn't much of a possitive comment. tracey
  6. Hey everyone just a quick question for people living up in Mount Barker.. What is it really like up there eg schools, amenities etc? We have 3 children 17, 12 and 9 and we have been looking at property up in Mount Barker because the city is just too expensive for us and you seem to get more for your buck up there. Thanks Tracey
  7. traygo

    Looking for club

    Hi, I think all the trails are over now for clubs looking for next season players.. My son plays for Cumberland Utd in the super league and they have just finished trails and picked players for the up coming season from under 19, reserves and first team, Cumberland where one of the last teams to do thier trails. You can phone around a few of the clubs to see if they have any spaces avaliable. Just explain u have only just arrived and have played over in Ireland at whatever level you were at. This is Cumberlands Number if you want to give them a ring Tel: (08) 8293 4012 cheers
  8. Hi Megan, My name is Harriet and i moved to Adelaide last year.I moved from north east linconshire (england.) I am 12 in December. I thought it would of been hard to make friends but it isnt. I go to magill primary school. if you live around the magill area mabey we could meet up sometime. Thank you Harriet
  9. traygo

    Really really need help please

    Hi, Try Brighton caravan park. we stayed there for 3 weeks when we first arrived good price and so close to the beach. http://www.brightoncaravanpark.com.au/ cheers steve
  10. traygo

    Driving Licence

    But don't forget u need to pay for them and you get them in 1,3,5 year license.we paid $300 for a 5 yr license.. cannot rember the other price for the 1 and 3 yr license
  11. traygo


    Hey, we came over last September and thought the same.. we decide just to come straight here...23 hr was not to bad to be fair even though we still have a 5 hr stop off in singapire.. the last leg of the journey was the drag it just seem hours from Singapore even though I think it was 8 hr I think maybe wrong but it just felt longer than the first half of the trip.. our kids where 15, 10 and 7 at the time and I think the things u can do on planes these days does help..lol. Have a good trip Trasi
  12. I dont play personally but burnside rugby club is supposed to be good.. they have 4 teams i think plus club house on the grounds for beers afterwards and some good food. this club is in the eastern side of adelaide. I think they also run kids teams. there are a fews poms which play aswell with a mix of aussie'. as i said i dont play one of ours friends plays for them. check out the website..http://www.burnsiderugby.rugbynet.com.au.. also the season has just started a couple of weeks ago and is only a short season over in adelaide as not many teams.. cheers steve
  13. Hi all.... Is there any poms in the eastern side of adelaide? we as a family moved over to adelaide in september 2011. we have 3 children robson 16, harriet 11 and joshua who is 8 coming on 58.. lol...so if their are any poms who want to meet up drop us a line could do with a good old natter with some poms... cheers tracey and steve
  14. Hello Charlotte, My name is Harriet and I am looking for some friends in eastern side of Adelaide and I am 11 years old! I moved from England last year in September! I go to Magill primary school! Thank you Charlotte
  15. Hello Everybody, My name is Harriet I am 11 years old, I turn 12 on the 23rd december. I live in Magill eastern side of Adelaide. I go to Magill primary! I moved to Adelaide September last year! It was very exiting!! I have one older brother and a younger brother. I came from England what was a big move!! :smile:So if there is any friends moving near eastern suburbs or who live here please comment back and tell me where abouts you are or where abouts you are moving!! I would like to meet new friends.. Thank you Harriet

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