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    golden grove area

    Masha, as a GG resident I can tell you that virtually all of the streets where there are houses built, and where there are missing footpaths, are no-through-roads and the traffic is quiet. The layout of the suburb is such that all the main roads that carry the bulk of traffic through and around GG have footpaths and have no houses on them. It's never really been a problem.
  2. You volunteer your opinions, and then bemoan the fact that you find it tiresome. There's a solution there somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it...
  3. V-Bird

    Solar Panels

    Tully, my advice, don't fall into the trap of buying a huge system. The feed-in tarriffs are as good as no good from September this year, so you'll be selling most of the power to the grid for about 6c and buying it back for 32c, so the payback would take forever. The horse has well and truly bolted for big systems. Work out what your consuming daily (from your bill) and halve it. This way you consume as big a percentage of the power generated during the day. For an average house this would be about a 1.8kW system. Remember even big systems don't work in the dark..!
  4. V-Bird


    I bet the long winter nights just fly by at your place.
  5. V-Bird

    Prostate examinations

    I went to my Doctor to get a prostate exam. The Doctor informed me that erections were common during the exam. I said "That's ok I'm comfortable with that" The Doctor said "I didn't mean you, I meant me"..!
  6. Adelaide should move to the eastern time zone and here's the reason why. Lots of us now have solar panels on our roofs, now as the sun will set 30 minutes later than it does now, we will all benefit from an extra 30 minutes of sunlight. If this extra sunlight occurs in the middle of the day, which it could because I want it to, then personally I would generate an extra 1.8kWh.. PER DAY..! This benefit would outweigh any negatives such as your curtains fading sooner. It seems like a win-win to me.
  7. V-Bird

    Fun-size Mars Bars

    Fun-size Mars bars are just like normal Mars Bars for midgets, whereas normal size Mars Bar are like fun size Mars Bars for giants. In addition, super size Mars Bars are like normal Mars Bars for giants and normal size Mars Bars are like super size Mars Bars for midgets. This also works for Snickers and Bounty. I'm researching this phenomena further and I'll update in due course.
  8. V-Bird

    Fire danger season ends at midnight tonight

    Phew... What a relief this will be. I, for one, will sleep easier in my bed knowing this.
  9. V-Bird

    'My Family' Stickers

    I think it fair to say that anyone who has these is just highlighting the fact that they are a narcissistic moron who has parted with hard-earned cash to follow a stupid fad.
  10. My top score is 10,360 http://www.bbc.com/travel/feature/20131206-how-well-do-you-know-the-world-play-geoguessr-to-find-out
  11. You know how practically the whole metro area is controlled by traffic lights, and when you're in traffic it feels that the whole road is crowded. Well it's not, it's because the traffic moves in blocks. If you stand next to any major road, a big lump of traffic comes by, all tail-gating, changing lanes and such like, then nothing for a while, then another lump of traffic. This is the result of the traffic being controlled by lights. Well, I want to know how to drive in those quiet bits between the lumps of traffic, I've tried by pulling over and waiting for everyone to bugger off, but I just end up at the next red light and before you know it, I'm surrounded by traffic again. I've also tried burning everyone else off (up to the speed limit as quickly as possible) but some young dickwad in an old commodore thinks you're up for a race, and before you know it you're surrounded by P-platers with the delusion that they're actually Craig Lowndes. So if anyone has a technique for how to drive in the bits between the lumps please do tell.
  12. V-Bird

    Moving Adelaide to Brisbane

    The cheapest way would be to steal a truck and drive it there.
  13. I've just purchased on of those sun shades you put in the windscreen of your car to keep it cool on a sunny day, you know the ones. Well I used it for the first time yesterday and let me tell you those thing need banning. They're fine while reversing, but when you go forward you can't see a damn thing. I immediately took it back and got a refund. These things are going to cause havoc if they catch on.
  14. Looking to enjoy a good old Pommy-style night out, you know, a 'few' drinks followed by a Curry. Thinking, Tea Tree gully, couple of good pubs and there's an Indian place. Trouble is it closes at 9:00, that's NINE O'CLOCK..! Looking at a few pubs and it's the same deal. You can eat late in the City but does anybody know of any eat-in places that are open late in these 'burbs..?

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