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  1. Supply teaching

    Hi Thanks for that, albeit, not the most positive reply, but reckon, that's how it may be. When you say country (rural) as opposed to metro - I've put my name down for the cluster Barossa and Gawler - would you say they were country/rural enough districts - as really hoping to get something before Christmas hols. How good are the employ agencies and which ones would you recommend are the best to gain some employment - I am only looking for two days. Thanks.
  2. Looking to work relief as an ECT - does anyone know where this type of work is advertised? Thanks.
  3. Supply teaching

    Hi I just want 2 days per week TRT - R - 7 - do you reckon I will get work. I am prepared to travel anything up to 2 hours ( a long way) from where I live in Sheidow Park. It's just where to start looking. I know about the DECD Cluster schemes, but was wondering if other employment agencies such as Select / Switch and Ranstad do employ TRT / contract teachers, or do they just advertise to have you on their books. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.
  4. Supply teaching

    Hi Reena & others, Just wondering where is the best place for TRT to get work from - Cluster schemes (DECD), employment agencies such as Select, Ranstad or what else? I just want to work 2 days per week R - 7 JP. Thanks.
  5. Hi Re TRT - Is it just Switch that employ teachers and did you get much work from them?


    1. Teaching minefield!

      Hi I'm new to TRT and want to teach just two days per week. I've registered with one cluster scheme so far, but am wondering if I should join other groups, but also wondering if that may confuse matters or not and thus not be loyal to one group. It seems to be how some do this. Do you know of many who have, or use the tap for teacher scheme - there is about three of them. Ideally I would love to be a regular TRT at one or two schools only, but life's not that simple. Hoping you can help or perhaps put me in touch with the reality (harsh) of it all. Thanks. Tully.
    2. Carpet steam cleaners

      Thank you so much for that.
    3. Carpet steam cleaners

      Thanks for that. Hope it goes well.
    4. Carpet steam cleaners

      Anybody know of GOOD carpet steam cleaners in Adelaide. Anyone had one done recently and would highly recommend them?? Much appreciated - Thanks in advance. Tully.
    5. Anyone know a good plumber ...

      Thanks for that.
    6. Anyone know a good plumber ...

      do the Steve's have a mobile I can reach them on. Thanks.
    7. Anyone know a good plumber ...

      can't see my reply????? Sheidow Park.
    8. Anyone know a good plumber ...

      Sheidow Park. Bath and shower - taps to come off and new ones (already have) to be fitted. Thanks.
    9. Thanks for that. I'm so late with everything this year - before I know it, it will be all over and into next year!! Yes, that would be great. Thank you.
    10. .. who can put new taps (that we have bought) on to a bath and shower. Thanks in advance.