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  1. Hi Re TRT - Is it just Switch that employ teachers and did you get much work from them?


  2. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Carpet sales and fitters

    We recently got new carpets, we found Bunnings the best. They charge per room, we went for their 2nd highest range of carpets and they charged $560 per room, including fitting.
  3. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Working in your chosen occupation

    I was a senior teacher in the UK, couldn't get a job here as a classroom teacher, now work in sales. Really miss the teaching, although I do love life in Adelaide!!!
  4. We are def breaking our lease on our house in Hallett Cove, close to Lonsdale road, Hallett cove train station, local schools and bus route. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom with built in wardrobes, newly fitted air con, 2 good sized gardens one with entertaining area, excellent landlord and agent $340 per week. For some reason can't add pics but will email if interested. Moving as have bought a property
  5. Hi all we arrived in July I quickly found a group called hallet cove free fit club, we meet at the cove sports centre on wed, fri and Sunday at 9.20am and Thursday at 6.20pm. We do 45 mins exercise and it is fun circuits suitable for all ages and men and women. After the class you can purchase a protein shake for $5. I have met some great people and really enjoy going as its all outside. Let me know if anyone wants to go
  6. Daviesfamily adelaide

    My plan of attack - It must be worth a go?

    Hi sorry another idea have you joined LinkedIn you might be able to start building up some contacts over here through that
  7. Daviesfamily adelaide

    My plan of attack - It must be worth a go?

    Hi you seem to have covered all bases. I am a teacher and took a similar approach. When in England I sent a covering letter, CV and references to about 50 different schools in South Australia. Unfortunately non of the schools were able to offer me anything. If I was being negative I would be saying this was a waste of time, however most schools replied and a dialogue was set up the relevant person within the school. When I arrived I contacted the schools again, whilst none of them and anything permanent two of them offered me supply work, which has provided enough for us to live on over the last 3 months. Have now ended up taking a permanent post outside of teaching. In summary (sorry for giving you my Australian life history) it is difficult to get work before you arrive, but it certainly does not do any harm in trying to build up a few contacts in the field you wish to work. Good luck.
  8. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Things you like about Adelaide

    It will never be a case of 'living the dream' you will always have bills to pay, work to do, and people that annoy you. However having said that I am confident in saying that I am a lot happier with my life here than it was in the UK. I have been here for 4 months, I don't earn the money I used to earn, I don't have the luxuries I had in the UK and I don't yet have as many friends as I did in the UK. But seeing my young children flourishing out here, loving their new environment, the views of the coastline, not having a house that is overlooked and joined to another house and the cleanliness of the area make me extremely grateful that I had the confidence to see through my convictions. You will get out of it what you put in. You will get job rejections, you might not get the house straight away you wanted, you will miss family, but if you stay positive and reflect on what you have got and the new/ different opportunities available to you, hopefully you will be as happy as myself and my family.
  9. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Family day care costs

    Which childcare centre do you use? I live in Hallett cove
  10. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Family day care costs

    Hi can anyone help at all I was wondering how much a day it is to pay for childminding/family day care in adelaide? Many thanks
  11. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Transfering UK independent and teacher pension

    Hi Karen I was also a teacher in the UK, that is looking into transferring my pension over. I have got a meeting next Wednesday with an advisor from my bank, so can let you know what he recommends I do. I have however been in contact with my teacher pension in the UK to ask if it must be transferred by April 2015 as I had been told this was the case. They said nothing had been decided as yet. Paul
  12. Daviesfamily adelaide

    where can we get UK adaptors in adelaide??

    We have just arrived, realised we did not enough, bought half a dozen from cheap as chips, they were $6 each.
  13. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Forward facing car seat needed

    Hi is anyone selling a forward facing car seat? We land in adelaide next week and didn't get ours shipped so need one when we get there thanks
  14. Hi Kerry we move to hallet cove on 29th July, I have 2 girls one 6 and one 2, which school do you children go to? Be good to meet up as girls are a similar age
  15. Daviesfamily adelaide

    Arriving in Adelaide

    We were very lucky as my brother in law lives in adelaide so he viewed properties for us, my husband also went over for 2 weeks at Easter and checked out the area we were moving to and looked at streets and areas we would like and also which were in catchment for the schools and did a reckie of everywhere. We had to find a property so we could get our daughter enrolled in school straight away, we were lucky we could do this.

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