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  1. Hi all finally returning to the UK, and I’ve a question re UK passports, now I was under the impression that me and my 4 children can fly out on our Aussie passports and fly into UK with the Aussie passports then just get on with our lives back in the UK, we are all born and bred UK and emigrated 7 years ago. we do not have valid uk passports Anymore as they have all expired and I’ll be honest I didn’t think we would need them to fly home with, but I’ve been reading that maybe we do? Or that we can enter on our expired UK passports and with extra info like birth certificates etc... I don’t really want to renew uk ones as it’s going to be very difficult getting 1) a countersignatory as I do not know anyone with a uk passport in the required profession and that has known us all for 2 years and 2) the added expenses of 4 more passports on top of the expense of recently getting the Aussie ones!! Also 2 of my children’s father lives in the uk so getting his signature is a nightmare and my other 2 children’s father lives here in Australia (he is staying here and not returning with us ) very complicated. Very stressful. And I’m living on the edge constantly trying to figure out the best, easiest, less expensive and less stressful way of getting us back home. so with regard to the expired uk passport situ any advice or people that have recently returned and used an expired uk passport be great thank you all x
  2. star123

    As each year passes I hate it more 😢

    Hi all....just a quick update...things seem better...have spoken openly to o/h and his fully supportive and understands why I'm homesick...also spoken to counselor who is advising me that I haven't "let go" and in order to settle etc I need to... I know I won't be returning to the uk to live so I've been given the tools to help me move on here and settle better...it's baby steps but I do feel more positive...onwards and upwards ..no one ever said it'd be easy so I'm up for the challenge... oh and although this may seem weird...I planted fruit trees in my garden....and this has helped me in a weird bizarre way ! !
  3. star123

    As each year passes I hate it more 😢

    Thank you for all your replies...it's so appreciated...so thank you... xx Have had further discussions with husband and no he didn't mean it...he gets sad...frustrated..and struggles to understand my feelings..it's not his child or grandchildren in the uk... (2nd marriage) so he doesn't have the same bind with them as I do...I had a large loving family in the uk...he doesn't..hence why he doesn't miss them!! I work in the mental health / disability sector part time but it's an isolated setting... so unable to make friends via that route...I however love my job and it keeps me relatively sane...my children ages range from 6 to 24.... I have picked up some literature today re counselling for myself as I have very very dark days where I can't seem the point in any of it anymore...the constant battle of trying to be happy...the pressure of Hey I emigrated and I love it kind of face we have to put on.. My husband loves it here...he has a great job...great pay .we're 2 minutes from the beach...Bought our own home in a beautiful suburb ..his also in the CFS and doing so well. ..something he always wanted to do back in the uk so now his doing that here his soooo happy....his got everything his always wanted...that's why he'd never go back.... I work. ..raise children and supermarket shop...that's it... I'm trying to get out there and I have hosted coffee mornings...but nothing... I ask people..hey pop over when your free for coffee and chat...nope...before I got a job I spent every day alone..not speaking or sering anyone it was and still is soul destroying.. I'm trying really hard to lift the gloom but it seems sometimes to want to swallow me up.... I want this to work here I really do otherwise I know I'll loose everything and everyone.. Thank you again to those that replied I can't tell you what that meant to me xx
  4. Hello everyone Been a long time since posted on here but I've always been lurking...reading and keeping up to date with everything... to cut a very long story short.. Arrived full of hopes and dreams in 2012 with 6 of our 7 children..2 returned home...2 have since come back...1 loves it...1 hanging on by a thread. ..I left my oldest daughter in the uk .. she had since got married and had 2 children... I have not settled here...my husband loves it...my life and my 5 younger children's lives have not changed from what they were like in the uk...in fact our lives are worse...we have no family here...I have zero friends (not thru lack of trying I must add) I'm so miserable it's crazy...as each day...month. .year passes I hate it here more...my husband has said catagorically he will never return to the uk.... so I am now living a life I cannot bear... stuck in this place that promised so much on the tin.... I want to go home...in heated rows my husband has said...Go...take the children. ..I'm never leaving.... not sure if he means it...would he really give up his wife and children?? If not...then I'm stuck here till I'm old...hating him for keeping me here...anyone been in this situation ??? It's just God Damm awful and I can't see a way out of this situation that I find myself in....stuck here so that someone else can live their dream...
  5. star123

    Seaford Meadows

    Yep easy to say that when you nor living amongst it....drugs. ..prostitution....the language....not a pleasant place to live.. would hardly say Seaford Meadows is "Living The Dream " !!
  6. star123

    Starting to wonder. ....What's the point? ??

    It's great news. ..have been on this forum a few years and some will remember the rough ride we've had....but we're turning a corner now and we'll keep going and remain focused on why we came here....so when the chips are down just keep going....we could have thrown the towel in long ago but we kept the faith and now we'll have our own little piece of Australia :-)
  7. star123

    Starting to wonder. ....What's the point? ??

    Well I think the God's have smiled on us today as our mortgage been conditionally approved!!!! Am soooo happy right now this means a huge deal to us as we can finally put some roots down in a beautiful part of SA
  8. star123

    Starting to wonder. ....What's the point? ??

    Yes, we're using a broker and his great and we do have all our other costs saved too....it's just as you get near to achieving something you get knocked back again...and again... we feel or more to the point, I feel if we had our own place I'd feel more settled. ..it seems we left a good life in the UK and here its one struggle after another...which then triggers the question..what is the point if your constantly fighting an uphill battle to achieve anything....
  9. Hi there, we moved over early 2012 and have had a rough ride but we have hung in there hoping things would get better.....older children returned to the UK as didn't like it....husband in and our of work.....illness....and the all consuming home sickness had taken its toll....approachin our 3rd year here and things slowly settling down....husband in a permanent job....I'm working....we're getting there....tired of renting as moved so many times as landlords decide to sell their house every time we move so we thought we'd buy our own place so been saving saving saving to get that deposit, found a place very cheap and we've managed to get a 5% deposit saved....but even tho we pay rent of over $400 a week the mortgage people say we can't service the loan!!!! We pay rent whigh is double what the mortgage payments would be...am finding it impossible to get a foot in the door here. ..every which way there are hurdles.....they seem to make it very hard here to achieve anything....the sacrifice we have made to be here does not seem worth it at the moment. ....
  10. star123

    Two and three seater leather sofa for sale

    Hi going to see if someone I know has a trailer as would very much like them :-) will let you know if I can sort gettin them down to us - cheers
  11. Hi there, Just wondering something and hope someone can pass on some info for me..... My grandson (only 2 years old) has just been diagnosed as having Type 1 Diabetes...they have flights booked for 12th October to come over and see me, this has only just been diagnosed, he is under the care of their local hospital back in the UK and has his own diabetic nurse.... Now my question is, IF they are still able to come and his stable and has the blessing of his nurse and consultant....are they able to visit a Doctor or hospital should they need to?? Will they have to pay? They have holiday insurance and flight insurance... Also, if there is anyone out there who has younger children with Type 1, I would love to hear from you and maybe whilst my daughter is here we could meet up? She has been thru the mill and back over the last 2 weeks with her son and I feel it would be so positive for her to hear from others that children have Type 1... Many thanks indeed Helen
  12. star123

    Two and three seater leather sofa for sale

    Really like these but unless I carry them on my back cannot get them down to me :-( sometimes its a real bummer living down the map ;-)
  13. star123

    Lovely Rocking Chair For Sale $50

    Hi sorry now sold
  14. With hindsight, we would have NOT come, SA is portrayed as something it is not in our opinion....

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