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  1. Do Aussie secretly hate English people?

    I will agree with tyke ,I work mainly with aussies have no problem ,a lot of poms move here and think they are better than anyone else here .I have met a lot of bloody snobby poms since been here not stayed friends with any of them .
  2. Seaford Meadows

    the one thing that is annoying me is we would have stayed here as the house s great the landlord has been brilliant , but my wife has been told to F!!! Off and also she is a C!!! By a 11 yr old my kids have been told that they are C!!!s . So time to move on I think .
  3. Rental acceptance

    Hi there notpom we are a family of 4 myself 51 my wife 42 , and 2 boys age 5 & 6 we have been in the same rental for 3 yrs never had a bad inspection . Paid rent on time . Have written references and in permanent full time employment .
  4. Seaford Meadows

    I started this post to highlight the problems I was having in the area of seaford meadows not the whole of it. It's grown soo much in the 3 yrs we have been here and it's still growing . And will become more popular now we have a train to the city . I will stand by what I have written regardless of the few posts that gave criticised me . I don't do drugs not to I sympathise with anyone who does it's free choice , yes addicts need help and support that goes without saying , But don't just dump doneone on a housing estate with these issues and expect them to conform to society , give them the support and help that they need , but that where it all falls apart as there appears to be non exsistant . And it's people like myself that end up at the sharp end of the stick . The last example of this was 12.30 am Saturday morning , my wife woke up to the sound of a child in the street crying , she went out to find a 2 yr old wondering the street , my wife and a neighbour took the child I called the police who came out , managed to find where the child came from , it was in the same street , we had never seen the child before , any way the father was the only one in didn't even know the child was missing , to high to notice , the child was handed back to the father , so far nothing else has happened , regarding follow up to the incident .
  5. Port Noarlunga rental

    Yes we will have a look at Southgate .
  6. Port Noarlunga rental

    Are you still looking for tennants ??
  7. Wog weekend

    Diane try them smashed up and mixed with vanilla ice cream .
  8. Wog weekend

    Unfortunately When living in the UK the term was used in a less friendly way , kind of sticks with you , have a few Aussie mates who refer to me as the little malteser , that I don't have a problem with they have never referred to me as a Wog .
  9. Wog weekend

    I am Maltese and find the term Wog offensive , used to get called that and worse through out my child hood and longer . Funny how some people think !!
  10. Seaford Meadows

    Yes I know a police officer used to live at Seaford meadows now moved to another area will have a word with him .
  11. Seaford Meadows

    you don't know so keep your comments to yourself !!!!
  12. Seaford Meadows

    That was the point I was trying to make it was ok when we moved here , but apparently I am a snob.
  13. Seaford Meadows

    Well first time for everything never been called a snob before , that's probably one of the nicest things anyone has said to me , think I will change my user name to Lord Snooty .
  14. Seaford Meadows

    Snobbish lol yea of course silly me nothing wrong with a bit of drug dealing and prostitution in your street! There me thinking I had morals !! So sorry
  15. Seaford Meadows

    Currently taking rego's down of the visitors then going to report to police , not sure who to get in touch with regarding reporting to trust housing. It's a shame for all the decent families that are living there .