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  1. newlife

    Utilities costs

    We are a family of 6 and have a four bed with a pool and use energy Australia as our gas and electricity provider, both bills average $300-$350 a quarter, water is also around the $350 mark. My internet provider is foxtel and packaged with the home phone and Internet is $120 per month. hope this helps
  2. newlife

    Snakes in a Park!

    We had two last summer here in Greenwith, the first was an eastern brown on the front driveway and then a couple of months later a baby brown in the backyard. I am a lot more cautious now around the house
  3. newlife

    Fairview Park

    I cannot think of anything negative to say about Fairview Park. It's a lovely suburb with lots of big Gums and open spaces. My friend lives there and often has koalas outside her house. Fairview Green shopping centre is very close and has a great foodland in, also StAgnes shopping centre is only a 5 minute drive away.
  4. newlife

    Airflo Vacuum cleaner

    Brand new, box never been opened, 1600w bagless vacuum cleaner. Airflo AFV 810. $70
  5. Hi Adam, I recently moved my girls from Redwood Park to Greenwith and am very pleased with our choice. It is a great school and the girls have been made to feel very welcome there. I am very impressed with the facilities and the three teachers we have are fantastic
  6. newlife

    State school still costs

    I thought the school kids bonus had been withdrawn?
  7. newlife

    Broadband package?

    Hi Adelaide now, we are in Greenwith and use the internet to browse, FaceTime, you tube games and skype. With four kids all owning iPods it gets used quite a bit. We do have foxtel too
  8. newlife

    Broadband package?

    I too am looking at changing to a naked plan as we don't use the home phone but through various internet searches it seems I am stuck with Telstra as they are the only ones to service our area
  9. newlife

    ANZAC Day

    We went to the one at Tea Tree Gully, my four kids were part of the Scout Honour Guard. Lots of people there paying their respects and a very proud moment for us
  10. newlife

    Help for homeless teen

    https://www.huttstcentre.org.au/what_we_do Not sure if it's the type of help you are looking for but the Hutt street centre in the city helps homeless people and families
  11. newlife

    Hi from NZ

    Hi, I have family who live in NZ, Tauranga and Dunedin. They often visit us here in Adelaide and say it's very much like NZ but gets hotter and the shopping here is better lol. Beaches etc from what I gather are much the same and they say that although food can be more expensive here. Drink. Clothing and accessories can be a lot cheaper good luck with your plans wendy
  12. newlife

    Does anyone know where I can buy a windbreaker?

    We made our own, bought the material from spotlight and broom handles from Bunnings, cost around $40
  13. newlife

    Xbox 360 and games

    http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-sa/xbox+360/k0l3008842 its Australia wide but you can choose the area you wish to search in :-)
  14. newlife

    Xbox 360 and games

    Hi, I just had a look and there are quite a few on Gumtree
  15. newlife

    Cinema - Cheapest night to go?

    How does the Telstra discount work? I'm a Telstra customer and haven't heard of this

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