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  1. SWMBO

    Citizenship 2015/2016

    The time for getting citizenship is 4 years not 2 this changed in 2007. We just missed out and had a 4 year wait.
  2. SWMBO

    Dental quote

    I think you will find that not all charge the same I would shop around.
  3. SWMBO

    Packers here Monday...starting to feel the pressure

    A TIP put everything that must NOT be packed in one room and put a sign on the door so that the packers do NOT go in there.I have known people have important documents and other things packed and caused no end of trouble.
  4. Hubby has had Sciatica for 4 days, finally decided at 5am on Friday he was going to see his Dr. Got an online appointment for 10am that day. Bulk Billed. Referred for Ct scan.Given scripts for medication. Got appointment for CT scan at 2pm the same day.Bulk billed again. Having had to have, the same things investigated in the Uk years ago was very impressed. SWMBO
  5. SWMBO

    Where to buy haggis?

    A great way to do as well is to flatten chicken breast lay on Prosciuttio and use Haggis as a stuffing. Serve with a whiskey cream sauce. SWMBO
  6. SWMBO

    Where to buy haggis?

    Hi Feast in central market do them. Being Scottish we have a burns night Ceilidh every year. We always get a Chieftain from them every year,call to ask them to get you one beforehand. Lots of whiskey and a day off to recover. SWMBO
  7. SWMBO

    Work on the House

    We live in Greenwith used The Roller Door Doctor 08 8349 9005. They serviced our doors and fitted new Merlin openers very good services.
  8. SWMBO

    Guide on dental costs

    I had an emergency root canal part one on Saturday at my dentist,cost $499 of which my health fund paid half.Part two will be about the same so I was pleasantly surprised.
  9. Kerry Miller 08 8232 6666 We used Kerry when buying our new home in January.She is uk qualified. In the city. SWMBO
  10. SWMBO

    Reverse cycle ducted Aircon

    Hi thank you so much for giving me the name Scotts at Golden Grove.Jim and the guys were really great.They worked their socks off, on a 93% humidity day to install our new Gas heating and Reverse cycle air con. Would highly recommend them.
  11. As it says these items are free for pick up from Mawson Lakes. Double Ikea Sofa Bed with Cream cover( Lycksele) look it up online still available. 4 Pine Dining chairs If interested Pm me Someone is interested will update if they don't take them soon. Now gone
  12. SWMBO

    Reverse cycle ducted Aircon

    Ok Have bought a new house, need to find someone to install reverse cycle Air Con. New House is in Greenwith. Anyone recommend someone who could do work in this area.
  13. SWMBO

    How quickly life can change!

    457 is a temp visa. I would be asking the company to sponsor for a Pr Perm visa.
  14. SWMBO

    How quickly life can change!

    I would also be asking if they can give you a PR visa from the start .If you don't ask you won't get.
  15. SWMBO

    Closest beach to Gawler?

    When we lived in Gawler ,we used to go to Largs and ride bikes along the track by the beach and fish off the jetty. We also went crabbing at Thompson Beach.Not a beach for sun bathing on. St Kilda had a great adventure playground but not been for years.

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