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  1. amg

    Alpine Winter Village

    Thanks for sharing this! This looks lovely! I also loved the Manchester Christmas Markets
  2. amg

    Great ocean road drive

    We are planning to drive it too! I heard the blue lake is only blue a couple of months a year. Is it blue now?
  3. amg

    British / Aussie humour

    Thanks for a good laugh!
  4. amg

    Luggage travelling to UK

    Sorry to hear about your loss So far, I've never had to worry about my luggage with Emirates. You can ask before checking it in just to be sure though!
  5. amg

    28 weeks pregnant need to socialise

    Hi Becci, You could try to ask your midwife to direct you to such groups, I think I have heard that over here woman are being put in touch with women with similar due dates. For mothers and baby groups try your local Childrens centre or look on facebook for Glenelg playgroups or babygroups etc. Libraries usually also have storytime. Goodluck with finding friends! Anne-Marie
  6. amg

    What TV shows should I be watching?

    I know it's old but I really love Ally McBeal
  7. amg

    Nappies?! Help!

    We use the comfy bots as well, they are great
  8. amg

    Bread making

    We buy big bags of flour from the Indian/Afghan grocery shops! You can buy (instant) yeast in all the supermarkets (we buy ours from Coles).
  9. amg

    Travel with baby tips

    When we travelled with our (8 month old) baby she also slept most of the time. I think you are recommended to stop and let her out of the car every two hours or so, to stretch her legs. If she was really not happy I would go in the back and either read books with her, or I even breastfed her while she and I were both strapped in (it takes some acrobatics haha, but it is not impossible). As a last resort we brought the laptop with her favorite DVD, which we only needed the last half hour of the drive when she was really fed up.
  10. They have childrens centres here too and storytime in the library. Don't worry, you'll be fine
  11. Hi there, How old is/are your little one(s)? I have a 16 month old daughter and would love to meet other mums for playdates. I live in Gawler though, so not exactly in the Northern Suburbs. We have moved here 2 months ago, so still looking to find new friends.
  12. amg

    Introduction to the wildlife!

    I'd love to know where the best spots for spotting wildlife are, please! Preferably near Gawler (north Adelaide), if possible?
  13. Thanks all, Semaphore it is then
  14. Hi Everyone, We have moved to Gawler about a month ago and are wondering if anyone here knows if we need to travel all the way to Adelaide to go to the beach? Are the beaches north of Adelaide accessible? Thanks!
  15. amg

    Possible to bring UK satnav?

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I was thinking it ought to be possible to do this, but wasn't sure!

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