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  1. You need to let immigration know about the baby anyway, it is a significant change of circumstances. congratulations by the way
  2. Rammygirl

    Adelaide Hills

    I live in Hahndorf and consider it the hills but we are Mount Barker Council. Also people say they live in the hills much further north like kersbrook and lenswood or even toward the Barossa or south like happy valley. Mount Lofty ranges does cover quite a large area and all would be considered the hills.....
  3. Rammygirl

    house prices in adelaide

    Have a look at recent sold prices and how they relate to asking prices. I honestly think it is a sellers market at the moment for certain suburbs like Burnside. At least for houses, rather than new build appartments. Although the crackdown on foreign buyers has made some impact the market is still buoyant. TBH if you are ready to buy then start looking, you are buying a home not just an investment and even if the marked drops after you have bought it will most likely rise again. My philosophy is decide what you want, look at what you can afford. Pick the best on offer at the time then STOP looking! Delete the apps and enjoy what you have bought.
  4. Rammygirl

    887 visa

    Welcome to you and a happy New Year. You need to remain in a regional area until you get your PR as the terms of your provisional visa still apply. All of SA is regional for this visa though so you can move to the CBD if you want. For other states you need to check the postcodes considered regional. If you are not entitled to reciprocal Medicare now then nothing will change until the PR is granted.
  5. Rammygirl

    Bed and breakfast short-term accommodation

    Check air b&b and also the sister site poms in Adelaide. Some posters have accommodation to rent at good rates, not Marion but a bit further south. Often longer stays you can negotiate better rates, always worth asking. In May you should get better rates too.
  6. Rammygirl

    Urgent resident return visa

    Often it can be next day if you meet the 2 years residency. You used to be able to apply in person at an immi office and get it on the day, not sure if this can still be done though. The guidelines are meant to cover all types of application. You could always enquirer direct if you are prepared to wait on the phone or go into an office. Sorry to hear of the reason for the return though. We all dread the call...........
  7. Currently 4 years in Australia with one year of PR, with no more than a year of absence in total and no more than 90 days absence in last year. But things are set to change. Gov wants to impose 4 years residence on PR before applying. This will be revisited in July 2018. So for someone arriving on a 489 this could mean 7 years before they apply if you include processing time. It is possible though that provisional visas may be treated differently to temporary visas but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  8. Rammygirl


    I don’t think they do it deliberately. They just don’t look and think ahead. There is less traffic here and many learnt to drive in the country and are freaked out by the Britannia roundabout. They would not enjoy driving in the UK! I was recently in Colchester and my is that place complicated to drive round. The famous magic roundabout certainly had me confused and I wasn’t the one driving that day (thankfully it was a local).
  9. Where are you? Son might be interested in the washer.
  10. Rammygirl

    Jacaranda season

    They are lovely. On someone else’s property! our old rental had one and I spent what seemed like 10 months of the year sweeping up either blossom, seed pods or leaves as it was over the drive and they made a mess treading into the house. I forgave it when it bloomed though. Not many up here in the hills but the streets round Norwood are beautiful now.
  11. Rammygirl

    Where to live?

    We lived in Norwood for three years. Walked to the Parade ( where the restaurants and shops are) and my Hubble walked to work in the CBD. Not bad for rentals but pricey to buy! Which hospitals were you thinking of? Wakefield would certainly be walkable from most parts of Norwood. North Adelaide is nice too but you do get a lot of aircraft noise.
  12. Rammygirl

    Article on shortage of pet friendly rentals

    Just because they don’t say pet friendly doesn’t mean they will refuse pets. When we let our house we did not advertise it as Pet friendly, but some tenants requested to bring a dog and we allowed them to.
  13. Rammygirl

    Employer sponsored visa

    Yes date of lodging and paying for a valid application. I assume you mean 187/6 visa. We lodged our 187 the week before hubby turned 50, which was the limit. He was over 50 by the time it was approved.
  14. Rammygirl

    North Adelaide, Croydon or somewhere else?

    Aircraft noise. Just saying. We looked at several rentals in North Adelaide and some were right under flight path. And I didn't like it. Double glazing not common. We ended up in Norwood and really liked it. Now live in Adelaide Hills. The noise does vary and just a few streets can make a difference.
  15. Just a heads up. You can buy a 30 day subscription for other cities in Aus for just $30. We just spent a week in Brisbane and saved $188 ( and that takes into account the $30 fee)! We did not eat exclusively at discount places but those we did were very good and we would have gone anyway, with so many places it can help to narrow down choices too. This was the digital version which I recommend anyway as all the updated offers appear automatically, it even added more offers whilst we were there. You can also do a " near me" search and you don't need to carry a voucher just in case. You can view the offers on preview to see what is available before you buy too. I am not normally one for discount vouchers but I love the entertainment book digital app, so handy and always paid for itself many times over plus raises funds for charity a win win. Plus everywhere I have used it accepts it with good grace, never make you feel uncomfortable, even when we used it for fine dining. Some places don't even redeem the offer, leaving you free to use it again.

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