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  1. Ofolopomus

    North Adelaide, Croydon or somewhere else?

    It's good to hear different people's perspectives. I think at the moment we are still interested in the Croydon area. So thanks for the insight guys! Ofolopomus
  2. Ofolopomus

    North Adelaide, Croydon or somewhere else?

    Thank you so much everyone for the information. This has been a great help in knowing I'm looking around the right areas. I will continue my search for the right property! Ofolopomus
  3. Ofolopomus

    Hello everyone!

    We've been told about the Fringe before and now my partner is hankering to get over there earlier!!! Thanks for letting us know about the Oval tour. He was keen to get a membership to the cricket anyway, but is really intrigued about the tour. Looks fun. The Botanic Gardens has me interested, I like a leasuirely wander somewhere pretty. Am I right in thinking they offer afternoon tea there too? Ofolopomus
  4. My partner and I will be moving to Adelaide early 2018 and are trying to narrow down with area to live in when we first arrive. We would probably initially look to signing a short rental agreement of about 6 months before we take the plunge and buy a house. My partner has secured a job as a GP in the Para Hills area and can drive, not usually minding a commute of around 20/25 minutes. I, however, am awkward and cannot drive, so am dependant on public transport. I think we would prefer to be somewhere with a train station for easy and quick transport into the city, as, at least initially, we would love to get into town to sample all the great restaurants. We would like somewhere fairly smart-ish, safe and clean. From the research I have done North Adelaide or Croydon seems to fit the bill. Would anyone happen to have any recommendations which would be best, or even a secret third option? Any heads-up about no-go areas would be greatly appreciated too. Ofolopomus
  5. Ofolopomus

    Hello everyone!

    We are trying to have the right attitude about it and want to experience it for what it IS not what we WANT it to be. Also, we are prepared for hefty bills and unexpected costs along the way. We have employed a migration agent and we intend to do the same with a company for the cats, so we get everything right without missing something along the way. Additional costs, but something we see as absolutely necessary. My partner has taken a job as a GP in Para Hills, so knows he has a 4 week wait when we land before he gets his Medicare provider number and can begin to actually work. Least we got the heads up so we can prepare financially and we have the added bonus of exploring Adelaide together when we first get there. Has anyone got any absolute favourite things that they would recommend for when we first get there? Ofolopomus
  6. Ofolopomus

    Pet Export Company Recommedations?

    Thanks for the heads up, Snifter! We hadn't come across anything else that had mentioned a household limit on the number of cats. I looked at the link you included and did a few Google searches which didn't seem to give me any certain info, so I've emailed the city council to ask them directly. With us arriving on a Visa we would, naturally, like to keep our noses clean, as when we come we expect to stay and build our lives there. Last thing we need is for the cats to get us into trouble with the authorities!!! When I emailed I made them aware that all our cats are chipped, desexed, healthy (all required vaccinations & check-ups met), insured and live totally indoors, so hopefully that should help our case. Thanks again for this information. Ofolopomus
  7. Ofolopomus

    Pet Export Company Recommedations?

    Hello, I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations (preferably in recent years) for a pet export company? Or even any warnings about who to avoid? We will be bringing our 4 cats with us (yes, four), and we want to make sure that it all runs smoothly. We know it will cost a lot, but we wouldn't even consider going without them. Any advice would be gratefully received. Ofolopomus
  8. Ofolopomus

    Hello everyone!

    Thank you all for your kind messages. We're both really big foodies, so we've heard about the festivals and all the different restaurants and can't wait to get out and about trying everything! For now we are very early in the visa process, so it's hard to nail down dates, etc, but I sure am grateful for the invites to meet up. Do any of you have any advice / words of wisdom about anything you learned during your own moves? Ofolopomus
  9. Ofolopomus

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I've just joined the forums as my partner and I will be moving to Adelaide in March 2018 and I was hoping to make a few friends before we land. I am soon to turn 30 and my partner is 37. We like dining out, films and cricket (more him than me!). Any recommendations, advice or friendship would be gratefully received. Ofolopomus

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