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  1. kelbert


    I did the Gawler trials and there were no issues, just follow the keep to the left rule.
  2. kelbert

    Am I paying too much for kids Dental?

    Yeah we use school dental for the kids too. $44 a year and they are really lovely and great with the kids. Eldest about to have braces, around $6000 and that's with Smart Orthodontics. She also needs some specialist oral surgery for a tooth embedded in the gum. Will find out that cost next week but that can't be done by the school dentist so expecting $$$$
  3. kelbert

    Picking a shipping company

    We used John Mason and they were dodgy too!
  4. kelbert

    Nurse out there

    Yes, make sure you cover all the essential criteria and then sell yourself as you would in the additional information in an nhs jobs app. In my experience UK nurses are well regarded.
  5. kelbert

    Nurse out there

    If you get proof of your incremental point then you should be able to negotiate year four pay. If you put salary parameters on the seek website it will only show the jobs paying between those. I'm not sure what you would get as I am an RN2 at the top of my band (top band 6 equiv), however you should be able to get the payscales from either ANMF or SA health websites.
  6. kelbert

    Bit hot out

    Yep.....a bit warm!
  7. kelbert

    Nurse out there

    Hi What is your specialty? There are jobs of course but not as many as there are in other states. I work for a non government organisation and really enjoy it. The people are great. I have found the Doctors to be far less superior (or up themselves) than UK Doctors and treat nurses with respect whereas many Drs believe themselves to be Gods in my UK experience! Wages are better here and overall I have less responsibility for more money and you get paid approx 9% super (pension) on top of your wages which is great. My organisation also offer salary sacrificing which is a great way to save on tax. I would look on http://www.seek.com.au or indeed.com.au for jobs. Good luck with your journey
  8. kelbert

    Job Prospects

    One of my work colleagues husband is a crane operator and has been for a long time. In recent times he has been made redundant several times, currently he is working but not in Adelaide, somewhere in WA I think. He is Australian and struggled to find work so I don't want to sound like the voice of doom but I don't think your partner's chances sound too promising. On another note I think the obligation to stay in SA is a moral one and if you cannot find work you can move interstate freely enough although obviously it's a huge upheaval. Good luck.
  9. kelbert

    Hi Everyone!!

    Hi We moved here from the High Peak over 2 years ago and love it. Having visited other states we're really happy we chose Adelaide. Lots to love, little to dislike apart from the hoon drivers! My organisation do lots of work in schools/youth work especially around the safe schools curriculum and are currently looking for staff in that area. Might be of interest to you? I can pm u the name of the organisation. Our main office is in Woodville which is in the west so not far from beach suburbs.
  10. kelbert

    Hoon Drivers: Complaint number

    I've reported hoon drivers recently. Never had any follow up from the police but hopefully they caught them. Absolute idiots. Make my blood boil!
  11. kelbert

    2 and a half years in......

    Thanks! We landed on the 7th Nov ☺
  12. kelbert

    2 and a half years in......

    2 years today since we left the UK. Of course we've had plenty of challenges along the way, such is life but we really and truly haven't looked back. Indeed, roll on citizenship! ☺
  13. kelbert

    Amazon coming to Australia!

    I'm stoked! Love Amazon
  14. kelbert

    Mawson Lakes - Teenagers

    So it didn't work out for you in Hewett? There are lots of uni.students in Mawson Lakes so hopefully that will be better for your teenager.
  15. kelbert

    Help with Ahpra and ANMAC

    Hi. There is more info on poms in oz but basically she needs Anmac for visa and ahpra for registration - equivalent of NMC. If she has a degree then all good but if.not cannot get registration here without it. You don't have to be in Australia to apply for reg.

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