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  1. Bitza1984

    Looking for a football team

    Hi Terry, Just sent you a message there with some details in it. I live in Enfield mate so if you have any questions etc give me a buzz.
  2. Hi, My parents are wanting to send me some money as a wedding present from the UK. What is the best way for them to transfer the money so they are not charged/taxed on it? Western Union? Thanks for your help.
  3. Bitza1984

    Home and Land Packages

    Hi Guys, I've been Adelaide now for over a year and seriously thinking about buying a home and land package. I have a bit of a deposit and will want to apply for the first home owners grant. I have never purchased a house before so any help would be appreciated. any companies you guys would recommend? I've heard Weeks and Macklin are good. They are building houses in areas my partner and I like too. Also what would be the first steps to take? see a mortgage broker? My partner and I both work full time but she is in her probationary period until March. Would this be an issue? Cheers. N.
  4. Bitza1984

    IT Jobs in Adelaide

    Hi colin, I work in IT support/infrastructure background. I have been here two weeks and havent really had much luck on the job front. What agencies did you register with? what did you do back in the UK?
  5. Bitza1984

    Cinema - Cheapest night to go?

    thanks! I looked up the Odeon, $8 all year round.....close to the beach too! happy days!! its only a 15 min drive from where I am too! Thanks guys!!
  6. Hi Guys, One thing I used to do back home a lot was go to the movies with my girlfriend because it was a cheap night out. Why the hell is it so expensive here? back home on a Tuesday I could get into a movie for £3 lol. what is the cheapest cinema in Adelaide? And do they have any nights where it is less expensive. Back home it was "crazy tuesdays" and Orange did "Orange Wednesdays". I live in the North near TTP. All the best.
  7. Bitza1984

    Soccer in Norwood or city

    I'd be interested in playing indoor football. Have you been able to find any information on it?
  8. Bitza1984

    Vets football

    Im living with my fiancees family in Northfield, how far away is that?
  9. Bitza1984

    Vets football

    Hi mate, There are a load of teams in Adelaide, you just need to Google it. I am emigrating over early November and will miss all those things too. Where abouts will you be moving to?
  10. Bitza1984

    Football supporters clubs in Adelaide

    Yeh this year they definitely do. I was supposed to go over to Glasgow this weekend for the Dumfermline match but it got bloody cancelled due to international call ups Pass me on the details of the 5 a side league, cheers!
  11. Bitza1984

    Football supporters clubs in Adelaide

    Yeh it was good fun, but also kept you really fit. Are the two teams in Modbury Jets and Vista?
  12. Bitza1984

    Football supporters clubs in Adelaide

    I played in a 5 a side futsal league when I was living in Brisbane a few years back. Was really good and kept my friends and I fit. Is there anything like that in Adelaide? DWB do you watch the gers games anywhere?
  13. Bitza1984

    Football supporters clubs in Adelaide

    When does training start? I'd be interested in training with any team to be honest, will hopefully help me meet a few friends.
  14. Bitza1984

    Football supporters clubs in Adelaide

    Is there two teams in Modbury then? Two different clubs?
  15. Bitza1984

    Tansferring money from UK to OZ

    Thanks for all the information, much appreciated. I will be transferring from a Halifax account into an aussie account so I will have to shop about and see what the best deals are.

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