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  1. Hi Eml Seek is one of the most popular sites so they get a LOT of applications. Lots of companies don't like to pay recruitment finders fees so try the direct approach. Try Gumtree and jobseekers.com also think about where you would ideally like to work and look on their website for careers/ vacancies. If an ad has a contact number saying to call, then call them for a chat. Don't just email your CV ( they call them "resume" here not CV) also attach a reference or two with your resume and cover letter. It's normal to do that here too. Your application needs to stand out, I wrote on my cover letter something like .... I've attached my resume and a reference for your consideration but if I could meet you, you will get a better idea of my personality and suitability. Hey it worked for me! Got a call within 15 mins. Interviewed that day and started asap. It's for an Australian owned company and a full time role. You only landed 3 or 4 weeks ago, so very early days. Keep your chin up Post an ad on here too. You never know. Wishing you the very best of luck. Keep us updated
  2. candt

    MKR addictive or what!!!

    Not watched Wentworth yet but do remember Cell block H ( how old an I lol) One thing Doreen said that stuck in my head .... Take a tip from teddy and get stuffed! Lol
  3. candt

    Agent not doing final inspection !!!

    Good point Blossom, it is 2 years old I never noticed lol. I'm not very good with this forum stuff hee hee
  4. candt

    MKR addictive or what!!!

    I am a rubbish cook. So when my son told me I would be addictive to MKR when the new season started, I didn't believe that possible. Well I've been hooked, so glad it's nearly finished. Really want Will & Steve "The Pommies"to win
  5. candt

    Know any good Australianisms?

    It confused me when we first arrived that every one says "hello, how are you" I've started to say it too now. Sometimes I say "hi, ya" but because of my accent they think I'm saying "how are you" and reply "good thanks" Everything gets shortend here. Heard radio presenters telling a story about Debenhams and they wondered if we called it "Debs" in England.
  6. candt

    Agent not doing final inspection !!!

    Whoops Sorry Snifter. This is the only forum Ive ever used so not fully aware of the rules. Maybe I should read them before posting again
  7. candt

    Agent not doing final inspection !!!

    Name and shame these awful companies. Or please PM me so we don't use them in the future. It's hard enough renting, paying more than most people's morgages. Having your home invaded by strangers inspecting your cooker and toilet every three months. Then having to beg to get back your deposit.
  8. candt

    First Rental Inspection!!!

    I hate inspections. We have them every 3 months, we rent through Ray White. The agents are friendly but I go into mad mode and the whole house has to be spotless. The bit I hate the most is when they check the oven, sinks and toilets. Heard stories of people being charged to have the whole garage floor resurfaced because of oil spots. Interesting what people have said about the landlords insurance covering the damaged sink. Ive never considered that. I think if we damaged anything we'd buy a replacement and fit it ourselves. Otherwise the landlord can just send you the total bill with a contractor of there choice, which could be expensive. We rented in England before we left and the return deposit was delayed because the oven wasn't clean enough!! OH job!!! He only had 1 job to do. They charged us £70 and we had to wait 2 weeks for the balance of the deposit. Sorry don't mean to scare you, just hate inspections.
  9. We use Citibank. No branches in Adelaide though, so you need to apply online and get verified at Aus Post. We opened a bank account with them - transfer money from NAB to Citi bank -then transfer Citbank to Lloyds account in the UK. Fee free and all done on line. It was the easiest option for me
  10. candt

    'My Family' Stickers

    Have you seen the ones that have two stick people and say "making my family" ? made me laugh when I saw one yesterday
  11. Hi I just had success using jobseekers.com.au Try not to be to disheartened, there are a high volume of applicants for most vacancies. I applied from England and never got one reply. As others have said, Its difficult when your not in the state. You will find out when you get here but in my experience so far, companies don't waste time dilly dalling about like they do in England. Once decisions have been made wether it's a job or property things move very quickly here. (One of the reasons I love SA.. No messing about) All the best
  12. Thats really nice of you, thanks. Its lovely to have some good news.
  13. candt

    Bank Accounts in Adelaide

    Got to agree NAB (pronounced nab not N.A.B lol as we called it when we first arrived ) We also bank with Citibank for transferring money back to the UK fee free Bit of a pain opening the account as there isn't a branch in Adelaide so verification is done at Aus post but worth it. I think Nab charge approx $22+ per transfer
  14. I got a job:jiggy: isn't it funny how things have a way of working out in the end.
  15. candt

    Where to buy furniture?

    When we first arrived, we did not have a clue where to buy furniture from. We ended up at Radio Rentals in Prospect. They have ex rental furniture upstairs and ex rental electrical down stairs (they came with a 3 or 6 month guarantee) Everything we purchased was in almost new condition. Sadly we have been back a couple of times since and the furniture isn't in as good condition and the prices have increased. We also purchased furniture from Haggle Huge discount store on Port Road but I think that has been made into a discount garden furniture only store now.

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