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  1. Hi,, Just wandered if anyone worked in Aged Care?,, I am considering care work poss.. in UK,, and then trying to find work in this in Adelaide,,, Can anyone throw any light on this pls,,, ,, eg how have u found trying to gain work in this area pls,,,,, have the wages been ok pls,, many thanks indeed,,, Prob looking in Marion/Brighton/Aldinga area,,,
  2. Let us know how you get on,, gd luck:)
  3. Hi blossom, thank you for your comment,,, do u mind possibly (going in to bit more detail,,, on the ,,... having children grow up in Oz,,,,, part,,,, THANKS AGAIN,,,, im currently a little undecided!!!!
  4. Comments please!!! Hi,,,, is anyone willing to leave HONEST BRIEF COMMENT,STORY on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, whether moving to Oz (in hindsight) has been the best/worst decision ever!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,, Obviously Its very broad question and i am purely interested those mainly that have been in Oz say 1/2 yrs + (mainly but not exclusively.......) For most i expect it is a mix of ....... LIFESTYLE V FAMILY,,,,, THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED... COMMENTS WELCOMED!!!!..
  5. Hallett Cove R-12

    considering possibly going to this school if we can, in the uk presently!!!, do u know class sizes, do they have learning support assistants etc,,,
  6. Hi I just noticed your message,,, we have been back nearly a year and am finding myself very torn,,,,, I dunno what to do!!,
  7. hi, the radiators do work, $10 each, Mitchell Park, thanks
  8. 3 oil filled heaters, hoover, 2 black bar stools, stickmaster, slow cooker, omron blood pressure monitor, thanks
  9. Commodore executive wagon 3.8, 1995, gd condition, 246,000 kms, odometre not working, $2200 ono mitchell park, thank you
  10. hi, we av a got a cot, 0406 762 200, have a lovely childrens kitchen if you know of anyone that has an 18mth old +??!!!!, cheers lots:)

    1. Hi Gary, Shiv, thanks for reply, sent u pm
    2. 11 sleeps till we go home..

      hi weelou, 20 sleeps for us!! gd luck with it all, keep in tch if u like:)!! xx,
    3. yes, its relatively old but runs well, ive sent u a pm,