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      This is very true with the private hospitals but in the public sector they are still short staffed. When I was coming over I could not find any jobs advertised but just emailed my cv to the HR departments and had my pick.

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      Thanks everyone, I think I'll have a look at the Womens and Childrens next then! And Catherine, don't be sorry, I asked for advice and would much prefer the truth!! On the other Adelaide site, someone suggested I may not have heard from anyone due to the restructure/merging of the two Adelaide Health Authorities which was announced this week and is due to take place in July.
      Much love and appreciation to everyone that took the time to help me out on this one! And just one more Q, how does midwifery compare to the UK? Because I'm newly qualified here, and not sure I enjoy the pressure of the job (too many women, not enough midwives, constantly stressed and feeling overworked etc etc) ans wondered how it compares to Oz? And before anyone suggests I'm a wuss I work in resus in A+E and never feel as unsupported or out of my comfort zone! ;)

      Caz x

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      nurse sue
      Quote Originally Posted by Tracey View Post
      hi, have you checkout the love nursin campaign. queen elizabeth hospital. think it still goin. i applied through that direct to TQE, been here 6 months now. good luck
      trace x
      doh, thats the one i meant!! i got the wrong hospital - i check the site every week, must have rah on the brain

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      Dont contact HR at the FMC as it just gets past from pillar to post.
      Advice from the missus is to contact the managers directly, thats what she did and got everthing sorted in 1 week.


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