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      looking at schools on reccie trip

      Hi guys
      will be coming over to Adelaide in either Sept or Nov to have a good look around, I am having to apply to the courts to get permission to permantly remove kids from UK and have been told that as part of this application will have to evidence that have looked at potential areas that we would live and also at schools and general availibility of places.
      Are schools open to seeing people for advice and look around or not interested unless you definately have migrated and settled in their area? - are there catchment areas like here in UK?
      my kids are 7 and 11, would be looking to move next year so eldest who is slightly dyslexic would be 12 by then so looking at both primary and secondary any advice appreciated

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      Hi Mem,

      We went and did a reccie last October and most schools were very happy to see you, just email them with dates you'll be over first and ring for appointments when you arrive, but bare in mind that school holidays start September 21st and don't return until 8th October. We found it very useful to see the schools on a working day and it helped our daughter get involved with the decision. (she's 14).

      Schools are zoned and if you research this forum I'm sure under the Education section there was talk of new zoning being created in certain areas too. This forum is also great for feedback on certain schools. Also read the newsletters on the school websites because you can tell if they have any particular 'issues' to be concerned about.

      Good luck.


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      Thats great H and thanks for the reminder about the school hols



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