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      Annesley Junior School and Little Shining stars, Wayville

      Hello, I'd really appreciate any views on Annesley Junior school and Little Shining stars both in Wayville. I'm looking attending my 4 year old to the school and 1 year old to little shining stars. Any reviews, good and bad would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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      I visited Annesley Junior with my family last year with a view to placing my two children there. I was very impressed. It will be on our shortlist when we arrive.

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      Annesley is still growing. My girls attended there when it was still an R-12 girls school. The principal is still the same and she is passionate about this school and the direction it will grow towards. Some of the parents still at the Junior school were there in 2011 when it was still a tiny whole school and they are a very involved group of parents very keen on retaining the sense of community the school had then. Read the newsletters on the school website to get a wider view of the school daily goings on. Even though my girls have grown up now I still read these newsletters and I am impressed with the Junior school, the curriculum and outlook. I'm sure the school was planning to expand the Early Learning Centre to take in babies to 2 year olds aswell. I know they are in the process of building a new room. I would recommend this school, especially for those with children just beginning their schooling as the older childrens class is really tiny, is for grades 3-6 and still all girls. Despite this they still provide excellent tuition for these children. When you arrive , go and have a look around.
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