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  1. Rachiegarlo

    Guide on dental costs

    Christine at cross Rd dental. She has a lovely chairside manner. They are affiliated with Bupa if you have Bupa insurance. They also have some payment plan scheme for costly treatments.
  2. Rachiegarlo

    Primary school dilemma

    Linden Park is so over subscribed that they no longer have to take your child unless living in the area and entering reception. If you move into the zone and your child is not going into reception you will be directed to one of the other local schools.
  3. I enjoyed this hotel. Your bags will stay in transit as they will be checked all the way to Adelaide. You will have to fill out Singapore's entrance card and give back the bit when you reenter departure lounge.
  4. Rachiegarlo


    If it's over the fence yes, sometimes just go and ask, especially if it's heavily laden….. no one seems to pick a lot of this fruit anymore haha.
  5. Rachiegarlo

    Learning something new every day

    oooh good idea
  6. Rachiegarlo

    Unaccompanied Minors

    My daughters were 17 and 14, flew with Singapore airlines and I signed a waiver that they did not have to be minors. This would have meant them sitting in a supervised room at Changi for the duration of the transit time between flights (6 hours). When they reached manchester airport however due to a duty of care the airport would not let them through until their picking up Uncle had made himself known. I have travelled next to UMs internationally, they are well looked after and they never seat an adult male next to them, if they are on their own they will try to leave a seat between them and another passsenger. The UM is usually boarded first and stays on the plane until escorted off to either the immigration or who ever is supervising them between flights. They are escorted right through the process until delivery into the presence of the agreed person who has to show exact ID that you have stated in the forms ( beware a spelling mistake!). So until the UM reaches the relatives regardless of redirections or delays, they are looked after and fully supervised until that point. Many children fly internationally as UMs these days. I would say the age is right if your child is happy to have an adventure without you. Some 12 yo are clingy some 8 year olds will be fine with it, particularly if they have flown before and are familiar with the process.
  7. Wasn't thinking of money saving , more convenience. There are more small rentals out there than ones with big sheds and when you need a rental quickly…..
  8. Why dont you hire a storage unit and put all the stuff except what you really need in there and rent somewhere cheap while you look around for somewhere to buy.
  9. Rachiegarlo

    mid term school enrollment

    Thanks Amit, I know about Linden Park because all my kids went there for their primary schooling. I was just mentioning it after your post.
  10. Rachiegarlo

    mid term school enrollment

    Linden Park is a great school, but it has become very big again in the last few years. It is a very multicultural school and it is used to having kids from other countries arrive. The kids are usually quite welcoming. Linden Park follows the IB programme.
  11. Rachiegarlo

    Older videos of Adelaide.

    Love the Elizabeth one. People who lived there then had a cracking time and the kids had a ball, all that space and nice clean new housing…..really until the 70s when manual labour began to be replaced by machines and unemployment boomed in these areas. I also was reminded how great it was to be able to turn right onto north Tce from king William haha.
  12. Rachiegarlo

    Hotels around Marion/airport?

    The Morphett Arms does have rooms upstairs, but is first and foremost a pub and a large one at that. More family orientated places at Glenelg and more to do. Cafes, restaurants and the beach , the tram takes you into town in 20 mins and is a short taxi ride from the airport, closer than Marion.
  13. Rachiegarlo


    In time it will Blossom as you make your own family Christmas traditions here and plan wonderful Christmases for your child and begin to look forwards rather than back.
  14. Rachiegarlo

    Coffee Shops!

    Shhhh keep cafe komodo a secret. Ginger's on Goodwood Rd has a nice courtyard. Artisan Cafe at the back of Blackwood shops is also nice.
  15. Rachiegarlo

    Growing your own

    We bought large tubs and have a lime, a lemon and an orange tree in them. In tubs that grow lilies in winter, we planted capsicum and tomatoes. I will branch into beans and cucumbers next.

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