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  1. Taffyowen

    Football (soccer) for seniors

    Thanks Snifter - I've made a few enquiries based on your feedback....
  2. Hi, Im in my early 40's and looking to play 5/6 aside somewhere not too far from the eastern suburbs on a weekday evening. Have played a decent standard many years ago and still active and keen. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks Neil
  3. Taffyowen

    Removals Company - PSS or John Mason - advice please! ;-)

    We had an awful experience with Doree Bonner and Pickfirds. Both damaged several pieces of furniture and the later lost a full box of goods! The claims system for damages was a painful experience. They are great in the UK sealing the deal and the packing up fine but this is only part of the process. I wouldn't recommend either sorry!!!
  4. Taffyowen

    Picking a shipping company

    We used Pickfords and Doree Bonner and had bad experiences with both, one damaging goods on route and one losing an entire box! Make sure you insure anything of value! Good luck....
  5. Taffyowen

    2017 is just around the corner

    Great post and so true. You really have to embrace your new home and make what you can of it. If it works great, if not you may want to move on. It's easy to criticise when it isn't working, however the reality is in today's crazy world, Adelaide is a fantastic and amazing place with so many incredible things to do on its door step. Hey it may not be perfect for everyone but if it works for you great. Here's to 2017...
  6. Im looking to play soccer in the evening during the week, ideally after 7.00pm after work/kids etc. Just turned 42 and played a decent standard in the UK but played over past few years. Based in Eastern suburbs, happy to travel up to 20 mins but the closer the better. Let me know if theres anyone out there!!
  7. Hi, we are looking for a good nursery school for our 2 year old in the eastern suburbs (anywhere between Rose Park and Burnside ideally) with good facilities, ample outdoor space and excellent carers. Wife went to see a few the today (won't name them) but one was really crammed and run by someone who appeared to be and behaved like a teenager and the other one had carers more interested in looking at their mobile phones than the welfare of the children! She didn't even stay for the appointment as it was so shocking! Any recommendation would be great. thanks
  8. Taffyowen

    Medicare office in CBD

    Does anyone know where the Medicare centre to register is located in the CBD? The address given on the website is no longer their office and it has not been updated - can anyone help? Thanks
  9. My wife is arriving on the 15th of April and is going into a long term rental in Adelaide (we follow later) and wondered if there were companies that can set up gas, electric and wifi prior to arrival? Does such a service exist even if the wifi was a seperate provider.... thanks in advance
  10. Taffyowen

    Take cars or not?

    Just to update you, we've decided to not take any cars over. We will sell here and purchase out there. Positive current exchange rates also helped us make this decision...
  11. We are moving over to SA in August 2016 but may have sold home before hand. I know the exchange rate could go either way, however we are thinking of transferring funds over to Australia account 6 months before we arrive if all goes well. Based on this I have 2 questions: - What is the best value and secure ways to transfer funds - Are there high interest accounts that you can benefit from if you leave money in for min of 6 months Any advice is very much appreciated...
  12. With our 4 year old starting school this year in the UK, the reality of covering school holidays when both parents are working has really hit home! We plan to move to Adelaide in 12 months time and want to know if there are plenty of holiday camps where you can send youngsters to for the day/week (he will be 5 1/2). It would be mainly the equivalent of our half terms and some of summer if needed. Any advice would be great!
  13. Taffyowen

    Primary school dilemma

    We are looking at primary schools for our 2 boys for when we emigrate next year. We like the beach suburbs Henley, Somerton Park, Brighton etc and also the Adelaide hills too. However we also appreciate that there is a concentration of good schools in the Burnside, Kensington, Linden Park area etc and would also consider these areas too. We are open to state and private as long as it's not too expensive. Can you make any recommendations? We want an excellent school with academic excellence, a well rounded approach to education, creative and sporty. Finally can anyone advise on the process for applying for schools I.e how long in advance do you need to apply , zones etc. - having been through the process in the UK where we couldn't get our eldest boy into a local state school only 0.6 of a mile away we want to make sure we get it right when we move! thanks in advance...
  14. Taffyowen

    Take cars or not?

    Sounds good - do you mind me asking who with?
  15. Taffyowen

    Take cars or not?

    We are planning to move over to Adelaide in the next 12 months and dont know what to do about our cars here in the UK. We have 2 cars both under 5 years old (a land rover and Golf) both in good condition and wonder if its worth selling them before hand or take them with us. I hear cars are expensive in Australia - they are both good little cars but will it be worth taking them when you consider the freight costs and any other associated costs. We may just take one vehicle with us in the container with everything else if you can do this also. Any feedback is great and for those who have taken vehicles over any information on what you need to do would be great. Many thanks

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