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    Furniture stuffed with horsehair.

    Hello all. I'm back in the UK visiting family and would like to ship back home to Adelaide some furniture that my parents have given me. These are 3, 70+ years old, mahogany wood pieces; a day bed, a captains bucket chair and a lady's tall chair. The thing that is worrying me is that these all have horse hair as their stuffing, and I can't find a definitive answer on the DIBP website nor the agriculture website as to whether these would be safe to bring into the country. Has anyone had this issue with their furniture before? If so what did you do? Is this classed as 'animal origin' (I'm assuming so...) When we actually moved and shipped our belongings, I remember how stringent the clearance of items was but we didn't own anything to worry about. If if anyone has had any experience of this or wanted to ship items similar but didn't, I'd love to hear from you and how you managed it or didn't! thanks DC
  2. dudleycat

    2 names on a Medicare card?

    Thank you all so much for this information. Very interesting. The only other question i have now is whether I will be able to put myself on his card when I arrive, or whether I needed to be there when he originally applied for it and because he didn't put me on, I've now lost that chance??
  3. dudleycat

    2 names on a Medicare card?

    By the way, we are both on 190, permanent residency visas.
  4. dudleycat

    2 names on a Medicare card?

    Hi all,So my husband has just made the one way journey to Adelaide 2 weeks earlier that me to start his job and I will be following in early July.He registered for Medicare today and I was surprised to hear that he could have put me on his card. Firstly, does anyone know the benefits of this and secondly can I be added to his card when I get out there in 2 weeks or is it too late and I will now have to get my own? I've no problem with registering and having my own card, but if there is an advantage either in terms of tax or suchlike, I would assume it's best to be on his card?Thanks in advance...DC
  5. Thanks for that info. Did you stay overnight there or did you stay in the 'day rooms'? I'm still no clearer in finding out whether they are cheaper and what's included! Was it plain (scuse the pun!) sailing? And was it easy to find? cheers dc
  6. Hi I will be on my one way flight from London to Adelaide in 3 weeks time and have a 13 hour stopover in Singapore. I wanted to book at the ambassador transit hotel, but they are fully booked, so I have booked at the Crowne Plaza attached to terminal 3, instead. A couple of things I wanted to ask. Firstly, I am aware I will need to go through immigration since the hotel is land-side rather than in transit, but will my checked in luggage go straight through for my onwards flight to Adelaide without needing to pick up from baggage carousel? (Ie, I can just go straight to hotel after immigration with my cabin bag only) Both flights are Singapore airlines. Secondly, I have heard that this hotel does day rooms, but I can't find any information on what they actually consist of online. I went ahead and booked a normal room anyway since my flight arrives at 9.30am and leaves at 11.00pm, but I would be interested to know for future reference. Does anyone know? finally, do you need to fill out 2 immigration cards since I will effectively be entering Singapore albeit for only 12 hours!! thanks dc
  7. dudleycat

    Insuring personal items one way especially jewellery

    Will be interested to see answers to this. Am in the same boat!
  8. dudleycat

    Property available?

    Hi gena, yes your pM got through and I have just PMd you back!!
  9. dudleycat

    Property available?

    Thanks NicF, we will check out Adelaideheritage. We are already looking on Stayz constantly!! Dc
  10. dudleycat

    Property available?

    Hi Tamara, thanks for for the heads up. We will get in touch if we need to. DC
  11. dudleycat

    Property available?

    Hi there, Does anyone know of any furnished or unfurnished rentals that maybe available from June 16th for a couple of months (or possibly more)? We have contacted all the available rentals on this site and also some on Stayz, airbnb, etc but I thought there wouldn't be any harm in posting on here in the hope that someone might know of breaking lease or a property available that isn't advertised on here. My husband has been very fortunate to secure a job, but it starts sooner than we expected and we are still in the UK. The plan is for him to fly out first with me following in July. However, we still need to secure somewhere to live before he arrives. Owing to the job, It would be nice to have a rental 20/25 minutes into the city on public transport, (so we have discounted from Marino southwards) We have no animals or children, but do need somewhere with Wifi. Any help, links or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! dc
  12. dudleycat

    Guide on dental costs

    Thanks for that Jessica. We don't have kids either so would only be looking at the both of us. It sounds like a good policy that you have. i will look into it once i have stopped cleaning all our wordly goods ready for shipping (the whole house smells of Dettol!!)
  13. dudleycat

    Guide on dental costs

    Hi there, can those of you who have private health insurance which covers a free dental check up and clean each year let me know which policies they are please? We will be coming out mid June, and I know I'm likely to need dental cover at some point (whilst the OH has managed 42 years without so much as a filling!!) thanks DC
  14. dudleycat

    Fees associated with a money transfer.

    Thanks for all the comments! I think its time for another little chat with NAB!!!
  15. dudleycat

    Fees associated with a money transfer.

    Thank you cardmaker, that was what I thought. The account I wish to open is with NAB, their affiliate currency specialist is moneycorp, for which they will not charge me a deposit fee if I use them for the conversion of £ to $. However, I wish to use another currency specialist which has a better conversion rate for the amount I am transferring and for that I will be charged by the bank a sum of $30.00. I didn't think they could be the only bank that does that!

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