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    breaking lease .. large property

    Hi.... breaking lease ... in a large property ...large sheds.. lots of storage ... rural property... no neighbours..suit petrol heads or horsey types.. and still walking distance into town...( just outside Gawler.. ) no beach... !! .. so good i got married on the front porch!!! email .. trimoto@aol.com and i'll give the details.. hope this is with in the rules ,, long time since i have been on here, but i needed a property like this once. may help some one..
  2. HELP..... my landlord for the second time has put the house i was leasing on the market...... i was in a position to buy some where but the short notice,..... ok 7 weeks ... but now i only have 4 ...... makes it impossible to buy anywhere... ... so i need to lease again!!! my main problem .... is i need space,,,, shedding ... garage space for ...stuff .... lots of stuff.... open to any where... currently in the barrosa ....... been in the hills ..... and south....... HELP!!
  3. when you book on the course and buy the books you should get a student workbook..... every thing you need is there.. you can start working through it.... the time scale to do the course is the hard part.. also they will give you tests as you go.... how you do on these test is down to a pass, retest a few questions, retest a section, to sod off you are not a electrician go home!
  4. Trickyshel

    Wanted old 110v transformer

  5. Trickyshel

    Wanted old 110v transformer

    This sparky has shipped one over!!! but I also shipping my 110 volt tools over too. while I may not use it at work.... it still gets used. sorry
  6. Trickyshel

    Electrician out for a pre-move recky

    sorry....wasn't aimed at you or anyone... just a general comment.
  7. Trickyshel

    Electrician out for a pre-move recky

    Electricians in South Australia..... my expo. its was hard 20 months ago..... I haven't seen it improving and now 70 extra guys have/ are/ may be hitting the job market. I was out of work for nine months with getting a licence and applying for trade assistance jobs... ( never got because it was hinted at I wouldn't stick it because the wages are poor). Employment agency's, I found were not interested in you unless they actual had a job for you to apply for. One of the big employers here.. ASC, won't look at you till you have citizenship. and that crosses over to people working for them on there facility's. FIFO jobs, it seams you need to know some one. The exchange rate has put the wine industry into decline. The motor industry is over. I have met other Australian electricians who had also been out of work for six months and they have licences and citizenship. and other ones that have joined smaller electrical companies and been treated so bad that they have left. my expo.... others may have better luck .... I have been working now for 10 months as a Australian electrician.... so its not impossible.... just very hard. and its not England.
  8. Trickyshel

    Blues Night

    shame! going on the thread title, thought it may have been something I would have been interested in!
  9. Trickyshel

    It's the 23rd Of April

    mmmmmm and the future Kings of England are where!!! lol
  10. Trickyshel

    Car imports

    you may have to pay luxury car tax!. recall seeing it on forms but don't anything about it.... but be aware
  11. yeah good day ..... shame there was more flags upside down than flown the correct way up!
  12. Trickyshel

    City of Adelaide Clipper Ship petition

    she arrives next week!
  13. well I don't suppose any one will agree us. we believe one of the biggest problems with the Australian roads is the speed limits and the way they are policed. because the fines are so heavy everyone drives on cruise control or studying the speedo,,,, frighten that they may go over the speed limit by a couple of kph... and receive a fine of at least a couple of days wages!. more time is spent concentrating hard on watching their speedo than driving to the conditions of the road or watching the roads..... most cars in top gear a change of speed of 10 kph is only a difference of 250 rpm in the engine speed ... but with a 10 mph change as on English roads you are head towards 500 rpm... much easy to notice if you are speeding, without looking at the speedo all the time. so you end up driving so slow you get fatigued. I have never felt tied when I have been racing (on a track) but I have driving on Australian roads... and not because I have been driving for 2 hours. The way these speed limits are set...... in town the speed limit with pavements and shops is 60kph. in the towns in the hills its 50!..... enter Birdwood from the Woodside end and it go's from 100 to 80... then down to 50 about 400 yards out of town with nothing about but the cemetery in view! Enter Lyndoch from Gawler and it go's from 90 to 50 with a child's playground within 20 yards. drive through Gawler high street its limit is 50 but you wont want to do more than 40.... Because everyone is so frightened of a speeding fine..... you end up with the 60 kph grand prix,,,, everyone races off the lights and stops at the speed limit..... travelling in a pack..... if you leave the 2 second gap behind the car in front.....as we English drivers were taught... a Holden fills it... if you are in the wrong lane for the turn you want to make further down the road..... you will find a Falcon by your side doing the exact same speed. slow down to go behind them....and they will slow down.. thinking there must be a speed camera they have missed or a new speed sign..... so you have to go slower, till they have checked their speedo. Then you get the orange light on the corners of a Commodore... NO.... Mirror, signal, manoeuvre.......more brake..... and hit the indicator stork as you turn the wheel.. you will notice that most of the Aussies don't know how to drive round corner... especially in the Adelaide hills through the chain of ponds... the limits are mostly 80 through the tightest of corners (not that 80 is possible) Then some drivers don't want to speed up on the straights although it is perfectly safe to do so. There are pull in areas for drivers wishing to drive slowly and let other past..... NO cant do that, they want everyone to sit behind them as they brake into and all the way through the corner.... Dear Aussies try braking before the corner and accelerate out!! that would be a novelty. we are not saying every one should be speeding..... we are saying too much importance has been place on a numerical number and enforcing it than education and common sense. Drivers being aware and alert is far more important than slowing you down by 6 mph!! the Uk roads are faster with less body count!
  14. Trickyshel

    Holden will cease manufacturing cars in Australia in 2017

    no actually.......

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